Best Bicycle Folding Lock 2019 – Here thieves look in the tube

With the fuel prices our car should now often stay in the garage and in good weather I wanted to go to work by bike.

Logically, that I also checked the chain lock during bike cleaning, which has wintered in the garage. I wanted to unlock it, drive a practice lap, but it does not click, it jams!

My neighbor comes with his bolt snow >

Terrifying, how easy a bicycle thief would have been all year round!

U-locks and chain locks are too powerful for me, but a compact folding lock is just right for my bike.

Christina Cherry

Understand fear

Claustrophobia: When narrowness becomes fear

People under one claustrophobia suffer, can not or can hardly bear to be in closed, confined or crowded spaces. Whether by plane, bus, subway, cinema, department store or elevator – claustrophobic fears can occur in many situations, and sometimes all of a sudden.

They are widespread in everyday life. It is believed that about five to eight percent of the population is using claustrophobic anxiety different forms of expression, with twice the number of women affected. But the good news is that sufferers can fight claustrophobia well with the right therapy!

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Touring Thailand with children – Tips

Thailand is an ideal family travel destination: safe, affordable, relatively well developed, offering a good mix of Asian charm and Western comfort. With a tuk-tuk you visit temples, explore the jungle of Khao Sok National Park or snorkel at paradise islands. You will also notice that the Thai people love children and that when you travel with your children in Thailand, you simply come into contact with the local population. For the building blocks and Thailand family round trips, the recommended minimum age for each combination is given.

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Lisbon on your own fist, shore excursions and cruises from cruise planning

Lisbon on your own

Here we have compiled information for shore excursions in Lisbon on your own. The capital of Portugal has a good 550,000 inhabitants and is the political and economic center of the country. Cruise ships sail, for example, in the context of Canary Islands cruises, in the wide mouth of the Tagus River. Once there, it’s time to go on deck or on the balcony. Better on deck, there you can look to both sides.

The cruise ship passes the port side Torre de Belem and a little later the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos with its magnificent, water-facing facade. On the port side you can see the 110 meter high statue of Christ on the south bank. And then the view inevitably goes up as the cruise ship slips under the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge and finally lands in a city owned by its lovers – and there are many! – praised as one of the most beautiful in Europe. More information about the Lisbon cruise destination can be found on the website of the local tourist office. (As of June 2019)

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Hip bars, coffee and canals: real ins >

Manchester, the tough beauty in England’s north. As a former industrial center and textile capital, Manchester has meanwhile become one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. Manchester is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for an England city break – Manchester Ins knows that too >

Content of the article

Manchester Insider Tips Firsthand

In my blog series Great Britain insider tips from locals, I regularly publish insider tips for traveling to cities in the UK. (Take a look at the insider tips for Nottingham, for example). I am very happy that now there are also alternative sightseeing tips for Manchester. By the way, if you want to go to Manchester in winter, here are the ultimate tips for Manchester in December. And here you will find an overview of the top 20 sights & Activities in Manchester.

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Agb - fjord child travel

At this point, we would like to inform you about our business and travel conditions, which supplement the statutory provisions of §§ 651a ff. BGB and are part of the package travel contract between you and us (hereinafter referred to as the travel contract). A fair contractual relationship and extensive information to our travel customers are important to us.

1. Conclusion of the travel contract
1.1 With the travel registration offers the traveler (hereafter: travel customer) Anna Hollensteiner & Corinna Windisch GbR, Fjordkind Travel (hereinafter referred to as Fjordkind Travel) makes the conclusion of a travel contract binding. The registration can be made in writing, electronically, verbally or by telephone. The contract is concluded with the acceptance by Fjordkind Travel. Acceptance requires no specific form. Upon or immediately after conclusion of the contract, the tour operator will provide the customer with a travel confirmation in writing or in text form.
1.2 If the content of the declaration of acceptance (travel confirmation) deviates from the content of the registration, there is a new offer of Fjordkind travel to which Fjordkind travel is bound for a period of 10 days. The contract is concluded on the basis of this new offer if the customer declares the acceptance within the period of commitment or if the journey commences without contradiction.
1.3 The customer must be responsible for all contractual obligations of fellow travelers for whom he makes the travel registration, as well as for his own, provided he has undertaken this obligation by an explicit and separate declaration.

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Oklahoma City: Attractions

The Bricktown area, so called because of the bricks that traditionally used to make the buildings, is probably the best example of the redevelopment of downtown areas. Bricktown was at the beginning of the 20th century, the district in which railway companies and other companies built numerous warehouse buildings. Later, the buildings were empty, today the district is an entertainment district. Anchor point of the quarter is the baseball stadium, which opened in 1998, which holds up to 13,000 spectators and in which annually an important tournament of college teams takes place. One year after the stadium, the Bricktown Canal opened, where water taxis are now on the road and whose banks are lined with restaurants, bars and cafes.

Christina Cherry

New DIN standard for more safety

A satchel should be clearly visible, ergonomic – i.e. back-friendly – and of course functional. Parents can tell whether a satchel is all this by the GS mark and the note “corresponds to DIN standard 58124” when they buy it.

The DIN 58124 standard for school satchels has now been revised. Why? What has changed as a result?

Werner Sterk provides first-hand answers and information. Sterk heads the safety technology department of the KAN office and is deputy chairman of the DIN “Schulranzen” committee. The Commission for Occupational Health and Safety and Standardization (KAN) has the task of accompanying standardization work from the point of view of occupational health and safety and of ensuring that its interests are taken into account in standardization.

Christina Cherry

Child benefit: What is mine?

Children cost a lot of money. This fact is beyond question and shows up in the family finances every month. In addition, parents have to pay not only for the costs of care, such as household fees, food, drink or clothing, but also for textbooks, school trips and later training usually themselves. Since it is only fair that parents are entitled to the state Child benefit in Germany to have. It is not, as many mistakenly assume, a social benefit. No, it is rather a tax equalization, because parents sometimes have higher expenses than childless.

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On the search for a successor for our VW T5 California we did not do ourselves easily and also the V-class of Mercedes considered. But at Volkswagen alone 3 models came into question. The California Beach, California Coast and the flagship of the California Ocean, which is also known as Hotel California. The decision was not easy for us.

baseline situation

We had our beloved VW T5 California for many years and were looking for a suitable diesel successor with Euro 6 standard to hopefully be able to drive to larger cities in the future. Last week we had an article in the Spiegel about VW stopping the delivery of the VW T6 because the nitrogen oxide values are too high. Not a good sign, but it can be fixed with a software update.

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