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TVöD 2020 · Collective agreement for the civil service

TVöD Remuneration – Remuneration components – Information 2020

TVöD Remuneration – Information – Remuneration components in the TVöD

When the TVöD was introduced, various family-related salary components were deleted. This included the local supplements for the child supplement, the increase amount for the Christmas bonus and the married supplement. However, this only applies to new employees. As far as previous employees are concerned, reconciliation arrangements have been made. In addition, employees only receive a reduced special payment instead of the previous vacation and Christmas bonus. A transition collective agreement (TVÜ) was agreed for employment relationships that existed as of January 1, 2005.

Family-related wages in TVöD

TVöD remuneration – collective agreement for
the civil service
This transition collective agreement (TVÜ) consists of the basic remuneration for November 2005, the to Level 2 applicable local surcharge as well as the functional allowance and the general allowance. Special regulations were decided for the so-called spouse component. This is the difference between levels one and two of the local surcharge. The special regulations stipulate that spouses who are not transferred to the TVöD have a higher rate Familys– or receive a local surcharge. In addition, the local surcharge from level 3 will continue to be paid as part of the safeguarding of the acquis.

Due to the transitional arrangements that have been made, employees do not initially have to accept any financial losses and the family income remains essentially unchanged. Another acquis has been made for children born until December 31, 2005. As long as there is a right to child benefit, the child allowance will continue to be paid in addition to the comparison fee.

children’s allowance

This child supplement is paid independently of the child benefit. Possible maintenance payments for the children are also not affected by this. The child allowance is fully due to the legal guardian. However, if there is an interruption in child benefit payments, the children’s allowance not paid again at a later date.

TVÖD 2020 – information

The abbreviation TVöD hides the collective agreement for the civil service that was introduced in October 2005. These are several individual contracts that have been combined under the name TVöD. The Federal Employee Collective Agreement (BAT, BAT-O) as well as the parallel existing collective agreements for workers of the federal government MTArb, MTArb-O and the municipal employers BMT-G II and BMT-G-O were largely replaced by the TVöD.

In September 2005, the TVöD was concluded between the public employers on the one hand and the United Services Union (ver.di) on the other. In particular with the tariff agreement of March 31, 2008, the TVöD was changed in several points.

TVöD 2020 – collective agreement for the public service

Current information and overviews of the TVöD

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