Twin strollers test comparison in january 2020

The search for a suitable twin stroller is often not as easy as expected. That is why our experts have compared and checked various twin strollers tests, comparison tables and proficiency tests on the Internet and designed a leaderboard that reveals ratings for design, models, manufacturers, dimensions, brand, seat capacity and much more. This greatly simplifies your selection.

Twin stroller leaderboard 2020

Last update on: 09.01.2020

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What is a twin stroller?

In one Twin stroller test winner, With the best test score in the test result of the evaluation of various twin stroller tests, two children can sit side by side or one behind the other. Whether twins or siblings who have only a small age difference, the modern twin stroller test winners have numerous advantages for parents. According to the twin stroller test, you only have to push a twin stroller test winner, which is comfortable and increases safety.

In a juxtaposition and in accordance with expert opinions, we present you with different variants from various twin stroller tests so that you can use the test to select your preferred design. Decide on one Tandem model, where the children sit one behind the other, then the width of the twin stroller test winner is smaller, according to the twin stroller tests, examinations and proficiency tests. The trolley therefore fits effortlessly through entrance doors, which is a great advantage. Take a trip to the zoo, pay a visit to the relatives or meet in the children’s play group.

The Twin stroller test winner offer you and your loved ones plenty of freedom. Many tandem siblings are built so that the width is smaller than a door opening. In comparison and comparison there are carriages or twin buggies in which the siblings sit side by side. The advantage lies in the good supervision option. You have both siblings in view at the same time – similar to driving a car with a view of the rear seat through the interior mirror. In addition, the little ones can better communicate and play with each other. Regardless of the seating arrangement, they are the best Twin stroller or sibling strollers for fully-fledged strollers that meet all the requirements of modern transport vehicles.

A Technical inspection should be a prerequisite, as well as freedom from harmful substances. Five-point belts and padded seats increase safety and comfort. Thanks to stable wheels and suspension, many twin strollers are all-terrain. They go on excursions into the forest or visit the zoo on weekends. Even small children are happy to see animals and enthusiastically imitate the sounds of animals. Similar to sport, fresh air and new impressions promote children’s health and development.

At the beginning, according to the external test run and trial, the children should be in a more prone position in the sibling. The older they get, the better they can hold themselves and the sitting position becomes more upright. Test and compare the twin strollers in experiments, product tests, practical tests, surveys and analyzes on the Internet! After inspection, weighing and checking, you can quickly find a comparison winner in line with your wishes!

The best Twin stroller with the best test score in the test result of the evaluation of various twin strollers tests with sun protection be provided so that the sensitive children’s skin is protected. If the existing protection is not sufficient, you can attach an additional parasol. Suitable hoods are helpful against rain and wind, which of course have breathing holes and air-permeable flaps. Another important point for the twin strollers test winners and comparison winners from various tests are the wheels. Soft wheels improve reaction speed and maneuverability.

They are mobile in shops and can go on a shopping tour. For dirt roads, however, hard wheels in combination with high-quality suspension are an advantage. Children should be outdoors as much as possible, which also applies to cold days. Wrapped up thick, parents and children enjoy the walks. In various Twin stroller tests For this reason, experts have paid attention to the respective application. It can be classic Twin strollers for the city or special outdoor variants.

If you want to transport the stroller in the vehicle, you must ensure that the twin stroller test winner can be folded up according to an external test run and in accordance with expert opinions. In the product descriptions you will find out the dimensions of the trolley. You not only take the twin stroller with you for excursions on weekends, but also stay mobile on vacation. Drive the twin stroller along the beach promenade or discover the advantages of a hike in the Black Forest.

A special variant of the sibling car are Drilling car, which, as the name suggests, are suitable for three children.

How does a twin stroller work?

As parents or expectants Parents of twins The question of the right twin stroller quickly arises: Would you choose two individual twin strollers? >

If the shells or bags can be removed, you will receive an additional transport aid. Many children enjoy the gentle rocking on the walk and fall asleep. Once at home, click out the bowls and the children can carry them into the apartment. The Twin stroller can either be placed in the stairwell or the hallway or is foldable. If you want to go on a weekend trip, then a twin stroller is also an advantage.

Twin strollers: evaluation of customer reviews

Among the most rated twin strollers Amazon belong particularly cheaper Models between 150 and 300 euros. The brand is three times Hauck represented, which is also known for other baby and toddler products as a price breaker (e.g. travel cot).

Nobody has ever reviewed luxury twin strollers for over 500 or even over 700 euros. Here is our summary of the top rated twin strollers Amazon:

Hauck Roadster Duo SLX twin stroller (75 ratings, 4 stars): The twin stroller Hauck is suitable for children up to 15 kg per seat and is appreciated by many buyers for its easy handling. As reported, it can be folded up in just a few seconds and stowed in the car or unfolded again. He is also very agile, for which the tires are praised several times, which would roll well on all roads. It is rated negatively that the baskets are difficult to reach when the backrest is in the lying position and that the backrest does not click into place, but is adjusted with a cord.

Hauck Turbo Duo twin stroller (56 ratings, 3.9 stars): The slightly cheaper model from Hauck leaves the nice big rubber tires from Hauck Roadster Duo miss. Here some are angry about the quality of the small tires. However, it is very light and easy to fold, which makes it particularly attractive for many. Some even use the Hauck twin stroller for three and five year olds.

Twin stroller Safety 1st Duodeal (63 ratings, 3.8 stars): Unlike the two Hauck-Models sit with the twin stroller Safety 1st the children in a row. Many particularly praise the good price-performance ratio. However, some comment negatively about the tires, which started to squeak with several buyers after a short time (days or months).

Twin stroller Chic 4 Baby Duo Terranova (36 reviews, 3.7 stars): This twin stroller comes with a baby carrier. While the baby is in the stroller, the sibling can sit in the front of the buggy. The model particularly convinces the buyers of the price and the look. A peep window is also praised so that the child can also be seen through the roof. It is criticized that the child in front cannot be put to sleep, and some find it difficult to steer.

Zwillingskinderwagen Hauck Duett 2 (22 ratings, 3.8 stars): The most expensive model from the list also comes from Hauck. The Duett 2 twin stroller can be moved very flexibly, so that the child can be turned forwards or backwards in the baby seat, for example. The buyers describe that the model can be pushed very easily and is very agile. While most buyers praise the good quality, one customer apparently broke a bracket and the child fell out.

Advantages and areas of application

Twins are very special. It is very lucky to have two children. Everyone knows the entertaining books and films about twins, and the general rule is that twins should have a unique relationship. But the twin blessing also has certain requirements. Not only that the parents are challenged twice as much, most of the things are required in duplicate. On Twin stroller is a practical invention. There are many twin strollers available Trips with twins enable and facilitate. The twin stroller can generally be driven by one person. Both favorites can be kept in view.

The Attachment of baby car seats is simple in design for most twin strollers so that they can be assembled quickly. At a later age, the little ones can sit down safely, at this time either sport seats or the appropriate car seats can be fitted. In an upright sitting position, the little ones discover the world and can watch them with interest while driving. Insect screens and sun protection help protect children in summer.

What different versions of the twin strollers are offered?

Twin strollers are a great relief in many situations. You save money and increase comfort compared to buying two individual cars. Whether for going to the doctor, visiting friends or shopping – a twin stroller test winner belongs in everyone Baby basic equipment. The children snuggle up in the footmuff and are covered with a blanket. They observe their surroundings and learn new things. The TÜV certificate ensures that your loved ones are well protected. Independent testers have checked that all requirements of the European safety regulations for Twin stroller were fulfilled.

There are standards for the wheels, the strength of the Twin stroller and the effect of the brakes. In addition, the behavior on various substrates is checked. The regulations apply to Single stroller as for Siblings pushchair. However, twin strollers must be much more robust, since not one but two children are transported. In the external Twin stroller test experts have paid attention to the safety, the certificates and the resilience of the individual twin stroller test models. There are different ones Models for twin strollers offered on the market, such as:

Tandem stroller: In this case, the seats are arranged one behind the other. This increases the length of the twin stroller, but the width is reduced. You need less space on sidewalks and it is easier to cross doors. When choosing, you have to pay attention to the size of the individual seats. The rear seat is often designed a little smaller. This makes many of the Tandem stroller for two babies or for a baby and a small child. Other test models, on the other hand, are equipped with two seats of the same size, so that two larger children can sit in the twin stroller.

Classic siblings: In the classic variant, the two seats are attached side by side. The children can engage in each other and therefore always have a play partner. The increased width has a disadvantageous effect. However, size is usually not a disadvantage on a walk in the forest or on wide paths. Shopping centers are often equipped with wide entrances, which is why nothing stands in the way of a shopping stroll.

Twin stroller test winner from the online test with removable shells: Depending on the manufacturer, the shells can be removed different uses. The seats can take the form of carrier shells or can be clicked onto the shopping cart. The ability to disassemble can also be advantageous in terms of transport in the car. If the shells can be used as car seats, you do not have to take your child out of the seat to put them in the car.

Twin strollers with numerous additional functions: Some twin strollers test winners are particularly flexible and agile and often have comfortable sports seats. Swiveling front wheels increase mobility, which makes it easier to navigate in shopping centers. Once the wheels are locked, you can effortlessly cross rough terrain. It is important that you pay attention to the presence of a central brake on the twin stroller. It fixes the entire carriage so that it cannot accidentally roll away.

Even on a level surface, you should apply the brake when stationary to gain safety. Another passer-by quickly bumped into the car and it would move without a brake. A convertible top should be a matter of course for the twin stroller. It protects the sensitive Baby skin before the sun rays and keeps light rain at the same time. A hood is irreplaceable for poor weather conditions.

Twin Buggy: A buggy with sports seats is suitable for larger children. At around 3 to 5 years old, the little ones can already run, but have to rest on longer walks in between. The children briefly take a seat in a buggy and can be pushed by their parents. You rest and recharge your batteries for the further walk. A little nap is also possible in the twin stroller. The open design has a disadvantage in winter. Getting started is made easier, but the protective effect against weather influences is less.

Outdoor twin stroller: The best outdoor twin strollers are built to be particularly robust. They usually have large wheels that are also suitable for rough terrain. A high-quality suspension is an advantage on uneven ground. Drinking bottles and food are transported in special bags attached to the trolley. Outdoor twin strollers can of course be used when shopping. You can carry diapers and other baby utensils in the pockets and storage compartments.

Jogger / Stroller: Classic joggers are among the best Twin stroller rather rare to find. As single strollers, they are extremely manoeuvrable and light in weight. Often there is only one wheel at the front, so you can steer the car effortlessly. This design is rather unsuitable for twin strollers with the best test score in the test result of the product test.

However, you can use a tested one instead Baby Stroller use. It is also easy to steer and has a low weight. Since the suspension is usually lower, the children should already be bigger. With these models you can go jogging in the forest or have a light and few strollers on hand when your loved ones stop walking and want to rest instead.

This is how the twin strollers were tested

In an external one Twin stroller test became different test criteria established. The points considered concern safety and comfort as well as design and price:

Size: The size of the twin stroller is important, according to the online twin stroller test and trial, to decide how comfortably the stroller can be steered. Twin strollers have a larger width and length than classic strollers. However, there are clear differences between the individual models. A compact car is easier to park in the hallway or garage, which is an advantage. On the other hand, the space available in larger twin strollers is higher, so that children can sit more comfortably.

Style: According to the online twin stroller test and trial, it can be one Outdoor twin stroller or another form of construction. When choosing the right test model, this point should always be taken into account.

Price: Cheap twin stroller test winner are available according to various test reports and test tables for around 400 euros. The prices of tested twin strollers rise to around 1,000 euros.

Safety: An important point in online Twin stroller test and try was security. After rehearsal, the children must be protected against possible dangers, for example accidental falling out of the seat. A high-quality belt system is therefore the basis for a good child seat in a car. Only if the belt system holds the child safely in all situations can one Buy recommendation for the twin stroller test winner from the Twin stroller test to be pronounced. It can be a 5-point system that distributes the force well and thus relieves the body. The straps on the buggies for twins are usually opened using a button that shouldn’t be too heavy or too easy to open.

If the belt can be opened by small children independently, the twins can get out of the buggy while driving. On the other hand, the belt must not be too difficult to open so that the parents can get their child out of the seat even in hectic situations. Upholstery is always an advantage. The straps must not cut in and must have a soft inside. It has been proven that the straps should have a width of at least 4 centimeters. In this case, they are wide enough to optimally distribute the pressure. Safety also affects the construction itself. The wheels must be firmly attached and axles must not break even under load. The twin stroller test winners from the twin stroller test, analysis and study have to be robust overall and withstand all loads. Just Outdoor twin stroller exhibit a high resistance on. They are used on dirt roads and, thanks to the suspension, master bumps perfectly.

Design: A twin stroller test winner and comparison winner must not only convince technically. It must also have an attractive design. Strollers can be simple or striking. On the one hand, design is a matter of taste. While many people prefer modern designs, decide >

You may be pushing the stroller along the sidewalk, but at some point you will have to cross the street or encounter other potentially dangerous situations. Reflectors increase safety in these cases and are therefore a good idea for the stroller. However, please note that the reflectors must be attached so that they are visible from as many sides as possible. A striking color can also contribute to visibility. A colored stroller is perceived more easily than a simple black model.

Seat comfort: At the Twin stroller test attention was paid to the seating comfort for the children. Walking should be fun for the little ones so that they can sit comfortably and comfortably in the seats. According to the online test, the comfort arises, among other things, from the type of upholstery. It must take into account all areas of the body, for example the head and the back. No hard ones Put arise which the children can bump into. It is important to note that the children can move around in the car and bump into different places. The softer the seat, the better the children are protected. The suspension of the car is another important point in terms of comfort.

The twin stroller can absorb unevenness with good suspension and the children are shaken less. This shaking is not only uncomfortable for small children, it can also be dangerous. The force that arises from a very uneven path should not be underestimated. Without high-quality suspension, there can be severe concussions in the brain, causing long-term damage. Therefore, a simple twin stroller must not be used on dirt roads. It is only suitable for asphalt. If you want to go for a walk on slightly uneven surfaces, you have to choose an outdoor twin stroller.

Size: The size is at Twin stroller test winner and comparison winner an important factor in the online test. They should be designed to fit through doors. If this is not possible with a seat arrangement chosen side by side, the best twin stroller must be easy to steer. It has to be maneuverable in everyday life in order to master curves well and to avoid dangerous situations. If you drive the stroller through the shopping arcade, you have to avoid other passers-by. A stiff one Twin stroller is a hindrance in this case and should therefore be avoided.

Bikes: After comparison and online twin stroller test, the wheels are an important point for the best twin strollers. They can be particularly large and therefore have advantages for the outdoor area. Or they are small and more manoeuvrable bikes. In general, it can be assumed that large wheels are more robust and can absorb bumps in the ground well. Small wheels increase that driving comfort, so less effort is required when pushing. But it’s not just the size of the wheels that is decisive for quality >

handles: The Best handles twin strollers are an important security feature. The parents hold the stroller by the handle, which leads to various necessities. On the one hand, the handle must be secure in the hand. Parents must be able to hold onto the best twin stroller well in all situations. If the handle is provided with a non-slip surface, safety is increased. It can be pimples or a special rubber compound. Overcoats are often offered for the handles of the best twin strollers. Although they are soft and comfortable, they can slip under certain circumstances, which can become a risk. The handles should therefore be firmly attached.

What should I pay attention to when buying a twin stroller??

Buying the children facilities is a joyful event for parents. Now the time will soon come and the children will see the light of day. But with all the joy, you have to pay attention to many factors when buying. Only if the correct model is selected will you be sent to the stroller Long have fun.

A first point is the size of the car. You should find out where you want to park the car at home and how much space is available for this. A suitable place is, for example, the staircase, provided that the width of the aisles is sufficient. With only a little space, one is lighter and foldable stroller a good choice. The ability to fold the stroller is also an important point for transport in the car. Measure the inside dimensions of the trunk and compare them with the dimensions of the stroller. Take into account that there should be some leeway on the sides.

The second point when choosing the twin car is stability. in the Stroller test the quality has been taken into account, so that you can rely on security and a long service life. This is for the safety of the entire stroller TÜV seal indispensable. It ensures that the sibling stroller meets all common requirements. However, the seal alone is not enough to speak of a safe pram. A key point is the belt.

An adjustable one 5-point harness is precisely adapted to the height of the children and distributes the force evenly. It keeps the children safely in their seats and is therefore an important quality feature. Children have a lot of fun on the trips and show them enthusiastically. They move in the seats and must therefore be held by the belt. If the little ones take a nap, safety must also be guaranteed. The padding on the straps ensures a high level of comfort and prevents the straps from being cut into. The force is distributed evenly.

Numerous extras on the stroller are practical, but also increase the weight. You must therefore weigh up the benefits and the weight. One is indispensable rain protection, which is either attached separately or is already integrated. After all, the material is also a purchase criterion. Usually, strollers consist largely of textile and a base frame. Aluminum is light and stable. The soft fabrics are complemented by water-repellent layers and upholstery.

The Seat should correspond to the baby anatomy and therefore a high one seating comfort exhibit. Thanks to the padding, movements on uneven surfaces are intercepted and the children sit comfortably. The wheels are also important for driving comfort. If you have a good profile and are shock-absorbing, the ride is particularly comfortable. In the product descriptions you will find various information regarding the wheels, such as the designation swivel wheels. These are double ball bearing wheels that can be turned in all directions. A distinction is also made between hard rubber tires and classic tires, which can also be patched. Hard rubber tires are less sprung and are mainly used in the city.

switch tires however are on Forest- and lanes advantageous. Plastic tires are mainly used on inexpensive twin strollers. However, they have no shock-absorbing properties and are only suitable for completely smooth floors. The wear is also very high. The last purchase criterion is the design. A twin stroller must also be visually convincing. It should be fun and must be selected in your favorite design. You can choose a subtle or a sporty version. Are an eye catcher Retro models, but which have the most modern functionalities.

Twin strollers: rather light than dark color

Some of the parents may have grown up with the traffic education songs by Rolf Zuckowski, who sings: "What do I wear – so that you can see me better?" Accordingly, yellow and red are great colors for him road traffic, because you can easily recognize them. In return, black or gray are not recommended. This is what you should keep in mind when you want to push your twin stroller on the street in front of you in the dark. According to the Stiftung Warentest Strollers in dark colors pose a safety risk. A twin stroller should therefore be light, and more so reflectors have. If you click the twin strollers from the test in the comparison table, you will see that it is at Amazon often gives a choice regarding the color of the cover fabric.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Twin strollers are made by different manufacturers offered in a large selection. There is no market leader or manufacturer in this area. Whether you choose a branded model or a product from an unknown manufacturer >

Should I buy the twin strollers on the Internet or visit the specialist trade?

At every 64th birth in Germany Twins to the world. The probability is therefore given, but much less than for single pregnancies. The range of classic ones is correspondingly larger Strollers in stores. Often only one or two different models are kept ready for sale. If you want to pay particular attention to the comfort, design or functionality of the cars, you will only find one limited choice in front.

On the other hand, the possibilities are much more extensive on the Internet. You choose from various construction forms and decide on your preferred color scheme. Another advantage of buying online is the good one Compare possibility. In the product descriptions as well as in various Twin stroller tests you will find lots of information about the properties. You get to know the safety standard, compare the dimensions and receive information about comfort. The pictures give you an impression of the look of the stroller. The description of the suspension and the upholstery represents the seating comfort. In specialist shops, there is generally less information available about the models. You can consult a seller, but the seller is primarily interested in a sale, which often questions objectivity. In addition, in many cases, specialist retailers only offer products from one or a few brands. The selection and the information options are thus much greater on the Internet.

The third point is the price. The Internet offers you good opportunities to compare the various offers. in the Twin car test that’s why external testers have that too Price-performance ratio considered. The Comparison test winner had to prove themselves in many areas, including quality, design and price. One of the advantages of buying online is delivery. While stores usually only offer delivery with a long waiting time or high costs, that is Shipping with an online order Of course. Depending on the provider, delivery is free of charge or at a comparatively low surcharge. You will receive the goods at home within the specified delivery period and therefore do not need a particularly large trunk or have to take long journeys.

Interesting facts and advice

The history of the twin strollers

When people in Europe started using the wheelbarrow in the Middle Ages, they also used it to transport children. In the 16th century, a carpenter built a carriage that could drive his toddler. Up to this point, the little ones were carried in baskets, towels or wooden bags, for example. People then placed these in wheelbarrows or hung them on animals that also carried other loads.

The small wagons were pulled by goats or dogs until 1800, but these wagons were only used by a few people. People who were able to take the children on better, paved paths could order cart-like carriages from carpenters. The more suitable paths were built, the more people used these little carriages.

The bassinet equipped with casters was the model for the later stroller, for the walks outside. This was invented in Great Britain, since it had become the norm in society at the beginning of the 19th century to go for daily walks with the children. The bikes were relatively large, because bumps on the paths could be mastered well. The first stroller factory in England opened in 1840. The initial models were built so that the children could only sit.

A ride where the children could lie was not planned. Unfortunately, they were therefore not suitable for the first few months of baby life. In addition, the prams at that time were much taller than today’s and had three wheels at the time. A few years later, the stroller was even presented at the royal court in England. Over time, the strollers became more popular and more and more nannies were allowed to push the children into strollers. Pushing was an advance compared to the means of transport that had to be pulled.

The predecessor of children’s lines had also developed in parallel with prams. Since the late Middle Ages, so-called gaiters or harness-like holding devices have been used. These gaiter bands were used to support the running training for small children and when the children were able to run, the freedom of movement for the little ones was restricted. For safety reasons, children’s lines are also used today to limit the children’s freedom of movement. On the one hand, the children have more freedom than if they were guided by the hand or driven in a stroller, on the other hand it is a sight that some people need to get used to when children carry a harness and a leash.

Numbers, dates, facts about the twin strollers

Strollers are part of the Basic equipment in any case. Around 95 percent of parents buy the car before the children are born. There are several reasons for this. For one thing, it gives a lot of pleasure to the Select equipment for the child. On the other hand, they have Parents before birth more time for shopping than after giving birth. Pregnancy is the right time to do all the necessary errands.

5 tips for safe use

Tip 1: Check the condition of the twin stroller regularly.

Various damage to the vehicle can occur over time. Screws can loosen, rods can crack or belts loosen. You can only discover potentially dangerous changes through a visual and inspection check. A quick check should take place before each trip and usually only takes a few minutes. Strollers are exposed to great stress, because the bikes drive over uneven floors outdoors and thus the axles and the connecting elements are affected. If you notice the well-known “egg” of the wheels while driving, this condition must be rectified. A defective stroller may not be used under any circumstances. The sooner you notice damage, the easier it is to fix it.

Tip 2: Make sure that the children are properly buckled up.

When using the straps you have to make sure that they are correctly seated. The children must be well secured, but the straps must not be constricting. in the Twin strollers comparison we paid attention to the padding on the belt systems, as this is comfortable and contributes to safety. Children are in constant growth, so the straps can fit today but are too tight the next day. From this observation it follows that the correct adjustment of the belt length must be checked again each time you drive. The children should not be able to fall out of the seat, but have enough free space.

Tip 3: Avoid hard objects near the head

Simple models in particular do not have sufficient padding, so that hard poles of the construction can become uncomfortable to dangerous.

Tip 4: Always hold the stroller firmly

It is a nightmare for every parent: the stroller rolls away and you cannot follow it quickly enough to save the child. If such scenarios hadn’t already happened to other parents, these concerns would not be as real. But le >

Tip 5: Use sun protection, rain protection and mosquito protection

Parents know the importance of a good one Insect protection and sun protection for the little ones is. It is also an advantage if the sun protection protects them from direct sunlight. The little ones can enjoy their walk optimally protected. Many parents use a parasol as sun protection, which can be attached to the frame of the stroller with a bracket. Special awnings for strollers also serve as sun protection. Insect screens are practical, which can easily be stretched over the open area of ​​the stroller or buggy with the help of a rubber band. This creates effective protection against insects such as mosquitoes or wasps.

Care and cleaning of twin strollers

With children and small babies, it is clear that something goes wrong or the little darlings eat something that doesn’t taste good. Anyone who has children knows that this cannot be avoided. It is all the better if the Removable covers for twin strollers owns that can be easily washed in the washing machine. They are in the washing machine Twin stroller parts nice and clean again. It is important to ensure that no soap residues that could harm the baby remain in the fabric. Parents must also take care when a Twin stroller is bought that has no removable covers. Then the pollution must be cleaned with a pollutant-free cleaning agent that is not harmful to babies and that is rinsed off well. After cleaning, the covers can be air-dried.

Likewise, for example, a dry roll and a suitable mineral water as a drink are not a great way to cause stubborn soiling. Therefore, some parents only give their children food in a stroller, car seat or buggy that can cause easy-to-clean stains. But this decision is up to all parents. Many parents are just happy to give the children the foods that are healthy and taste good for their little darlings. Removable wheels in the tub or in the garden are quickly cleaned with the hose.

Walking is beneficial for the immune system?

Research shows that children who exercise a lot in the fresh air and play outside are less susceptible to diseases. Your immune system is being trained. So that your children can benefit from the advantages of nature and walking early on is one Strollers a necessary purchase.

However, you should be careful not to dress the children too warm. The little ones have to be wrapped up thick, but they shouldn’t sweat. It is best to pull several layers of clothing on top of each other in winter. If you find that the children are too warm on the way, one of the jackets is quickly taken off. You can also keep them in the pockets of the strollers change of clothes on. Thanks to the fresh air and walking in almost all weather conditions, the children harden. The body’s defenses are mobilized and the immune system is strengthened. In combination with a healthy diet, the children have better health.

Doctors recommend walking about 1 to 2 hours a day with children. However, you have to pay attention to special features in newborns. If it is premature babies born in winter, it may make sense to start with shorter times. 20 to 30 minutes at a time should be sufficient at the beginning. In individual cases, consultation with the pediatrician should always be undertaken. If you live in the city, then you should choose a park for the walk or drive to a place outside the city. The exhaust fumes in city traffic would be unhealthy for the little ones.

What do I have to consider with twins??

Twins are very lucky but also a challenge. You don’t just have one Buy baby equipment, but select all products twice. In this case, the Babybekle >

Should I buy a used stroller?

Some parents decide >

Another Advantage of price comparisons compared to used strollers is hygiene. It happened quickly and the diaper leaked or the child threw up after the meal. A new stroller has never been used and is therefore always clean. The technical status is another advantage of the new strollers. Suppose a used model was used for the birth of the nephew. The child has used the stroller for at least 2 years. During this period, numerous technical improvements have been achieved and new strollers are more secure and more comfortable.

Another factor that affects Acquisition of new strollers speaks is the wide range. It is a pleasure to buy strollers and new models are available in different colors and designs. Used strollers are therefore an option that is possible, but requires good luck to find a suitable model. Therefore, it is definitely worth looking at Comparison portals and test sites, to find the best twin strollers.

How long can I use the best twin stroller??

The answer to the question depends on various factors. On the one hand, it decides Design of the stroller over the service life. At the beginning, the little ones lie in the stroller, because they can’t hold their heads on their own. The older the children get, the more upright they want to be in the best Twin stroller sit in order to observe the surroundings perfectly. You are always learning new things and want to discover the surroundings.

Many strollers can be adjusted in the inclination of the sitting position, so that the stroller literally grows with the child. In this case, it can be used over a long period of time. In the article descriptions you will generally find information about the possible usage time. It can also be done by weight, because the stroller in this case were designed for a specific weight group. Use for heavier children is not sensible, otherwise the construction can be damaged. The stroller can in use for heavier children to be damaged.

In addition, the suspension may only be suitable for the maximum weight and the comfort may decrease as a result of operation. Regardless of the design, you should expect to have to use the stroller for the first 2 years in any case. Older children are also often transported in a stroller, a buggy is a good idea for this. The little ones can run, but on long walks they have to rest in the meantime, so a stroller is necessary.

Most of the time, the children stay up to the age of 4 at least temporarily in the stroller, but this depends on the children’s attitudes and physical abilities. If you often go on trips, for example to the zoo, then there is one Strollers an advantage, to be able to cover long distances.

What occasions do I use the stroller for??

The stroller is used on the one hand for everyday life. They go shopping, walk through the park or downtown. The children are given comfortable seating and can come with them when they are done. The Strollers are therefore irreplaceable. Suppose you want to go to the supermarket to buy fruit for the kids. In this case, this would not be possible without the stroller. Or you would like to go for a walk so that the children get fresh air. The stroller is the only sensible way to achieve this.

The stroller is also used for weekend excursions. You visit the parents, the zoo or another desired location. in the Vacation is a stroller also very important. You go to the beach with a pram, go shopping or to the amusement park. The stroller is also needed for doctor visits, as it can happen that you have to see the doctor at any time. If the partner is not on site, it is difficult for you to master the doctor’s visit with two children and two strollers. Therefore is a Twin strollers necessary.

What are the advantages of the twin stroller compared to two individual strollers?

The biggest advantage of the twin stroller over two single strollers is that you can push the twin stroller with just one person. Two people are required for two separate strollers, which is not always the case.

What are the investment costs for a twin stroller??

The Prices for the twin strollers are very different. Inexpensive models are available for around 500 euros, other variants cost 1000 or more euros. in the test experts took the price into account and compared the models using various criteria. The Purchase of a stroller is not cheap, but worthwhile. Many providers offer that payment by installments so that the stroller can be paid monthly as one of the largest cost items. This gives parents with a low income the opportunity to buy high-quality prams for their children.

It is an investment for the first years of life, which puts the costs into perspective. If you are for one high quality model decide, then you can use the stroller over a long period of time and save in the long run. By the Comparison of properties recognize the qualities of the models and can choose strollers that can be used for several years. Suppose you buy one Baby carriage for 1,000 euros and use it for 4 years. Then you spent around 250 euros per year on the stroller, which is a much smaller sum. If you choose an inexpensive model and it suffers a defect after 1 year, you have to buy a new stroller and the total costs increase. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to make higher investments and gain security.

How is the delivery of the twin strollers?

At a Purchase on the Internet will the stroller mostly home delivered. You do not have to collect the mostly bulky package and benefit from the convenience. Once the stroller is unpacked, it can be foldable and can be transported in the car. On delivery, however, it is often packed in a large box, which makes it difficult to transport in a conventional vehicle. Other models, on the other hand, still have to be assembled, which reduces the package size, but means more work.

Do the strollers still need to be assembled after purchase?

Many of the strollers are already finished assembled and ready to use immediately. This property is an advantage because it saves you having to set up. In other cases it may be necessary to add individual elements. They can be covers or you have to attach the handle. In general, it is not a difficult assembly work, but the tasks are done with a few simple steps. Therefore, the self-assembly is usually not a big disadvantage. You can by the Building price savings achieve, it can be worthwhile. In the description, pay attention to information on the structure. How many people are needed? What time is required? You decide whether the structure is suitable for you. Another question concerns the necessary tools. Small tools can be included in the set, others have to be bought or are available at home.

The design is important?

The Design of the stroller is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, you have to like the stroller. He has to give pleasure when looking at it. On the other hand, security must be guaranteed. The stroller must not obstruct the view, which would be the case if the design was too high. He can over reflective elements and therefore be clearly visible in the dark. Therefore, you have to pay attention to all these points when choosing the design. Also keep in mind that the stroller must please both the mother and the father. If he had a color that only one partner would like, the disappointment would be great. It is therefore good to speak to the partner and to select the stroller together. Compare that different offers and select the stroller in response to each other.

Can I give away strollers??

Since buying a stroller is a bigger purchase and parents have to make a lot of investments during pregnancy, you will be very pleased with a stroller. However, first ask if there is already one Bought strollers has been. Many parents have already ordered a stroller online, even if not yet Strollers in the house stands. Therefore, you should make sure that there is no stroller before buying.

Also talk about the possible uses. If the parents like to go for a walk, it is Outdoor strollers are an advantage. If the parents live in the city, the stroller must be as maneuverable as possible. The question of the form of construction is also important. The children can sit side by side or sit one behind the other. The decision is important because it can lead to advantages and disadvantages in everyday life, depending on where the parents use the stroller.

When should I buy the stroller??

It is easiest to get the stroller during pregnancy too to buy. On the one hand, after the birth, you are very busy because many things have changed and you spend time with the children. On the other hand, you can go for a walk directly with a stroller and take advantage of the advantages. Young children should be in the fresh air as much as possible, which is early Purchase of the stroller requires. Therefore, pregnancy is perfect to do all the necessary shopping. With coveted models, it can also be longer delivery times come.

If you want to choose a special model, you may have to wait a few weeks for delivery. If you start searching early, the stroller will be at your home in time for the birth. It is therefore worth starting the search at the beginning of pregnancy. But wonderful models can also be found at short notice. in the test will be many different models presented so that you can find a large selection. You can choose one of many models and therefore find strollers at short notice.

Can I exchange the strollers??

Whether the provider the exchange granted, cannot be said across the board. Many large mail order companies offer returns within a certain time.

Can I do without a stroller??

It is possible, without living a stroller, however not recommended. You would have to accept many restrictions that are not applicable with a stroller. Therefore, the purchase is worthwhile. If you do not currently have the necessary financial resources, then the hire-purchase be a good option. You decide on the monthly payment method and can thus be relieved.

Different strollers are offered for girls and boys?

Strollers are available in different colors. Pink and blue strollers are available. The selection mostly depends on the preferences of the parents, who can have a favorite color. Many strollers are kept neutral so that fathers and mothers feel comfortable when pushing the strollers. There are no restrictions regarding the color. Fathers can push a pink stroller and mothers can opt for a black stroller.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the decision and choose the model that you like. However, the children often decide when buying a buggy, because they are now bigger. Boys want a cool car and girls are happy with bright colors. Therefore, the gender-related question may be important. With mixed twins a neutral color is good.

Useful accessories for the twin stroller

Theoretically, a stroller is fully usable after purchase. However, it is essential to deal with the various expansion options too busy. The accessories serve the safety, the protection of the children and the driving comfort.

One example is the area of ​​weather protection. The Twin stroller are with one Equipped with sun protection, which, however, can still be expanded. If the set does not include a parasol, it must be purchased separately. It can be attached to the bars of the trolleys using a screw or clamp lock. When choosing, make sure you have sufficient UV protection so that the children are protected from the sun’s rays. The inclination of many parasols can be adjusted and adjusted to the position of the sun. Children’s skin is lighter and more sensitive than adult skin, so extensive protective measures are required.

Since the skullcap also small children is not yet completely closed but is in constant growth, strong sun rays can cause great damage. The little ones are protected by a hat, sunscreen and sun protection on the stroller. Children need a daily walk in the fresh air, so that they have to sunbathe on the one hand, but on the other hand they have to be protected by structural measures on the stroller. In winter it is also important to allow the children to walk. The sun’s rays and the associated development of vitamin D are crucial for bone growth. On cool days, warm blankets, footmuffs and cuddly bags keep the children warm. Footmuffs, which can be attached to the stroller using push buttons, are particularly practical. They remain in their position and cannot slip.

The footmuffs themselves are lined with a soft lining and are cozy and soft. Rain protection is necessary for sudden rain. It is made of plastic and is equipped with ventilation devices. These can be ventilation holes that are distributed over the cape or flaps that can be opened. In addition to models from the respective stroller manufacturers, universal models are also available that are suitable for different strollers. In the case of twin strollers, you have to pay close attention to the design. You have to buy special models for sibling carriages and pay attention to whether the bucket seats are arranged one behind the other or next to each other. If you also follow all the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using the device, the children will be provided with sufficient oxygen.

However, it is much more flexible and adapts to that Shape of the stroller on. There is a rubber band on the sides so that you can stretch the insect screen over the stroller. It is attached within a few seconds and can be used immediately. The children can look through the black grille undisturbed and you can keep an eye on your loved ones at all times. When not in use, the insect screen is easy to store and can be stowed in the pockets of the stroller.

In the area of ​​security Bracket as an accessory be designated. They are attached in front of the children’s body and are advantageous in prams in which the little ones are already sitting upright. In addition to the belt, the children are given additional support and can also actively support themselves. Should older children open the belt independently or slip through the belt for other reasons, the bracket offers safe protection. Most safety bar are padded so that they are particularly comfortable. They are attached using a click system or screw cap.

Another one Accessories for the twin carriages are toys. You can attach mobiles to the sun protection or small soft toys are attached to the side of the car so that the children can play with the animals. The toys are a welcome activity and at the same time promote the motor skills of the little ones. You will learn to grasp, estimate distances and train your eyes as you watch the toy movements. Bags, baskets and many other transport options can be found on twin strollers. They use the containers to store pacifiers, drinking bottles, diapers and many other baby utensils. You can also carry your shopping in larger bags.

Alternatives to the twin stroller

The high demands on families with twins are often a challenge. An alternative to a twin stroller is difficult to find. Two single carriages are an alternative to a twin stroller if two people always have time to walk with the children. Or one person can take care of a child and another person goes out into the fresh air with the other twin. Without regular walks in the sun and fresh air, it is not recommended to love the health of children, so a solution must be found how parents can go for walks with both children without a twin stroller. Unfortunately, many people do not always have a second person ready to take care of the other twin.

Another alternative are Baby slings and baby carriers. With baby carriers, one of the children can be carried on the front and the other on the back. A combination of a sling and a baby carrier is also conceivable. Either the twins can be worn on the front or one on the back and the second in front of the stomach. Each of the twins can fit into a suitable baby sling. Up to what age this still works depends on the twins, because each child grows at different speeds and most twins are slightly smaller and lighter at birth and later than children who were born individually. It is therefore easier for small and light twins to accommodate them in a cloth. For the right one Use of a baby sling can either give the midwife, the pediatrician or a professional wearing school individual wearing tips.

Many parents find it very pleasant to carry their babies close to their bodies in a sling. The advantage of a sling compared to normal carrying on the arm is that the parents have their arms free to take advantage of a certain scope for action. Although this is more or less limited by the baby, this way of carrying a child is far more practical than carrying it on the arm. For all, who not yourself are sure that the child can be carried safely with a sling, although they can use the sling properly, support the child with their arms.

This gives the mother security and the good feeling of protecting the baby. With a baby carrier, the baby is accommodated like in a special backpack. Even twins can be easily carried on the body with baby carriers. In contrast to a baby sling, baby carriers are easier to use, which in turn has advantages for twins, since the parents need more time for the children anyway. Comfort is dependent on personal preferences.

On Carrying bag for twins is another alternative for twins. One parent carries the twins side by side in two sacks arranged side by side. Parents can watch the children well in front of their stomach and still have enough scope for action. Both parents can also carry their twins with baby carrier bags. Each parent takes a travel bag with a child. Most babies feel very comfortable in a baby carrier and can sleep relaxed.

Another An alternative to a twin stroller is a triple stroller. Since twins can of course find enough space in a triplet stroller, parents of twins can also use a triplet stroller. The disadvantage is that a triple stroller takes up more space than a twin stroller. One reason for this decision can be the purchase price. If a triplet stroller is cheaper to buy or a used triplet stroller can be found, the purchase can be worthwhile.

Of course, this involves handling a more cumbersome twin stroller than a twin stroller. However, the additional space can have a positive effect in some cases. A triplet stroller can also be practical if another child announces itself after the birth of a child or twins at a short distance. It allows parents of three children to take a trip with the whole family in a triplet stroller.


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