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Tricycle for adults comparison 2020

The 7 best tricycles at a glance.

A tricycle for adults is the ideal vehicle for anyone looking for more safety and comfort when cycling to wish. We’ll tell you which Materials particularly light and springy and which models are particularly suitable for shopping or as a cargo bike.

We also compare well-known manufacturers and brands in the categories Driving comfort and safety. If for seniors, adults or people with reduced mobility – With the help of our product table, you can now find the adult tricycle that suits you.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

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Tricycle for adults comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model ZNL FANO-TEC FT-7009 Yunrux tricycle for adults Ranzix tricycle for adults Wild Eagle tricycle 26/24" OU BEST CHOOSE tricycle Transmitter pick tricycle Shioucy cruise
on Amazon
9 reviews 1 reviews 1 reviews 3 reviews
Suitable for ♂ | ♀
♂ | ♀
♂ | ♀
♂ | ♀
♂ | ♀
♂ | ♀
♂ | ♀
in inches
24 inches 24 inches 24 inches 26 inch 24 inches 26 inch 26 inch
Easy to get on deep entry deep entry deep entry deep entry deep entry deep entry deep entry
Saddle Suspension very springy very springy very springy very springy particularly springy very springy springy
Number of gears 6 courses | Shimano derailleur 6 courses | Shimano derailleur 6 courses | Shimano derailleur 3 courses | Shimano hub gears 6 courses | Shimano derailleur 6 courses | Shimano derailleur 6 courses | Shimano derailleur
frame steel
difficult | springy
difficult | springy
difficult | springy
easy | stiff
difficult | springy
easy | stiff
easy | stiff
Seat with backrest
With coaster brake
With lighting
front | behind
With basket
front | behind
  • easy entry
  • with coaster brake
  • lighting compliant with road traffic regulations
  • easy entry
  • with coaster brake
  • lighting compliant with road traffic regulations
  • easy entry
  • with coaster brake
  • Frame foldable with quick release lever
  • easy entry
  • with non-slip pedals
  • incl. seat with backrest for more support and comfort
  • easy entry
  • easy entry
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about ZNL FANO-TEC FT-7009 Questions and answers about Yunrux tricycle for adults Questions and answers about Ranzix tricycle for adults Questions and answers about Wild Eagle tricycle 26/24" Questions and answers about OU BEST CHOOSE tricycle Questions and answers about Senderpick tricycle Questions and answers about Shioucy Cruise
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  • A tricycle for adults is suitable for people who want more safety and comfort when cycling. Two wheels at the rear bring stability when driving and when stationary.
  • The driving comfort of a tricycle for adults is made up of the suspension, the gear shift and the stability of the bicycle frame. Aluminum frames are light and stiff, while steel frames are particularly heavy and springy.
  • Some tricycles are foldable and can be easily transported and stowed. The depth of the entrance is also important: the lower the frame, the safer.

The bike is one for many people common means of transport in everyday life. Whether at work, doing shopping or cycling in your free time – a consumption and media analysis (VuMA) from 2017 confirms: Almost 10 million Germans use their bikes several times a week.

But what happens if you no longer feel safe enough on the two-wheeled companion in hectic traffic? Age as well as other circumstances can result in your mobility and responsiveness being restricted when cycling. If you still don’t want to do without a bicycle as a means of transportation, a three-wheeled vehicle offers the following advantages:

secure Stop while driving

care-free Transporting loads

In our tricycle-for-adults comparison 2019/2020 we present you various models from well-known manufacturers and brands in front. We’ll tell you what to look out for when buying a tricycle for adults. The Categories "Safety" and "Driving Comfort" are paramount so that you can find the best tricycle for adults for your needs.

1. Buying advice: You should pay attention to this if you want to buy a tricycle for adults

A tricycle for adults is not only suitable for people with reduced mobility, such as the elderly. If you often transport heavy objects with your bike or cover long distances, offers a tricycle for adults, because it more comfort and safety on the road guaranteed.

Some models are suitable for up to 120 kg, so too for transporting loads.

The Advantages and disadvantages of a bike with three wheels in contrast to a conventional bicycle are:

  • more stability when driving
  • easier to get on and off without tipping over
  • more storage capacity to safely transport loads
  • not so agile
  • less easy to park due to the dimensions
  • a little slower

There are both electric tricycles as well as those that are operated manually. We have in our product table only manual models listed to create a fair basis for comparison.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you prefer an electric tricycle, also known as an e-bike tricycle, or a manual tricycle. The essential Advantages and disadvantages of an electric tricycle for adults we have summarized for you:

  • Thanks to the electric motor, long distances can be driven without any problems
  • an electric tricycle encourages movement and is environmentally friendly
  • Without a sufficient battery, the bike can still be used, but is then much more difficult to pedal
  • the acquisition costs and any repair costs are higher than with a manual tricycle

2. All a type thing: The best tricycle-for-adults for you

Not only, but also in Asian countries, the tricycle for adults is used to transport tourists in cities.

If you want to buy a tricycle for adults that you are in everyday life you should use especially on resilient axles and a light frame respect, think highly of. A tricycle for seniors should also be the right size to guarantee safety.

With bicycles wheel size usually in the Unit of measurement inches measured. The tire diameter is checked and converted into inches. Inch is an American unit of measurement. One inch corresponds to 2.54 cm. How big your tricycle should be depends on your leg length. A regular women’s bike is around 24 inches, while men’s bikes are usually available from 26 inches.

The frame of a tricycle is designed for smaller wheels. For a unisex tricycle for adults, a size of 20 to 24 inches is common.

The best Tricycle for seniors and / or disabled people:

  • Particularly important: Tricycle with a deep pole for safe getting on and off
  • driving comfort: comfortable, springy saddle
  • Frame: particularly robust, ideally with a steel frame
  • Extras: Basket, non-slip pedals, a few gears are sufficient

The best Tricycle for everyday life (for shopping, to take on the train)

  • Particularly important: large basket, light frame, preferably made of aluminum
  • Driving comfort: comfortable, springy saddle
  • Frame: foldable with quick release lever
  • Extras: high total load on the axles, 6-speed Shimano hub gear

Tricycles are now available in different versions. Each model type has certain advantages and can be used for different people and situations be used. The four most famous tricycle types are:

Tricycle type characteristics

  • suitable for: Adults, seniors, people with reduced mobility
  • operation area: Everyday life, shopping
  • construction: two rear wheels and one front wheel
  • particularity: Basket on the rear axle
Tricycle with motor

  • suitable for: Seniors, adults, people with reduced mobility
  • operation area: for long and hilly routes, bike tours
  • construction: two rear wheels and one front wheel
  • particularity: easy driving by electric motor
Sports Tricycle

  • suitable for: Cycling enthusiasts
  • operation area: sporting activities, long distances, leisure
  • construction: one wheel in the back and two wheels in the front
  • particularity: particularly fast thanks to light carbon fiber material, driver kicks when lying down
Kindertransport tricycle

  • suitable for: Adults
  • operation area: Children’s transportation, cargo transportation
  • construction: one wheel in the back and two wheels in the front
  • particularity: there is a large transport basket between the front axle

3. Driving comfort: frame, brakes and gear shift are the deciding factors >

Bicycle and tricycle have these things in common:
  • bicycle frame
  • brakes
  • gear shift
  • Back and front lighting
  • handlebars
  • porter

The Building a tricycle is for adults similar to that of a normal bike.

The only difference is, that the tricycle, as the name suggests, owns another bike. There is usually an additional wheel on the rear axle. This is more stability when getting on and off and driving guaranteed itself, because the bike cannot tip to one side.

The one in the making used materials are also largely identical to the materials used for normal bicycles. Aluminum and steel are the two most commonly used materials for the bicycle frame.

We have them for you Properties of the two most common frame materials summarized:

Material-type characteristics
steel frame robust
aluminum frame robust

A tricycle for adults offers mobility and safety.

The more solid the frame, the more stable the bike is. A sturdy frame also means that the bike is heavy. For example, if you use the tricycle on the train want to take, a light, foldable aluminum frame is suitable better than a solid steel frame.

In order to be safe on the road, there is also one in addition to the material type reliable brake of great importance. Bicycles are owned by law two independent brakes. While it used to be a front brake and a back pedal brake acted, many manufacturers only rely on brakes that are operated on the front of the handlebars.

A Coaster brake should not be underestimated, since this is easy to operate and can also be used if you only use one hand while driving (for example in a situation where you are driving to Direction a hand signal to have to do).

4. The big world of cycling: bike types, accessories and more

The selection of two-wheeled and three-wheeled companions is big. Whether for women or men, there are from comfortable city bikes such as Dutch bikes, MIFA bikes and folding bikes and sporty variants such as mountain bikes, cross bikes, racing bikes, trekking bikes and BMX bikes, many different models.

To for prepared for any weather situation , we recommend that you get a solid rain jacket or a rain poncho as well as a bicycle rain pants.

Accessories and equipment, that you could also use while cycling are:

5. Questions and answers about tricycles

5.1. There is a tricycle-for-adults test by Stiftung Warentest?

So far, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet released a tricycle for adults test. It’s best to get active yourself and find your personal tricycle-for-adult comparison winner.

When testing your tricycle for adults, you should pay particular attention to the ride comfort and the quality of the material.

A safety vest also offers additional protection when driving a tricycle.

In a report by Stiftung Warentest on the topic of safety when cycling for seniors (03/2000), the consumer magazine referred to the following Aspects when it comes to road safety goes:

  1. Wide tires: Wide tires are particularly suitable for keeping the lane well. This reduces the risk of slipping or driving in ruts.
  2. seat height: You should be able to touch the ground with your feet at all times. Otherwise there is a risk of tipping over while standing.
  3. safety: Always wear a helmet and reflective protective clothing when cycling.
  4. Transport things: Shopping bags on the handlebars can be dangerous. In the worst case, you can lose your balance.
  5. Use bike paths: Many cities have an extensive bicycle route network. Use it!

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