Turbo induction, dentist hall

Turbo induction

How a flash hypnosis is applied to the dentist

Toothed extremely?

Swirling your head back and forth a few times. Now shut up! Then the pliers come and they’re out of the box. Five teeth. Everything in a few seconds. Everything without syringe. And the patient? He smiles pleasantly with his bloody cotton ball in his mouth. What kind of action! But how does it work??

Even if the dental patient from civilized Europe does not want to believe what our Pakistani colleague is practicing in his patient’s living room, there is no bodily harm. It’s not witchcraft or even a mysterious voodoo cult. It is called Turbo induction.

The Hauruck action

The turbo induction is also known as lightning hypnosis. In this special hypnosis technique, the patient is transformed into an altered form of consciousness within a few moments. This condition is called Trance. Here, surprise moments and confusion techniques play a significant role. In this specific situation, the patient is literally taken by surprise by the hypnotist. A turbo induction is particularly well suited for short and fast interventions, also in dentistry.

It’s showtime!

Many may know the flash hypnosis from television, if from now on ordinary people in the audience with a snap of the fingers fall into a kind of half asleep and suddenly do strange things. Barking like a dog, making funny faces or jumping over the stage like a frog. Everything hocus-pocus? No, not at all!

From the spotlight to the practice

The lightning induction was announced by Dave Elman and his son Larry Elman. The direct and rapid methods of hypnosis initiation were her trademarks. The simplicity of her methods, and above all the unbelievably fast results, convinced even the greatest doubters and astonished her harshest critics.
Although Elman earned his money essentially on stage, he instructed thousands of doctors, psychiatrists, and even dentists his special hypnosis technique.

Does the lightning hypnosis work for me too?

Basically, every human being is receptive to suggestions of this kind, but only to different degrees. That’s why show hypnotists always get the same number of test persons on stage. With small quick tricks you will find out in advance, who is particularly well suited for the next performance.

How degrading then the subsequent actions can be, the people only notice afterwards. Anyone who enters hypnosis on stage invests a lot of trust. But many show hypnotists use that to amuse their audience. Mental and physical damage they often accept approvingly. The show must go on!

Trust counts!

“Lightning hypnosis is out of the question for me when it comes to dental treatment,” says Roger Barz. For years, the dentist from Halle and his team has been successfully applying hypnosis techniques to his practice. Especially in the treatment of anxiety patients, this form of trance induction is completely useless. “Our relationship with the patient is based on trust. This is often misused in flash or even show hypnosis for an entertaining success. “

If you would like to know more about the therapeutic effectiveness of hypnosis, you can here this article by Albrecht Schmierer, the founder of the DGZH (German Society of Dental Hypnosis), read and learn, such as a well-performed hypnosis can help many anxious patients.

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