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Twilight sleep - dr

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FAQ Twilight sleep

What is the difference between twilight sleep and general anesthesia?

In contrast to general anesthesia, artificial ventilation is not necessary during twilight sleep. You breathe on your own initiative, but you are in a relaxed and fear-free twilight sleep. In Germany, training in intravenous analgesia (twilight sleep) is part of the training catalog within oral surgery specialist dentist training. We therefore do not need an anesthetist to perform the twilight sleep, which minimizes your costs.

How does twilight sleep work??

In the case of analgesia dosing – or also known as twilight sleep – a specially trained specialist dentist will administer pain medication (analgesics) and sedative or sleeping pills (sedatives) to you through a venous access under supervision of the cardiovascular functions.

What does twilight sleep bring??

You are given strong sedative medication when you have a twilight sleep. This leads to a deep state of relaxation, which makes the treatment pleasant. The drugs are anxiolytic and let you sleep. H. You can’t remember the treatment. In addition, we also administer medication to prevent pain and swelling after the procedure. Overall, the healing phase is more pleasant for the patient.

Is the dusk sleep paid for by my health insurance?

Priv ate health insurance companies cover the costs for treatment in twilight sleep depending on the insurance contract. If you are unsure, we ask you to clarify this with your insurance company beforehand. Insured persons of the statutory health insurance companies do not receive a subsidy for twilight sleep. We charge 9 € per session. If an anesthetist is needed, the costs increase to approx. € 150.

My daughter is 12. Can your teeth be operated on with a twilight sleep??

As long as your daughter is in good general health: yes. We only perform outpatient twilight sleep treatments on healthy adolescents and adults. For special cases, such as small children and people with serious pre-existing conditions, we consult an anesthetist for treatment.

Can I go home after dusk??

After a twilight sleep, we have to monitor her in practice for about 2 hours. In the meantime, you can make yourself comfortable in our recovery room, cool the wound area and rest with relaxing pictures. Please always bring an accompanying person with you to the practice!

What do I have to consider before going to bed??

You should appear sober for dusk sleep treatment; H. stop eating solid foods and stop smoking 6 hours before treatment. You should also stop drinking liquids 2 hours before the treatment. You can take prescribed medication with a sip of water.
Let yourself be driven to the treatment and organize an accompanying person who is in the practice for the entire duration of the treatment.

What do I have to consider after dusk??

Due to the strong medication, you are not fit for traffic and business for 24 hours after dusk. During this time, you should not be at home alone or look after children on your own responsibility. An accompanying person should be waiting for you during the procedure in the practice and then bring you straight home. Otherwise, the normal post-operative behavioral measures apply. (Behavior after surgery)

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