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A TUI holiday home is ideal for a Tuscany vacation with the whole family. Find out when is the best time to travel, what travel options are there and what are the best excursion tips for a Tuscany holiday with children.

Holiday homes in Tuscany

Spend an exciting vacation in Tuscany with the family or a vacation in Tuscany with children! The Italians are one of the most child-friendly cultures and "Bambini" are very important here. Nowhere else in Europe is everyday life more about children’s well-being than in Italy. There are playgrounds almost everywhere in the holiday resorts. There is an entry discount or family tickets for almost all of our excursion tips. And as a parent with children, there is no need to worry in the restaurants either – the little ones are even welcome here. Romping and making noise are no problem for the Italians, since they themselves are a loud people. Half portions, children’s chairs and a brief look behind the scenes of the chef himself make a visit to the restaurant a family-friendly experience and the Tuscany vacation with children is perfect all round.

Tuscany vacation with baby – 1st vacation together

Tuscany is ideal for a family holiday together. Out of everyday life – in Tuscany vacation with baby! A holiday home is ideal for accommodation: wake up completely relaxed, the baby bed is not far and so you can keep an eye on the smallest family member in the morning. While you If you cook the breakfast porridge on the stove, your baby can watch you from the high chair. This makes the family breakfast together stress-free and uncomplicated. During the day you can explore the city together or enjoy the sun on the beach. At noon or in the evening a trip to one of the many Italian trattorias is worthwhile. The Italians are very child-friendly and hospitable. On vacation in Tuscany with baby, a little crying out in the restaurant is no problem. Sit back and enjoy pizza, pasta and a delicious wine.

Tuscany vacation with children – the best time to travel

The Mediterranean climate in Tuscany on the coast is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea – light gusts ensure pleasant temperatures. If you have an accommodation in the country, you can expect a drier heat.
May and June are the best time to travel to Tuscany for the family. Here the big cities are not too crowded and the sea has a pleasant temperature. They are between 20 and 24 degrees.
The hot summer from late June to August is best spent on the water on a Tuscany vacation with children. Coastal places such as B. Tirrenia or Rosignano Solvay are well suited for this. From the beginning of September, the weather in central Italy is somewhat milder again. A family holiday in Tuscany is also a good idea at this time of year.

Tuscany vacation with children – travel options

Located in northern and central Italy, there are several options for family holidays in Tuscany. Of course, the most flexible way is by car. Nevertheless, it is also possible to travel by bus, train or plane.

  • By car
    For a Tuscany vacation with children or a Tuscany vacation with baby, the car is of course the simplest and most practical option. It’s best to drive off at night to use your offspring’s sleep phase. Then the streets are also empty and they do not get into traffic jams that are pre-programmed for hunger and Pipigequengel.
    From Germany you drive through either Switzerland or Austria. If you choose Austria, the route leads via the Brenner to Modena and from there via the A1 towards Rome via Bologna. If the decision is made in Switzerland, you drive through the Gotthard tunnel via Milan and Genoa or Bologna.
  • By bus
    Traveling by bus is possible, but rather discouraged for families with children. Because you are dependent on the travel and break times of the bus schedule and the long journey is more strenuous than pleasant for both the children and the rest of the bus passengers.
  • By train
    Start your family vacation in Tuscany with ease, without long waiting times and crying children in the back seat? Then arriving by train is a possible alternative. On the side of the Italian State Railways Trenitalia you will find all rail connections.
  • By plane
    The fastest way is of course by plane. The main airports are Pisa, Florence, Bologna and Genoa. Then renting a rental car is recommended. So you are mobile on site and can go shopping flexibly from the accommodation or go on various excursions.

Tuscany vacation with children – excursion tips

Tuscany offers many excursion destinations that make children’s eyes grow bigger and make their hearts beat faster! When preparing, it’s best to bring the little ones on board, so that everyone can be sure Wishes be taken into account and no boredom arises. One of the many water and amusement parks is definitely an option for a holiday in Tuscany with children.

Acqua Village Park Cecina
The best water park in Italy is on the Etruscan coast, north of Piombino. It is located in the middle of greenery and extends over a size of 40,000 square meters. Water slides, such as the Intrigo on slopes with special rubber dinghies, the giant kamikaze or the curvy anaconda are just waiting to be discovered. There are also Surfing Hills, a 1,600 cubic meter swimming pool, the Fun Island with jacuzzis and relaxing waterfalls.

Pinocchio Park
In Collodi in northern Tuscany, the history of Pinocchio can be experienced and discovered up close. Pinocchio Park is a mixture of amusement park, art exhibition and beautiful landscape architecture. A variety of activities can be undertaken on the extensive grounds. How about the famous puppet theater in which the wooden figure plays the main role, a tour of the art and picture exhibitions or a puppet workshop?

Cavallino Matto theme park
The largest amusement park in Tuscany is on the coast between Piombino and Livorno. It offers many different rides such as roller coasters, pirate ships, a 4D cinema, magic shows and water games all day in summer. For the small and big hunger there is an ample selection of bars and restaurants. It is perfect for a Tuscany vacation with children.

Pistoia Zoo
The Tuscan province of Pistoia lies between Prato and Lucca. Here is one of the most important zoological facilities in Italy. Pistoia Zoo is home to over 400 different species of animals, including giraffes, zebras, jaguars, penguins and some reptiles. There is the possibility to feed the animals together with a zoom worker at certain times and to get to know them better. Entry is moderate and is free for children under 3 years old.

Dinopark Peccioli
The Prehistoric Park is located south of the city of Pontedera in the medieval village of Peccioli and is an amusement park for young and old. Ideally suited for a Tuscany vacation with children! Lifelike dinosaur models, volcanoes and cave dwellers make the prehistory a fun experience. The long opening hours (until sunset) and the low prices are particularly advantageous. Children who are less than a meter tall do not have to pay anything.

Family museum Palazzo Vecchio
The town hall is one of the main attractions of Florence. The Museum of the Palazzo Vecchio has various attractions for all ages. For example, the fairy tale room of the Bia and Garcia for younger visitors from 3 years and the Renaissance culture for the older children from 8 years. Short plays and painting a fresco are part of the daily program. In addition, the children with the characters of the palace mice are guided through the museum in a playful manner, which means that one or the other historical information remains in the head.

Cheese making in the Cugusi
Who doesn’t know pecorino cheese? Sprinkled on the spaghetti bolognese or sliced ​​on the pizza. In the Cugusi dairy, you can see live how the classic cheese is made. The little ones get to know the animals and are allowed to make the delicious sheep cheese themselves. Taste different types and take it with you for the typical Italian dinner in your holiday home. An experience that will make your Tuscany vacation with children unforgettable.

Museum of the Cathedral in Lucca
The archaeological complex and the museum of the cathedral in Lucca offer a variety of opportunities for the experience whole family. The historic and artistic side of the city can be learned with the little ones through various workshops and special animation. The museum is open all year round and is easy on the wallet.

Giardino dei Tarocchi Art Park
Art and culture can also be accommodated on a vacation in Tuscany with children. The Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture garden is located in the municipality of Capalbio, about 60 km from Grosseto. The artist was inspired by Park Güell in Barcelona at the start of the project and shows over 1000 sculptures and around 5000 graphic works. How about a leisurely stroll along the tufa wall that surrounds the park?


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