Tuning vehicles – carrera digital 132

Out-of-the-box, the carrera digital 132 vehicles are already a lot of fun. They are of good quality, thanks to the high level of detail an eye-catcher and to drive every vehicle on the track is different. carrera provides plenty of variety and choice. A dream what? But it goes better once certain defects of the vehicles are eliminated – tune vehicles.

But there is still room for improvement in order to bring the cars to the front in the hunt for hundredths of a second. Let’s start step by step and keep the costs low. details down to the smallest technical detail can be found elsewhere on the net&

These tips are based on your own experience and can be used at your own risk. Since everyone collects his experiences in different order and extent, there may be other opinions about it. In addition, these tips can certainly also be used with carrera digital 124, carrera go and the other well-known racing track systems (ninco, scaletrix. ) be implemented.

Before tuning the carrera cars, the cleaning of the carrera cars should be done before each race evening&

comparison body and chassis before / after

1. Step – sanding the carrera tires

The standard carrera tire is enough for a few races in the living room. If you drive a little more often, the grip of the tire decreases very quickly and the cars skid around the curves, which is not only unsightly to look at, but also costs time. Some remedy brings the grinding of the rear tire with 400 sandpaper. the tire is roughened for a fresh grip that should last a few races. – no cost, small effect

2. Step – changing tires to ortmann tires

If you are not satisfied with the grip despite sanding the carrera tires, you should replace the original carrera tires (rear) with the ortmann tires. Replace only the rear wheels with the ortmann tires and not the front wheels! After the tires are replaced, you should first check that the rubber does not slip on the rim! If the rubber slips, you should glue the rubber to the rim with a little "everything glue"! Also pay attention to the alignment of the rubber that it sits correctly on the rim and does not eject too much! (best before gluing)

The rims of the carrera cars are unfortunately not the hit and can unfortunately better egg than to run cleanly round! Therefore, you could also at this point already think about the rims against third manufacturer rims to exchange..

If the tire sits, you must first give the tires the right polish. To do this, first take coarse 120 grit sandpaper and sand the tires briefly with it while the tires are turning. Then you should sand the tires again 400er sandpaper until the tires run as far as possible round and on the contact surface fits cleanly on the track. It is also recommended to bevel the tire shoulder (edge between the tread and the tire side).

After sanding, you should remove the tire abrasion with some adhesive tape. take the tape, press it on the tire and then take it off again. This is the fastest way to get the tire clean.

Once this is done, you can do a few laps on the track. If the grip is still not enough, you have to grind again and try to make the tire rounder and the tread flatter.

The investment is limited to 3-4€ per car. This measure brings, however, a significantly better "road holding".

Ortmann has a wide range of tires, so you should find the right tires for every car. If you don’t know which tires fit on your car, you should download a current ortmann tire list and search for your car there. To 95% are all carrera digital 132 vehicles to find! In the end, however, the choice will usually come down to one of the following tires.

Ortmann tire 49aog fits z.B.VW golf24 24h nurburgring 2011 (carrera 30631), ferrari 458 italia GT2 (carrera 30639)

Ortmann tire 51b fits all DTM cars like audi A5 DTM T.Scheider no4 (carrera 30658), AMG mercedes C coupe DTM J.Green no5 (carrera 30659), BMW M3 DTM bernd spengler no7 (carrera 30662), aston martin V12 vantage GT3 young driver no007 (30666)

Ortmann 33t fits on audi R18 z.B. Carrera 30637, carrera 30619

Finally, the most important thing: if you change a car to the ortmann PU tires, you should absolutely change all cars, because the ortmann tire improves the grip on the track by its tire wear, which is created while driving. Do you have a mixed driving z.B. With the carrera and ortmann tires, neither the cars with the standard carrera tires nor the cars with the ortmann tires will develop enough grip on the track. Similarly it behaves with foam rubber tires. So always use one type of tire per track!

Small costs, big impact

3. Lower your car

If the cars still skid too much around the curves, especially when driving without magnets, you can also lower the car by grinding the tires down further. This will slightly reduce the diameter of the tires and also slightly reduce the top speed, but you will be able to go around the curves a little faster. Not to be neglected at this point are the front tires! Also the front tires have to lose tire circumference, so that the car comes deeper in the front and the guide keel sinks deeper into the slot. – no cost, small effect

4. Front wheels

Often the cars also tilt out of the slot over the outside wheel when cornering. Especially after grinding down the front wheels, this effect is increasingly seen. To solve this problem, you must seal the front wheels with nail polish. One coat of nail polish should be enough. Two layers are better. If necessary, you have to polish the front tires a little more. – small cost, small effect

5. Driving fun tuning

Removing the magnets is not directly a tuning measure. But it significantly increases the fun and control of the cars, with less wear and tear on the gears and the motor. In addition, the power consumption of vehicles without magnets decreases, because the engine has less power for the drive, which also affects the life of the vehicle.

6. And so on..

Whoever has taken the first five measures and implemented them successfully, will already have a quite acceptable carrera digital 132 car, with which he should be at the front of the home races (apart from the driving skills). Of course, you can take the tuning game much further. New axles and rims from slot.It, about carbon axles to more powerful engines with up to 30000 revolutions per minute. Who needs it can do it.

My fellow riders and I are so far very satisfied with the five described measures. Who knows how we see this in one or two years&

Don’t forget to always give the tuning to all the other carrera digital 132 cars, so that the races remain exciting at a high level.

7. Other

You should first decide which measures are allowed and which not. Otherwise the fun is quickly lost when someone with a tuning engine drives away from everyone. At that time we agreed to use ortmann tires, no magnets, front wheels sealed with nail polish (keyword: zero grip). Tuning wedges or tuning magnets we did not want. Our plan was to do as little as possible to the car, but to buy a new one more often. Sometime a buddy bought a really cool porsche 1:32 digital (120€), which was tuned from scratch (not from carrera). In the result he drove alone in front with very much distance to us!

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