Two days in erfurt – between the maximum care hospital and the tv clinic

Preparation meeting at HELIOS Clinic Erfurt and set visit to "In all friendship – the young doctors"

Magdeburg 10 a.m. – Josefine and I jumped in the shower after our 24-hour service and are now sitting together in the car on the way to Erfurt. On the almost two-hour journey, we exchange information about the events in our service. Josi works as a pediatrician in the hospital, I as a paramedic for the Johanniter accident aid. We are looking forward to our day off and to everything that will await us in Thuringia’s state capital in the next two days. Thanks to our memories of the Town Awards Gala & Country Foundation Prize and the medlz Christmas Concert in November and December we can hardly be stopped with euphoria.

We arrive at our hotel in the beautiful old town of Erfurt around 12 noon. After checking in, we have a short time for a quick lunch before we have to get on the train to the HELIOS Clinic. We are already expected there at 2 p.m. in the children’s hospital. We look at the children’s wards together with two clinic staff, visit an educator in the playroom and together we consider how we can organize the upcoming children’s clinic concert there clinic can design. In the subsequent meeting we clarify all important questions and watch the video of our Göttingen children’s clinic concert together. At the end of our meeting, this once again creates great anticipation for our own children’s clinic concert.

With delicious gold helmet chocolate (which nobody, really nobody should miss in Erfurt), Josi and I discuss the meeting in the cozy café behind the Krämerbrücke bridge and begin with the initial planning. The evening belongs to us as friends. Because one of the most beautiful side effects of our association, if you ask me, is the fact that friendships form from time to time. That means a lot to me. During the children’s clinic concerts, we sometimes experience very severe blows of fate that don’t leave us cold either. As difficult as it is sometimes to experience the constant change between beautiful and painful moments together and to talk intensively about it, it is precisely this that often welds together incredibly firmly.

After eating a delicious meal in a small pub and spending a great evening with a dear friend at home, we sit behind the Krämerbrücke for a while at midnight. We enjoy the peace and quiet, beautiful Erfurt, we are happy about everything that we have been able to achieve in the club so far and we are thinking hard about the little patients we met in the afternoon at the HELIOS Clinic until we finally fall into our hotel bed.

The next day, we are admittedly a little excited when we take the train to the children’s media center after breakfast. We are invited to the team of "In all friendship – the young doctors". We are both familiar with hospitals, emergency rooms, young doctors and patients, but even less so with the production of a TV series. We sneak carefully onto the site so as not to disturb anyone while filming, which is currently in full swing. The first employee we meet takes us to the production office, where we are warmly welcomed by producer Kristina Sucic. The excitement is quickly gone with a coffee together. We tell each other about our work and, of course, report primarily about the Children’s Clinic Concerts e.V .. Over time, we get to know more and more production staff and set off on a private studio tour with Kristina.

We go over the long glass bridge, which can often be seen in the series, to the large Studio A. There are most of the backdrops of the "Johannes Thal Clinic". We forget relatively quickly that we are not in a real clinic and we puncture them poor Kristina subconsciously with tricky, medical questions, which causes one or the other laughing fit. We are still impressed by the attention to detail with which the studios are furnished, the patient files filled, the X-rays selected. Even the technical devices seem very familiar to us. No wonder that we would like to start a spontaneous training course immediately and play and practice a little ourselves. At the large ward counter, a central point in the series, a souvenir photo should of course not be missing before we start leafing through the patient files in the "intensive care unit", inspecting the medical consumables in the corridor, letting us explain which studios have a dual function can be converted in one move or the other and we test the couch in the ready room of the medical doctors. Incidentally, I would curse my rescue officer for such a purchase (only looks comfortable on TV).

Then we go to the two smaller studios. First to the emergency room and last to the entrance hall of the “Johannes Thal Clinic”. There we briefly wait and get to know dog Preta. The last minutes of filming are underway and Preta is basking in the sun at the door of the studio while she waits for Mistress Katharina Nesytowa. After the scene is turned off, the studio is swept empty after a few minutes. Time for us to have a look at the fake, but absolutely delicious and real-looking, rolls and biscuits and to test the stylish stools in the doctors’ meeting room (we need them, dear boss, though – all clear?). And because the best tour sometimes comes to an end, we go back over the glass bridge to Kristina’s office, where we have to say goodbye so slowly after more than two hours.

We had an incredibly great time in the "Johannes Thal Clinic" and are still impressed with how much attention to detail and with how much warmth the whole team of Saxonia Media works in Erfurt. Everyone we met there warmly welcomed us. It is therefore the best thing to be able to say that it is very likely that it was not the last time that we visited "In all friendship – the young doctors". It remains exciting – for you and for us.


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