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Vacation in the northernmost country in Africa

The ex French colony Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa. The fertile mountains in the north and the vastness of the Sahara in the south attract many vacationers to Tunisia. One finds in the south of Tunisia desert but also beautiful salt lakes, green oases and bizarrely shaped dunes.

Traveling through Tunisia has a special charm because the country is very diverse: the Tunisian beaches look in reality, like in the travel brochure, for nature lovers there are hiking trails in the extensive pine forests and climbing enthusiasts will find in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains your Eldorado.

Since there are many from Germany cheap flights to Tunisia and the country has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, you can also go on holiday with the whole family in Tunisia.

at individual tourists Tunisia has a rather bad reputation as a travel destination – wrongly! Far from the big hotels in Tunisia you can discover old fishing villages in the green north of the country or go on an adventurous one in the south desert Tour through Tunisia’s part of the Sahara.

Even if on one map Tunisia looks rather small compared to its neighbors, with its size of 164,000 km² it corresponds to about half the area of ​​Germany. Overall live about 10.4 million People in the country, especially in the lively port cities on the Tunisian coast. In contrast, the population density decreases inland.

In the Capital of Tunisia, Tunis, about two million people live. Tunis is a liberal city with an Islamic character. The old mosques and palaces, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Medina of Tunis) date from the 12th to 16th centuries Tunis was one of the wealthiest cities in the Islamic world.

Traveling to Tunisia is attractive in many ways: Tunisia’s tourism sector is well developed, Tunisia’s beaches are among the most beautiful along the Mediterranean coast, the people in the country are very hospitable, the climate in Tunisia is pleasant and the Mediterranean water temperatures in Tunisia are around 24 ° Celsius. In addition, the flight time to Tunisia is only 3.5 hours and a cheap flight to Tunisia is easy to find.

In addition, Tunisia Attractions in abundance: the architectural highlights include many ancient Roman ruins and buildings from the Arab heyday of the settlement – seven of which are also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of Tunisia’s sights is the Ichkeul National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in the north of the country and is an important stopover on the way to the south for many millions of migratory birds.

You will find detailed information on the following pages travel information about Tunisia, useful travel tips about Tunisia and well-founded background information about Tunisia as a travel destination so that you can enjoy yours vacation to prepare well in Tunisia.

Detailed information – Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the Maghreb states in northern Africa, which in terms of its culture and history is blatantly different from the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Below you will find some key data on the following topics:

Entry requirements – Tunisia

The entry requirements for Tunisia are very liberal compared to other African countries, which is why you can save a lot of bureaucratic effort.

eat & Drink – Tunisia

The cuisine of Tunisia is typically North African and comparable to that of Algeria or Morocco. Stews with couscous (millet-like) or meat (marqa) are common, which can be enjoyed in many combinations.

Flights – Tunisia

There are a lot of different ways to get to Tunisia, the fastest and most popular option is to travel to Tunisia by plane.

Health – Tunisia

The medical Infrastructure in Tunisia is not quite comparable to the European standard. In African comparison, however, Tunisia is very well developed. In Tunis, however, there are good, and in some cases very good, doctors in all areas.

Hotels in Tunisia

The selection of accommodation and hotels in Tunisia is very large. As a rule, cheaper hotels are comfortably furnished and have a nice atmosphere.

climate & best time to go – Tunisia

The climate in Tunisia is a Mediterranean Mediterranean climate in the north and east, which turns into a dry desert climate towards the south. The climate table for Tunisia shows the annual temperature variation in Tunis.

Communication – Tunisia

The country code for Tunisia is +216 or alternatively 00216. If you are calling from Germany to Tunisia, it is also advisable to use a cheap area code.

National parks – Tunisia

There are a total of eight national parks in Tunisia that are designed to protect very different fauna and flora. The diverse natural spaces in Tunisia range from green coasts to lonely deserts.

mains voltage & Plug type – Tunisia

The mains voltage in Tunisia is the 230 volts used almost everywhere at a frequency of 50 Hertz. The common connector types are C and E, some of which are also used in Germany.

Attractions in Tunisia

Tunisia has long been a popular holiday destination. The numerous architectural sights of Tunisia certainly contribute to this. Museums, ruins or entire ancient cities invite you to visit on.

morals & Customs – Tunisia

The vast majority of the population in Tunisia is Islamic. However, in Tunisia religion is not the determining factor because the interpretation of Islam in Tunisia is liberal.

Transport – Tunisia

The transport infrastructure in Tunisia is very well developed in an African comparison. Both a road and a rail network connect the country’s major cities.

Currency – Tunisia

The currency in Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar (TD or TND), which is not divided into 100 parts as usual, but broken down into 1,000 millimes. He replaced the franc as the currency in Tunisia in 1958.

Important & official addresses – Tunisia

Here you will find the addresses and contact options for the German and Tunisian embassies. They also receive information from the Tunisian Tourist Office, which will be happy to advise them on more specific questions.


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