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Vegan food in Abu Dhabi?

Reader question: Pure vegetable food in Abu Dhabi?

Hello Sarah, I am vegan on the way, there are but I think there are enough opportunities in Abu Dhabi, or?

My answer:

A very good question, I wanted to write about it forever. Thank you for giving me an opportunity with your mail.

Although I’m “just” a vegetarian, I try to eat or consume vegan vegan as often as possible. Of course, this is not a problem at home in Germany. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I am Mostly vegetarian in the UAE have (which worked well after all – especially in the hotel restaurants, dishes are usually even marked with a green leaf or a V).

The vegan options in Abu Dhabi & I dug in Dubai in the restaurants only quietly for me, without me offensively opening the question-and-answer session to the staff or even getting involved in the explanatory role or discussion. For two reasons I acted like this:

1. It was quite obvious that veganism would not do much good there, because In the Arab world you eat traditionally so that there are many small appetizers, so-called mezze (by the way, many are also vegan!) And then the main course of the luscious meat dish is indulged. I have therefore made similar observations as the author of this article.
In Dubai, even more frequented by tourists, years ago there was also a real veggie restaurant with upmarket cuisine, run by a German, which unfortunately has meanwhile shut down again. I think that says a lot …

2. The most vegan options in Abu Dhabi are in the vicious circle of many, even very cheap, Indian restaurants, sometimes classified as purely vegetarian restaurants. But unfortunately my husband does not like Indian food, That’s why this option had to be dropped. :-( But As a vegan, you should have explained yourself in more detail in these restaurants as well, say that on the one hand the reviews on Happy Cow and betrayed on the other hand, the online menus of some of these restaurants, whereupon “vegan” as a mark does not appear.

Vegan salads and vegan pastries can you with Argo Tea eat. a vegan cupcake also has Bloomsbury’s on offer. Then I made another strange find: The Beach House Restaurant at the Park Hyatt Hotel is very much in the introductory words of his dinner menu “Sustainability friendly” and interested in meeting people with special food wishes. Here are vegan dishes are labeled as such – even though there are currently only two. I am only struck by the fact that fish dishes are declared vegetarian here …

Otherwise, vegans in Abu Dhabi have the following options in my opinion:

1. You go eat indian in the just mentioned very cheap, expats run restaurants. But be sure to say that you want vegan food, it threatens “ghee danger”! An Indian restaurant that distinguishes its vegan food on the menu is, for example Angar on Yas Island.

2. You stick to the international fast food chains such as Subway, Starbucks, Vapiano (but in Dubai), which offer (albeit little) vegan.

3. You go in the Arab-Oriental restaurants like the Lebanese or Pakistani and you order a bunch of mezze starters, as there are: Falafel, hummus, rice in grape leaves, fried aubergines, oriental bean soupFor example, take a look at the offer of cold and hot mezze Lebanese Flower on. There is really a lot of choice, you can really eat as a vegan and it would really surprise me if there were animal products in these dishes.

4. You go to Italians, they are there (as well as Chinese – it is all very international) everywhere, There you always get pizza without cheese or pasta with tomato sauce or garlic & oil.

5. You cook yourself. There are also many 4-5 star apartment complexes in Abu Dhabi (e.g., “Times Inn Apartments”). They are similar to hotels, so with reception and also offer (optional) breakfast and room service, etc. They are usually not cheaper than hotel rooms, but they have a kitchenette. Soy and rice milk, etc. you get in the big supermarkets like Carrefour or LuLu (the branch in the Al Wahda Mall should also have tofu specialties in the range). A larger vegan selection is in Organic Foods & Café to find, of which there are at least two branches in Abu Dhabi. Apparently, things are starting to get worse the last time I was there, there was only one of these shops – in the famous eco-city project Masdar City, which is located outside the city center.

My observations have also shown: The hotel breakfast in the 5 star hotels is okay for vegans, if not a revelation – at least where I’ve come before. There was always a reasonable one Selection of marmalades, Arabic creams from hummus to baba ghanoush, flatbreads, fruit salad, cereals, mostly soy milk, in addition there was always the already mentioned in the corner with the hot specialties Soup Foul Medammas as well as röstis and an Indian curry, that was at least vegetarian.

By the way: If you fly with Etihad or Emirates, you can order a vegan menu for the flight. Works great, tastes good and you get your food in front of everyone else!

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