Tropical Islands, better for us!

Better for us!

Short break in the tropics

Tropical Islands

Europe’s largest tropical holiday world
in Krausnick in Brandenburg, 60 km from Berlin – July 2015 – with updates from May 2016

Information and impressions to:

What is Tropical Islands??

The largest cantilevered hall in the world was originally constructed for the construction of airships and today includes Europe’s largest tropical holiday world – Tropical Islands.
In December 2004, the tropical world opened its doors for the first time and a lot has happened since then.

My impression:

Dive into a small holiday world:
A bit of imagination should be able to use to hide the hall structure and get involved in the holiday illusion. Each of us bloggers had a short Truman show irritation when they saw the “sky with clouds” screen behind the South Sea basin ;-). This is a little bit abstruse, and certainly has a long-term grubber here also some potential. but that’s not what it’s about.

I think that’s what he makes of it for everyone: a small everyday oasis for some, artificial for others. They do not have to go. Personally, I really enjoyed it!

A few impressive ones numbers:

  • 66,000 m² floor space
  • since May 2016 + 30,000 m² of outdoor area
  • 5 million m³ of enclosed space
  • 360 m length
  • 210 m width
  • 107 m height
  • Space for 6,000 people


  • 26 degrees air temperature
  • 40-60% humidity

The water worlds:

The South Seas:

28 degrees water temperature, 3,000 m² surface, 200 meters sandy beach, stage, lying surface unfortunately very tight, “Truman show” background, 20,000 m² of translucent film on the south side of the hall allows much of the UV radiation through, which is important for the rainforest is and even allows natural tanning.

Low toddler pool with water features.

The lagoon:

32 degrees water temperature, 1,200 m² surface, lazy river, 2 slides, 2 whirlpools, waterfall.

The water depth Incidentally, in all bathing areas is a maximum of 1.35 m, but you can still swim well.

My impression:

Due to time constraints, we did not swim until after midnight. And that was really great! At night the whole thing has a very different atmosphere due to the lights and a few people. Absolutely recommendable!

Children’s world:

in the Tropino kids club There is plenty of fun for children on an area of ​​4,000 m²:

Tropino kids club from above

  • Giant Lego bricks
  • climbing tower
  • Bumper boat driving
  • Karting with mini-cars
  • Table tennis, air hockey
  • paddle boats
  • Animation like:
    – Treasure hunt through the rainforest
    – Face painting
    – kids disco
  • TropinoKinderrestaurant

The children are not supervised by employees, the liability remains with the parents.

My impression:

There is really something here. Due to the many possibilities, no area was really overcrowded and everything is distributed nicely.

Sauna, Spa and Wellness:

On almost 10,000 m² offer 7 wellness areas numerous opportunities to relax and unwind.

Sauna, steam bath culture and Far Eastern wellness treatments in a landscape inspired by original tropical buildings
(like the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, the Waiotapu geysers from New Zealand or the Elefanta temple in India).

Fitness club with modern equipment.

My impression:

The 8, – € surcharge worthwhile in my opinion in any case. The whole area is beautifully landscaped and offers many quiet islands.

Unfortunately, I did not make it to one of the many saunas, but I had a spa treatment:
60 minutes “Balinese feel-good ceremony” – very relaxing.
(The only thing that I personally did not find so relaxing is oil combined with a scalp massage if I have no hair washing options before leaving ;-).)

Iceland Ballooning:

Basket Balloon:

Altitude: between 15 and 22 meters
Flight duration: 15 minutes scenic flight
Take Weight: Max. 230 kg
The balloon is pulled by an employee through the tropical landscape.

My impression: I really liked that! You have a great view over the whole dimensions of the hall, you can see places that you have not even discovered and can take great pictures. It was really fun!

one-time base price: 29, – €,
plus price per passenger: adults 5, – €, children 2,50 €

Tethered balloon:

The balloon climbs on a fixed rope to a height of 55 meters. In the seats, 2 passengers each float freely in the air and can enjoy the view (unless you are afraid of heights ;-)).

Adults: 14, – €
Teenagers (15 to 19 years): 10, – €
Children up to 14 years: 8, – €

Ticket prices:

New prices since May 2016:

children (up to 5 years): free

Tropical Experience Landscape OR the Sauna Landscape:
Adults: 42,00
children (6-14 years) and Reduced: 33,00 € (pupils from 15 years, students, seniors from 65 years, people with disabilities from 70%)

Combination entry for the tropical adventure landscape AND the sauna landscape:
Adults: 49,00
children (6-14 years) and Reduced: 39,50 € (see above)

Short-term tickets, offers and benefits such as families, birthday children, etc. see “Prices and Booking” Homepage Tropical Islands.

You get a chip bracelet, on the food and drinks or additional areas such as theater show, sauna area, etc. are booked. It also serves as a key for a locker or room key.
Accrued costs can be called up at test stations. The charge is limited and can be paid in between.


In the hall:

Rooms and lodges:
191 overnight stays with 508 beds are distributed in different buildings in the hall and sometimes tropical themed.
Offered are the Categories: Adventure Lodges, Standard, Premium and Designer Rooms.
You can between Two- and four-bed rooms choose.
Extra beds and cots are possible by arrangement.

The Prices the room start at 115,- € / night (Adventure lodges), but include entrance for adventure landscape and sauna and breakfast buffet.

My impression:
The rooms distributed throughout the park in different price and size are nicely integrated. They are air-conditioned and with closed windows you can not hear the noise.
I found my premium room very nice and comfortable and slept great in the bed (albeit too short, but that was more because we wanted to pack as much of the time as possible …).
A room is worth it quickly considering that you have 2 full days of entry and breakfast included.

examples for Standard rooms, Premium rooms, Designer rooms and a Beach house rooms (V.L.).

133 tents with 350 beds are in the tent Camps to disposal.
The following categories are offered: “Safari” (fabric) and “Premium” (wood).
You can choose between two- and four-bed tents.
The tents are equipped with slatted frames and mattresses and can be locked with a key.

The Prices the tents start at 69, – € / night (Safari tent), but includes entrance for adventure landscape and breakfast buffet.

My impression: The tent cities look funny, but would not be for me. Suitable for teenagers or sometimes as an experience with children.
That’s just how tents are, that is, public washrooms / toilets, high background noise through tight tents and just a park that is open around the clock, so little rest or retreat. You sleep at about 26 degrees and the quite high humidity, has no storage space and quite the possibility that sometimes a beast from the rain forest in the tent vorbeischaut. So what an adventurer ;-).

Outside the hall:

In-house campsite with pitches and campsites, as well as rentable tepee tents.

Mobile Homes:
On a separate area of ​​the campsite for up to 6 people.

Apartments and houses:
A few minutes drive from the Tropical Islands are modern apartments with space for 2-6 people.
Directly at the Tropical Islands Dome comfortable holiday cottages for 4-8 persons.
Information and booking of the cottages under:

Worth knowing – Other:

Evening Show

“Fantasia Tropical” on the wayang stage:
Artists from Cuba and Colombia show a variety show with great acrobatics, juggling and Latin American dances.
Duration approx. 90 minutes. Prices: Adults: € 17.50, children: € 10.
As of May 2016: There is no evening show anymore! But some plans on how the room should be used for more play opportunities.

Getting there:

by car:
Tropical Islands is located on the A 13 (Berlin-Dresden), about 35 km south of Berlin-Schönefeld, at the motorway exit Staakow.
by train:
The regional express RE 2 runs from Berlin and Cottbus every hour to Brand (Niederlausitz). The travel time is e.g. from Berlin Alexanderplatz around 50 minutes.
The regional train RB 19 runs every hour from Berlin-Ostbahnhof via Berlin-Schönefeld and Königs Wusterhausen or from Senftenberg via Lübben to Brand.
From the train station Brand (Niederlausitz) runs on free shuttle bus.


By wide paths, wheelchair-friendly changing rooms and toilets and ramps largely accessible to wheelchair users.

To eat and drink:

Restaurant Tropical Garden

May not be brought!
Exception: baby food, as it can not be bought there either. The prices in the gastro offers are normal.
14 different restaurants offer something for every taste, such as:

  • “Asian Wok House”
  • “Mondial” with various self-service restaurants
  • Sawadee “With buffet breakfast and tropical barbeque
  • “Palm Beach Restaurant” with a la carte menu and steaks
  • “Tropical Garden” with international light cuisine
  • “Tropino” in Kinderland


For me, still somewhat questionable, how to dry his towels … The high humidity is the more difficult and there is little Aufhängemöglichkeiten, unless you have a room with balcony railing. Especially if you still have children with you.
You can also borrow towels, but deposit 20, – € deposit on the chip and pay € 3.50 cleaning fee.


There are numerous wooden loungers and tiltable beach loungers. Unfortunately, these are very narrow, quasi lounge on couch, there hardly fits a bag in between. It would be better to loosen up something and if necessary to make some.
Pads for the wooden chairs can borrow for 2.50 fee (um, I think that’s a bit ugly, honest, so what should be included).

Opening hours:

All year around the clock (except special regulation on 24.12 and 31.12)
For day visitors, access is not possible from 1:00 to 6:00.


The dying species Smoker basically has only one place where smoking is allowed, the lounge above the Sawadee restaurant . But this is always accessible with cozy chill sitting areas.
In addition, guests with an additional sauna and spa area can find a designated smoking area above the showers.


The largest indoor rainforest in the world. An approximately 1 km long path leads through the tropical plant world, in which more than 50,000 plants grow. Over 600 plant species of Asian-Pacific and South American origin grow here. Palm trees, ferns and mangroves, as well as fruits such as bananas, papayas and star fruits.

In the water of the mangrove swamp live numerous red and Gelbwangenschildkröten, many fish such as Guppys, Rotflossen and Haiwelse and 10 Flamingos. In the tropical trees, for example, Zebra Finches, Parakeets, Gold and Silver Pheasants and Canaries.

Shopping – The Boulevard:

If you have forgotten something or are looking for a souvenir, there are some small shops where you can find almost everything, for example:

  • Swimwear, clothes, flip-flops
  • souvenirs
  • Books, newspapers
  • Sweets, toys, water toys
  • Hairdressing and beauty salon
  • Airbrush tattoos

Water slide tower:

(Germany’s highest) with 4 slides at a height of 27 meters:

  • turbo slide – speeds of up to 70 km / h can be achieved over a distance of 76 m – minimum age 15 years
    (nothing for me…)
  • Large water slide – with curved tracks and circles at 149 meters
  • Wide wavy slide with 21 meters in length
  • tire slide with 112 meters in length

Free Wi-Fi:

Login without password and I always had reception. Very well!

Expansion of outdoor area:

Architectural representation on behalf of Tropical Island Holding GmbH, Krausnick Gross Wasserburg

On May 1, 2016, the new outdoor area “Amazonia” was opened. Pictures, information and impressions can be found in the extra post “Exterior Tropical Islands”.
In July, laying of the foundation stone was planned for the outdoor area, the im Opened in spring 2016 shall be. On 25,000 m², water attractions, lying areas and sports areas are to be created. In addition to pools and bubble loungers, a 250-meter-long loch (Wild Water River) and much more is planned.
All pools are heated, temperatures are 28-32 degrees.
Visitors can access the year-round outdoor area via an enclosed bridge directly from the hall.
The plan sketch was provided by Tropical Islands.

All in all:

For me a great and impressive getaway, which I can recommend!

Not least because of the nice Blogger troupe, which I also like to introduce:

The stay was supported by Tropical Islands.

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