Twin stroller test – comparison (january 2020)

We present you the best twin strollers on our test and comparison portal.

If you surprisingly have children in a double pack, you are best equipped with a twin stroller. Here in the little ones sit next to each other or one behind the other and are always safe on the go. While individual models are suitable for children of the same age (twin carriages), sibling carriages are also available for children of different ages.

In the twin car test, we present various products and name important properties and functions. So you can choose the right stroller and make a good choice.

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Buying advice on the twin stroller test or comparison: We will help you find your twin stroller test winner!

  • A buggy for twins is for children from infancy. A stroller combination offers, in addition to enough space, protection from wind and other weather influences. Including rain protection and mosquito net, nothing stands in the way of a successful trip.
  • A stroller is optionally equipped with pneumatic tires or rubberized plastic tires. Due to the 4 wheels, the pushchair is stable and can not fluctuate quickly or even tip over. A parking brake ensures a secure hold when standing, a height-adjustable push handle can be optimally adapted to any body size.
  • In addition to the version (tandem or side by side) and the type of tire (hard or air), there is a double stroller made of high quality material. Aluminum and plastic are very stable and at the same time light. Depending on the type, different twin stroller accessories are included. For example, a twin stroller bag.

Especially for a baby and toddler it is very important that you sit as comfortably, comfortably and safely as possible. In addition to good suspension, little extras are like an adjustable backrest is an advantage, so that your child is in the correct sitting position. Did you know that in addition to a stroller for twins, there is also a triplet stroller?

Also the Sitting position is a crucial point, that should be considered. This way, children find space next to each other in a twin stroller. In some other models, the seats in the twin stroller are arranged one behind the other. If a child is just a few months old and still very small, there are also suitable ones Twin stroller with baby seat. You can find out which model suits you best using our sibling comparison.

1. Sibling strollers for every everyday situation

Buggies are suitable for children from 12 months.

There is a lot to do in everyday life. The offspring is also always there and is accepted everywhere. Whether for Shopping, visiting a doctor or just going for a walk in the fresh air. A twin buggy test shows how advantageous individual properties are.

Parents have plenty everywhere Storage space for utensils such as diapers, water bottles and other accessories there. Alternatively, a twin stroller organizer is also available. The body is protected from the wind and rain so that it does not get cold and illnesses occur. The Feet are wrapped in a footmuff and stay warm and dry.

But the fun should not be neglected either. Can be on a bracket attach toys and other things to a twin stroller.

Thanks to the equipment and extras, the combination strollers have certain properties. This results in several advantages and disadvantages. We have summarized the most important ones for you in a table:

  • Children do not have to be transported in two separate strollers
  • constant protection against wind, rain and snow thanks to a twin stroller rain cover
  • foldable and therefore easy to stow in the car
  • can be converted (e.g. with accessories for sports)
  • certain seating direction (forwards, backwards and sideways)
  • optionally including a baby bath
  • Children do not sit next to each other in the tandem car and therefore cannot do anything
  • hard tires (plastic with rubber coating) have little to no suspension

Do a comparison of the twin strollers and choose from various functions. Here you should think about what is important to you and what should not be missing for the twin duo.

In addition, individual points like that Dead weight (kg), installation dimensions (cm) and the max. Body weight (kg) get noticed. These are precisely specified by the manufacturer.

In the following we go into important functions and types and describe them:

function description
Type of tires
  • Pneumatic tires have very good spring properties
  • Plastic tires with rubber coating are harder
  • swiveling wheels rotate 360 ​​°
  • Carriages for babies from birth to toddlers
  • Baby car seat can be removed if necessary
  • Stroller adjustable in size
Foldable and convertible
  • quickly collapsible
  • Pushchair easily stowed in the trunk
  • some models can be converted

2. Safety comes first – TÜV seal and fuses

In a twin car test, care should be taken that the car has a TÜV seal. This ensures that the frame and all safety functions have been checked very carefully. In the sibling bug test, important elements must be taken into account that should not be missing under any circumstances. 5-point belts are now standard, but not every car is equipped with a protective bar.

2.1. The right weight is also important >

If the children sit next to each other you can interact.

Fully equipped, a twin stroller with a baby seat can easily weigh a few pounds more. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the total weight. In any case, at least 14 kilograms can be expected. Basically, multi-purpose strollers weigh more than similar ones buggy-models.

In everyday life there is one not to underestimate fully loaded car. If you take a fully loaded model from the sibling test including accessories, it weighs a good 50 kilograms.

3. Buying advice – especially a twin stroller set is popular

If you look at a twin stroller test, you will find a lot of manufacturers with the different products. The choice is not easy here to decide on the right car. To get the right brand, ours should be yours Buyer’s guide Help 2020.

  • height-adjustable push handle
  • Twin stroller set including rain cover, mosquito net and diaper bag
  • some strollers including shopping basket
  • Air wheels ensure a pleasant suspension
  • Parking brake against rolling away
  • The stroller is foldable
  • can be converted, including baby bath
  • Arrangement of the seats (optionally twin strollers one behind the other and next to each other)

3.1. Note the correct shell position

For example, if you are looking for a 3 in 1 stroller, you can choose between different shell positions. This is optionally available as a variant with side-by-side child seats, but also with seats that are positioned one behind the other (Siblings cars). If the seats are arranged one behind the other, the stroller fits better through doors and does not take up as much space in public facilities and sidewalks.

However, the Sibling car has the disadvantage that only small children can take a seat here. The rear seat is usually a bit smaller, which can quickly become a problem for growing children. If necessary, make sure that your twin stroller is narrow.

Furthermore, the children not the opportunity to look at and deal with each other. So here’s the question of what you prefer and what you’d rather choose. If the seats are arranged side by side, the children can also be removed from the car more easily. The same can be seen from many twin buggy tests.

3.2. Suitable material for every application

When choosing the material, it is not just the frame that is important. Others too Fabrics such as upholstery, seats etc. should also be checked carefully. The children should sit comfortably and not too hard. It also can’t hurt, water-repellent material (Bugaboo twin stroller) to choose. High quality fabrics have a great design and make a stroller look very modern and timely. For example, the ABC stroller.

Tip: It can often be difficult to find the right stroller for siblings and the associated accessories. For this we recommend complete sets such as a 3 in 1 twin stroller.

Every girl has one or more dolls in childhood and plays with them every day. Did you know that there is even a twin stroller for dolls? This allows the little ones to take their twin pram dolls for a walk every day and have a lot of fun.

4. Suitable accessories for every need

Even if you have decided on a complete set of twin strollers, additional accessories may always be required. Many manufacturers offer useful extensions in this area that are suitable for a wide variety of areas. The best twin stroller for your needs includes accessories that you use regularly.

In the twin car test you will find accessories such as those already mentioned Twin stroller organizer, as well as an adapter for car seats and baby car seats.

Note: Hygiene and care are also important for prams. It can’t hurt if the upholstery and seats can be removed and washed. This gives you the opportunity to spray the frame including the wheels with a garden hose.

5. Questions and answers about twin strollers

5.1. Which manufacturers are there?

The baby strollers are suitable for children up to approx. 14 months.

Below you will find an overview of all common manufacturers

  • Bugaboo twin stroller
  • Maxi Cosi twin stroller
  • Hartan twin stroller
  • Twin strollers ABC
  • Twin stroller TFK
  • Teutonia twin stroller
  • Hauck
  • Joolz
  • Zekiwa
  • zoom
  • Clamaro
  • Adbour

5.2. How wide is a twin stroller?

Depending on the model, the twin strollers have different widths. This can be done at smallest car for example 55 cm and the largest 105 cm to have. This is the set-up dimension, which is specified by the manufacturer.

5.3. Which car is suitable for twin strollers?

In principle, any car is suitable. Note the folding dimensions and whether they match or fit with those of your trunk. Of course, estate cars and SUVs are best suited.

5.4. When to buy a twin stroller?

The most compact stroller in its class

Many parents strive to find a particularly compact and lightweight stroller. If you want to choose the most compact in its class, it’s best to buy the ABC Zoom. This twin stroller weighs just 17 kilos and, when folded, takes up very little space.

You can only say that roughly, not too early and not too late. Have you found a suitable model, just buy it! Because it can happen very quickly that popular and cheap twin strollers are sold out in online and specialist shops and will only be delivered within a few weeks or months. Alternatively, you can also buy a used twin stroller.

5.5. There is already a twin stroller test from the Stiftung Warentest?

There is currently no known test from the Stiftung Warentest. Accordingly, we unfortunately cannot name a twin stroller test winner. Alternatively, there are other product comparisons and tests on the Stiftung Warentest portal, in which many articles for children and babies are presented. (Cots, high chairs, etc.).

What grades did the individual twin strollers receive in our comparison?

  • 1st place – very good: Dorjan Quick Twin – from 719.00 euros
  • 2nd place – very good: Berber Carlo Mikado – from 485.00 euros
  • 3rd place – good: Dorjan Danny Sport 5 Twin – from 664.00 euros
  • 4th place – good: Adbour Duo 3 in 1 – from 499.90 euros
  • 5th place – good: BabyActive Twinni – from 740.90 euros
  • 6th place – good: Hauck Roadstar Duo SLX – from 179.99 euros
  • 7th place – good: Hauck turbo Duo – from 119.99 euros
  • 8th place – good: Chicco twin car Echo Twin – from 208.95 euros
  • 9th place – good: Maxi-Cosi twin stroller Dana For 2 – from 399.90 euros

More information "

The number of manufacturers and different products is compared in the twin stroller comparison?

The editorial team examined a total of 9 twin strollers from 8 well-known brands, evaluated them and put them together for you in a clear product table.

Within what price range are the twin strollers from the product comparison?

You can spend between 740.90 euros and 119.99 euros for a twin stroller. Which twin stroller you choose in the end should not only depend on the price, but also on the product properties.

Which twin stroller received the best rating from buyers so far?

The Dorjan Quick Twin received the best rating so far because customers awarded an average of 5.0 stars.

The editorial team particularly emphasized how many of the products examined in the comparison of twin strollers?

Of the 9 different twin strollers, the following were rated particularly well: Dorjan Quick Twin and Berber Carlo Mikado .

Which models and product types of the 8 different manufacturers are compared in the twin stroller comparison?

The 8 different brands and manufacturers compared and rated the following models: Dorjan Quick Twin, Berber Carlo Mikado, Dorjan Danny Sport 5 Twin, Adbour Duo 3 in 1, BabyActive Twinni, Hauck Roadstar Duo SLX, Hauck Turbo Duo, Chicco twin car Echo Twin and Maxi-Cosi twin strollers Dana For 2 .

What other items were customers looking for who bought a twin stroller??

Our research has shown that buyers who have a twin stroller in their shopping cart are usually also interested in similar products, such as twin strollers, twin strollers and twin strollers.


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