U3 included! Early support and care for children under the age of 3 – further education for educators

Learn the most important thing about:

  • the child-oriented design in the crèche and daycare for under 3 year olds
  • early detection of development delays
  • the needs-based design of education-oriented development spaces
  • the special challenge when dealing with under 3 year olds

The institutional care of children under the age of 3 is a special challenge. In no phase of one’s life do people learn as eagerly and quickly as in the first years of life. The diverse experiences during this time have a lasting impact on the overall psychological and social development.

Find out in this practical seminar, as can optimally support and strengthen children under three years of age in their development tasks through child-oriented development rooms. Learn more about the needs and feelings of children at this age and learn how to create incentives for the little ones without overwhelming them.

The most important content:

Fundamentals of developmental psychology

  • Learning and playing in the first years of life
  • Basic needs of children
  • language acquisition
  • sleeping development

Binding as a prerequisite for education

  • Fundamentals of attachment theory
  • The concept of sensitivity
  • Educator-child relationship
  • Children without a secure bond

Mastering the beginning together

  • Acclimatization as a challenge for everyone involved
  • Duration of adjustment, stabilization phase and parental “on-call service"
  • Stumbling blocks in the familiarization phase
  • Correctly assess the importance of the first few weeks at the facility
  • Phases of acclimatization
  • Special needs of small children when the parents are absent

It doesn’t work without parents

  • Parental involvement and participation
  • Cultivate an educational partnership with parents

Room and material design

  • Interior design for children under 3 years
  • Toddler-specific games and materials

And when it gets difficult

  • Emotion regulation in small children as an important development task
  • Exceptional stress in children
  • Conflict management in young children

Enthusiastic participants:

The goal of this training:

In this seminar, central topics of pedagogical work with children in the first years of life are developed together with the lecturers. In addition to helpful tips and suggestions, you will learn the most important things about the special needs of under 3 year olds, how they learn, play and socialize with others. You can also learn how you as a specialist support the children in dealing with special stresses and conflicts.

Your advantages:

In this compact and practice-oriented seminar, you will learn the most important things about the needs and dealing with under 3 year olds.

With this expertise, you will:

  • can support the little ones in a more targeted and motivated way
  • Optimally support your institution and your colleagues in promoting and looking after the U3 children

All information at a glance:

If you do not like this seminar, you can leave the event up to 2 hours after the start of the seminar. The seminar team will refund the full seminar price.

Venue and hotel room:
This seminar is expected to take place in the following seminar hotels instead of: Hotel National (Bamberg), InterCity (Berlin), Mercure (Bonn), Best Western (Bremen), Best Western (Dortmund), InterCity (Düsseldorf), Mercure (Frankfurt aM), Hotel Panorama (Hamburg), Grand Palace (Hannover), Quality Hotel (Lippstadt), Ibis (Munich), Agora ( Münster), Best Western (Oldenburg), Campus.Guest (Stuttgart),

Free download – exclusively from us:

As a useful thank you for your seminar registration!

We have put together some smart ideas for games and handicrafts for you and hope that one or two new ideas for your work with the daycare children will be included.

Among others with the following topics:

  • The marble artwork
  • Treasure bag for little treasure hunters
  • table saying
  • Be a superstar once.
  • etc..

Something for every age – suitable from 0-6 years:


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