Treatment margot eisele – Heilpraktikerin in munich

Treatment margot eisele - Heilpraktikerin in munich

Naturopathic treatment

As a non-medical practitioner, I apply the following treatment methods and prescriptions from traditional European natural medicine (also called complementary medicine):

Below you will find a short description of each of the mentioned forms of therapy.


As part of the diet, we discuss together what your diet should look like.

These include short-term measures such. Eg a basic diet to support the body’s healing powers.

If necessary, a long-term change in diet that is specifically tailored to your disease is discussed.

A healthy diet rich in vegetables / fruits, low meat / fish / poultry and a low glycemic index / glycemic load is desirable.

This diet is supplemented with water, gentle spritzers and herbal teas.

Here you will find a table of foods and their glycemic index, fructose, lactose, gluten, fat, protein and carbohydrate content.


To find out what causes your problems, in addition to the examination and laboratory findings also includes an intensive history.

If available, I will discuss mental and psychological complaints and their consequences.


To a disease and its healing belongs not only the pathogenesis (development of a disease) but also the salutogenesis (origin of the health).

These include topics such as:

  • Relaxation methods such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation
  • A regular lifestyle with enough sleep
  • regular exercise / training
  • Air and light: sunlamp z. For example, in atopic dermatitis, marine climate in asthma and allergies, fresh air to improve the oxygen intake and of course daylight for the formation of vitamin D.


For a successful treatment I need your cooperation (compliance) also outside the practice.

This includes the taking of medications and medicines prescribed by me.

With herbal, spagyric and homeopathic drops, tablets, capsules, teas, baths and oils, you additionally support your body in its work and thereby intensify the treatment effect of the treatment.

Whether it uses herbal, spagyric or homeopathic remedies, I decide from case to case.

If deficiencies exist, the therapy will be supplemented with vitamins and trace elements.


Depending on the clinical picture, it makes sense to support and supplement the therapy with infusions.

In doing so, I will prepare and administer infusion solutions especially for you.

Drug administration by infusion works faster than oral administration of the drug.

Deficiencies can be quickly compensated without affecting the digestive tract.

Especially in older, dehydrated patients, the directly added additional liquid (saline or Ringer’s lactate solution) can be of great benefit.

Injections, homeosinatry

Injections are made to provide the body with remedies directly and quickly.

The agent is injected into the muscle (depot effect), under the skin or in the skin (wheal therapy).

It is possible to enhance the effect by injecting an agent into the reflex zone of the respective organ. For example, you inject a renal agent to stimulate kidney function in the renal reflex zone on the back. In this case one speaks of the segment therapy.

Another possibility is to inject the agent into associated acupuncture points with the aim of enhancing the effect. This technique is called homeosiniatry.

Pain therapy: Pulsation massage with Pneumatron

Pain in bones and muscles is part of everyday life for many people. Lack of exercise, wrong attitude, age and bad luck in the genes ensure that millions of people use painkillers every day. However, this solution only brings relief in the short term and in the long term also puts strain on the liver and kidneys.

In addition to dietary advice, muscle strengthening exercises and herbal pain therapies, massages can help reduce the pain. On the one hand, in which the circulation is improved (arthrosis, knee osteoarthritis, hip osteoarthritis) on the other, in the released by the stretching and vibration substances that have a pain-relieving effect.

The pulsation massage can be very beneficial for tensions, arthrosis, muscle hardening or fibromyalgia.


The self-blood therapy is a special form of injection.

In the process, 1-2 ml of blood is taken from a vein and injected back into a muscle.

Mostly, the blood is previously with a means z. For example enriched for defense enhancement or detoxification.

This technique can be supplemented or mixed with reflexology or homeosinatry.

By reinjezieren the blood to a place where it does not belong, the immune system is confronted with the components of the blood. The defense cells (especially the macrophages / phagocytes) have to deal again with the blood and its contents.

The self-blood therapy is used for immunomodulation and is used wherever the immune system overreacts or underreacts (autoimmune diseases, hay fever and allergies, susceptibility to infection, chronic diseases).

Main indications are: acute and chronic inflammations, allergies, autoimmune diseases, immune deficiency, rheumatic diseases, revival (recovery from serious illness).

Neural therapy according to Huneke

The Neune therapy according to Huneke is divided into three parts:

Segment therapy / reflexology

In segmental therapy, a local anesthetic (procaine or lidocaine) is injected in the form of wheals into the skin, or to ganglia along the corresponding reflex zone (head zone).

This creates an interaction with the organ associated with the reflex zone.


The interfering field therapy is based on the theory that interference fields (scars, chronic inflammations, injuries) in the body via reflex zones with the entire organism in conjunction and can disturb it.

Targeted anamnesis and examination are used to search for the interfering field and eliminate it by injecting a local anesthetic.

The most common fields of interference are scars, tonsils, teeth, thyroid and paranasal sinuses.

This form of neural therapy can lead to the so-called second phenomenon. Within a few seconds after the injection the symptoms get better. The improvement will last for at least 20h.
A second phenomenon is considered as proof of the presence of an interference field.

Functional Neural Therapy

In functional neural therapy (FNT), a local anesthetic is injected into points that are in functional association with organs.

In addition, agents which support the corresponding organ can also be used.

This technique is often associated with homeosinatry.

The main indications are: chronic inflammation, headache / migraine, lumbago (lumbago), neuralgia (nerve pain), functional complaints and pain of any kind.

Manual therapies: chiropractic, osteopathy, massages


The goal of chiropractic is to release blocked and restricted joints and joints.
The corresponding joints are mobilized with tension, pressure, relaxation and stretching exercises, and the normal range of motion is restored.


Osteopathy goes beyond the mere restriction of movement of joints and their mobilization. Its goal is also to loosen and mobilize muscles and connective tissue structures.

By gluing and hardening of the body structures, functional discomfort may arise. This tries to solve the osteopathy.


With the help of massages, muscles and tissues are loosened and better supplied with blood.

A massage can help with tension or chronic degenerative diseases.

The Connective tissue This is a special form of massage. It dissolves the bonds in muscle and tissue with strong handles, resulting in better mobility and blood circulation.

Another form of massage is the cupping massage. In doing so, a vacuum is created on the skin with the help of a cupping glass. When the glass is moved, the suction creates an intense pull on the underlying tissue. Hardening and sticking are loosened, and the tissue is supplied with blood.

Drainage: Cupping, Baunscheidtieren and others


When cupping, a vacuum is created in a glass with fire, and this is then placed on the skin (usually back).

Cupping initiates a cutiviseral reflex, affecting the organ associated with the Head’s zone.

The position of the cupping points is based on the anamnesis, as well as the tactile findings.

Cupping causes hematomas on the skin, which usually disappear again.

Dry cupping is used wherever there is a void, cold or chronic inflammation in the organ.

In bloody cupping, before applying the cupping head, the skin is scratched with a blood lancet. Due to the negative pressure, more blood escapes from the injury.

Bloody cupping is used wherever there is an abundance, heat or acute inflammation in the organ.


The Baunscheidtieren is a so-called stimulus therapy. In this case, stimuli are exerted on the segments of the Head‘s zones.

The stimuli promote the blood circulation, the pustules serve the discharge.

The Baunscheidtgerät, also called Lebenswecker, consists of a metal rod with a needle attachment.

This is stung 1-2mm deep into the skin by hand or with a spring.

Mostly the back on both sides, along the spine is schaunscheitiert.

Either the whole back, or individual reflex zones are treated.

Following the needling, the Baunscheidtöl (skin irritant) is applied.

This causes small pustules and blisters on the treatment site, which, however, heal without scarring.

Heavy metal discharge according to Dr. med. Klinghardt

Many chronic diseases are burdened with heavy metal contamination. In particular, if a correct therapy does not strike, it is reasonable to assume that heavy metals are involved. Are amalgam fillings available? Have these been redeveloped without diversion? Did the mother receive new fillings during pregnancy / lactation? Are you a Smoker? These and many more questions I resolve on suspicion.

The actual discharge takes place in several stages:

First, the excretory organs liver and kidney are stimulated. If the excretory organs are not functioning properly, you will become sicker by having a discharge! Then the deposited heavy metals in the body have to be mobilized. This happens with the Chlorella alga. Not to be confused with the spirulina alga, this is not suitable for a discharge. The Chlorealla algae releases heavy metals from the tissue and absorbs them like a sponge. Chlorella Pyrenoidosa not only binds mercury, but also palladium, lead, nickel, gold, cadmium and platinum.

Second, the wild garlic is used. This forms a stable complex with the heavy metals, whereby they can not be resumed after excretion via the bile in the intestine.

The third is Cilantro, also called coriander herb. Cilantro is the only plant that has the ability to release heavy metals from the nervous tissue. Only when all mercury has been discharged can Cilantro mobilize other heavy metals.

Depending on the type and intensity of heavy metal pollution, a discharge takes several weeks to months.


European acupuncture, colloquially also Dawos (where it hurts) called acupuncture

In European acupuncture, painful points (trigger points, myogeloses) are pierced directly. The stimulus that is triggered by the needlestick promotes blood circulation in the area and thereby triggers the actin-myosin connection in the muscle. The tension dissolves, the pain goes.

In an expanded form this can also be practiced around a joint / organ.

Chinese acupuncture

Chinese acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is based on meridians and their points.

The acupuncture points are specially adapted to the patient and determined by means of anamnesis, pulse and tongue diagnostics.

Both forms are used in my practice.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy includes medical treatments that cause reactions due to external stimuli.

The effect is based on the vasoconstriction (vasoconstriction) with subsequent vasodilation (vasodilation) after a thermal stimulus.

An anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect is desired.

Furthermore, there is an increase in circulation, a respiratory stimulation and improved blood circulation.

Most of the physical therapies I use can be used by the patient at home. Thus, the course of therapy is positively influenced and supported.

Thermotherapy and hydrotherapy

These include heat and cold therapies such. For example, Saunagänge, Wassertreten and changing showers.

Due to the thermal stimuli and cold and warm, the blood circulation is stimulated and trained the circuit.

Envelopes, wraps, pillows

Envelopes, wraps and pillows can be preparatory (eg liver wrap before a meal) or in the acute state (eg onion wrap for colds, potato wrap for cough). Be used.

The relaxing effect of heat can be used in addition (for example, Körnerkissen for abdominal cramps).

Baths and washes / balneology

Baths can not only have an effect on illness via the heat effect, but also have a medical effect via absorption through the skin (our largest organ!). These include, for example, base baths in hyperacidity, sulfur baths in psoriasis / neurodermatitis or saline baths in rheumatic diseases.

Steam inhalations in which ethereal oils are added to the water and then inhaled (eg acute infections and colds) form another cornerstone of balneology.

Legal notice

The treatment methods listed by me form an overview and are not necessarily complete.

All treatments described by me are methods of naturopathic experience medicine (also called complementary medicine).

They do not belong to the generally scientifically recognized methods in the sense of conventional medicine.

All statements made by me about the properties, effects and indications of the mentioned procedures are based on the findings and empirical values ​​of the therapists themselves. These are not or only partly acknowledged by conventional medicine.

I expressly point out that these texts are not promises of healing!

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