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Effectiveness of a web-based screening and brief intervention with weekly textmessage-initiated individualised prompts for reducing risky alcohol use among teenagers: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial within the ProHEAD consortiumDiestelkamp S, Wartberg L, Kaess M, Bauer S, Rummel-Kluge C, Becker K, Eschenbeck H, Salize H, Moessner M, Baldus C, Arnaud N, Thomasius RTRIALS. 2019;20(1):73.

Treatment effectiveness of a mindfulness-based inpatient group psychotherapy in adolescent substance use disorder – study protocol for a randomized controlled trialBaldus C, Mokros L, Daubmann A, Arnaud N, Holtmann M, Thomasius R, Legenbauer TTRIALS. 2018;19(1):706.

Children with Elevated Psychosocial Risk Load Benefit Most from a Family-Based Preventive Intervention: Exploratory Differential Analyses from the German “Strengthening Families Program 10–14” Adaptation TrialBröning S, Baldus C, Thomsen M, Sack P, Arnaud N, Thomasius RPREV SCI. 2017;18(8):932–942.

Differences between adolescents with pathological Internet use in outpatient and inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric treatmentWartberg L, Moll B, Baldus C, Thomsen M, Thomasius RZ KINDER JUGENDPSYCHIATR PSYCHOTHER. 2017;45(4):313-322.

Effectiveness of a Web-Based Screening and Fully Automated Brief Motivational Intervention for Adolescent Substance Use: A Randomized Controlled TrialArnaud N, Baldus-Firnhaber C, Elgán T, De Paepe N, Tønnesen H, Csémy L, Thomasius RJ MED INTERNET RES. 2016;18(5):e103.

Evaluation of a German version of the Strengthening Families Programme 10-14: a randomised controlled trialBaldus-Firnhaber C, Thomsen M, Sack P, Bröning S, Arnaud N, Daubmann A, Thomasius REUR J PUBLIC HEALTH. 2016;26(6):953-959.

Brief in Person Interventions for Adolescents and Young Adults Following Alcohol-Related Events in Emergency Care: A Systematic Review and European Evidence SynthesisDiestelkamp S, Drechsel M, Baldus-Firnhaber C, Wartberg L, Arnaud N, Thomasius REUR ADDICT RES. 2016;22(1):17-35.

Psychosocial characteristics of adolescent girls with post-traumatic stress and substance use disordersThomsen M, Baldus C, Herschelmann S, Schäfer I, Thomasius R, , Schneider BPRAX KINDERPSYCHOL K. 2016;65(7):478-493.

Predicting later problematic cannabis use from psychopathological symptoms during childhood and adolescence: Results of a 25-year longitudinal studyZohsel K, Baldus-Firnhaber C, Schmidt M, Esser G, Banaschewski T, Thomasius R, Laucht MDRUG ALCOHOL DEPEND. 2016;163:251-255.

Moderators of outcomes in a fully-automated web-based letter motivational alcohol intervention for adolescents: Differential effectiveness of a web-based intervention to reduce substance use in adolescentsArnaud N, Baldus-Firnhaber C, Elgán T, Tonnesen H, De Paepe N, Csemy L, Thomasius RSucht. 2015;61(6):1-11.

Internalising Problem Behaviour and Cannabis Use: Interrelations and Influence Variables in a cross-sectional study of 14- to 23-year-old Cannabis UsersBaldus C, Haevelmann A, Reis O, Thomasius RPRAX KINDERPSYCHOL K. 2014;63(3):200-218.

Implementation of preventive mental health services for children of physically ill parents: experiences in seven European countries and health care systems.Kühne F, Haagen M, Baldus C, Diareme S, Grether A, Schmitt F, Stanescu D, Stöckl M, Thastum M, Möller B, Romer GGEN HOSP PSYCHIAT. 2013;35(2):147-153.

Brief Intervention in Alcohol Intoxicated Adolescents-A Follow-up Study in an Access-to-Care SampleStolle M, Sack P, Bröning S, Baldus C, Thomasius RJ ALCOHOLISM DRUG DEPEND. 2013.

Web-based screening and brief intervention for poly-drug use among teenagers: study protocol of a multicentre two-arm randomized controlled trial.Arnaud N, Bröning S, Drechsel M, Thomasius R, Baldus CBMC PUBLIC HEALTH. 2012;12:826.

CAN Stop–implementation and evaluation of a secondary group prevention for adolescent and young adult cannabis users in various contexts–study protocol.Baldus C, Miranda Eggers A, Weymann N, Reis O, Moré K, Thomasius RBMC HEALTH SERV RES. 2011;11:80.

Trainer effects in a group training for young cannabis users – Results of the multicenter study “CAN Stop “Weymann N, Baldus C, Miranda Eggers A, Moré K, Reis O, Thomasius R, Essien ISucht. 2011;57(3):193-202.

Motivation treatment of an adolescent with a substance-related disorderKüstner U, Baldus CPSYCHOTHERAPEUT. 2009;54(3):205-209.

Prevalence and predictors of emotional and behavioural functioning of children where a parent has cancer: a multinational study.Thastum M, Watson M, Kienbacher C, Piha J, Steck B, Zachariae R, Baldus C, Romer GCANCER-AM CANCER SOC. 2009;115(17):4030-4039.

Adolescent’s stress responses and psychological functioning when a parent has early breast cancer.Edwards L, Watson M, St James-Roberts I, Ashley S, Tilney C, Brougham B, Osborn T, Baldus C, Romer GPSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2008;17(10):1039-1047.

Multinational study of cancer patients and their children: factors associated with family functioning.Schmitt F, Piha J, Helenius H, Baldus C, Kienbacher C, Steck B, Thastum M, Watson M, Romer GJ CLIN ONCOL. 2008;26(36):5877-5883.

Psychosocial exposure and tobacco consumption in chronically ill adolescents in inpatient medical rehabilitationBaldus C, Tiedjen U, Stachow R, Petermann FZ PSYCHIATR PSYCH PS. 2007;55(3):167-175.

Evaluation of a preventive counselling concept for children of physically ill parentsPaschen B, Saha R, Baldus C, Haagen M, Pott M, Romer G, Probst PPSYCHOTHERAPEUT. 2007;52:265-272.

Lessons learned in the implementation of an innovative consultation and liaison service for children of cancer patients in various hospital settings.Romer G, Saha R, Haagen M, Pott M, Baldus C, Bergelt CPSYCHO-ONCOLOGY. 2007;16(2):138-148.

Mental health problems in children of somatically ill parents, e.g. multiple sclerosis.Steck B, Amsler F, Grether A, Dillier A, Baldus C, Haagen M, Diareme L, Tsiantis J, Kappos L, Bürgin D, Romer GEUR CHILD ADOLES PSY. 2007;16(3):199-207.

Childhood experience of the chronic physical illness of a parent: A qualitative analysis of interviews with children of parents requiring dialysisRomer G, Stavenow K, Brüggemann-Etchart A, Baldus C, Barkmann C, Riedesser PPRAX KINDERPSYCHOL K. 2006;55:53-72.

Factors associated with emotional and behavioural problems among school age children of breast cancer patientsWatson M, St James-Roberts I, Ashley S, Tilney C, Brougham B, Edwards L, Baldus C, Romer GBRIT J CANCER. 2006;94(1):43-50.

Influence of general self-efficacy on the effects of a school-based universal primary prevention program of depressive symptoms in adolescents: a randomized and controlled follow-up studyPössel P, Baldus C, Horn A, Groen G, Hautzinger MJ CHILD PSYCHOL PSYC. 2005;46(9):982-994.

When mothers develop cancer: psychological effects on children and need for preventive actionPott M, Haagen M, Baldus C, Saha R, Romer GZentralblatt für Gynäkologie. 2005;127(3):114-119.

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