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laughing gas

laughing gas

Another surgery at the dentist is on the doorstep and you really do not want to go? Have you had a queasy feeling about a dentist for a long time and would like to treat it with relaxation and without pain? The effective anesthetic with the help of nitrous oxide is especially true for anxiety patients in practice. Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover as one of the recipes for success in today’s dentistry.

Why the N2O sedation in practice in downtown Hannover is so successful? The fact is that the patient satisfaction with the nitrous oxide treatment compared to conventional narcotics increases above average. The reason for this is that our patients are fully conscious during treatment but do not feel anything – it is thus a stronger variant of local anesthesia!

Below you will find all the information on the effects of nitrous oxide, its benefits and why you need a treatment in practice. Gahmlich & Colleagues should use!


We welcome you to our dental practice in Hannover Mitte

Welcome to our practice Gahmlich & Colleagues. On our website you will find all information about our services and strengths. The dental practice Gahmlich & Colleagues are your specialist in – among other things – the treatment with sedatives and stands out above all by competence and achievement in this area. In the heart of Hannover am Kröpcke, our patients find us in the office from 7 am to 10 pm, which is pleasant and appealing, especially for working people. In case of emergencies, we are there for our patients – we take our time for you and fulfill you with the utmost satisfaction.

The benefits of nitrous oxide


Information about nitrous oxide

Everything about the nitrous oxide

Known is the anesthetic under the name dinitrogen monoxide with the chemical formula N2O and works in larger amounts while inhaling relaxing and analgesic – so pain-relieving. In the dental office Gahmlich & Colleagues will combine the colorless and odorless gas with oxygen, whereby the proportion of nitrous oxide can be determined individually by our patients.

The name originates from the 80s, in which the use of the gas was another. In earlier times, people used the laughing gas to celebrate, giving the guests a special happiness and relaxation. Today, this kind of use is strongly discouraged, but from these experiences we know today that the N2O relaxing and analgesic.

Development in dentistry

Horace Wells was the first dentist to use the analgesic nitrous oxide in dentistry in the mid-19th century after accidentally seeing the sedative effect of a carnival event. Since then, the onset of nitrous oxide was a not-to-be-successful success – until local anesthetics came to the fore.

In Germany, the narcotic N disappeared2O thus perfect – in contrast to other countries, such as England or the USA. However, medical science was not yet complete at this point, so no patient-centered levels of N during dental treatment2O were fed and thus there was a risk that the patients inhaled too much or too little gas.

Nonetheless, dental research has continued to evolve, so that the proportion of nitrous oxide in the dosage can be determined very accurately today. For this reason, many practices from Germany again use this form of sedation, including the dental practice. Gahmlich & Colleagues from Hannover.

Analgesic therapy

Before treatment with nitrous oxide, an amount of N matched to the patient will be given2O, which is supplied by means of a nasal mask. Recommended is the quiet inhaling and exhaling, as the nitrous oxide is thus absorbed evenly and can work better. You will feel complete relaxation while inhaling, so you will not feel the treatment at the site you are treating, but you are still fully conscious. In rare cases, there may be a tingling sensation in the fingers and feet, but experience has shown that it will be after the dental treatment.

The practice Dr. Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hannover assure you of 100% protection against nitrous oxide overdose due to a built-in stop. Furthermore, we are up-to-date in dentistry with regard to N therapy2O and can act professionally and quickly in case of emergency.

Our advice

The consulting in practice Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hannover

You and your concerns are our top priority at the dental practice in Hanover. We believe that a good dentist should not just look at the financial aspect, but choose the dental treatment that best suits their patients. Regarding anesthesia with sedative N2A consultation is very important and also creates a basis of trust between dentist and patient.

Dr. Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hanover inform you in detail about the effect of N2O and above all, what you should know before treatment. An important point, for example, is that the patient should not eat for two to three hours before the anesthetic. In addition, it is important to know that oxygen is given to the patient after the procedure so that the effect of the nitrous oxide can be reduced.

Furthermore, one important point is to discuss possible side effects and interactions with other medications that the patient is taking. The treating dentist should be informed about any medicine taken, so that no unpleasant surprises for the dentist occur.

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