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Ulefone smartphones – cheap devices from China

If you are looking for a low-cost, high-performance smartphone, take a look at Ulefone’s devices. The Chinese manufacturer offers a number of various smartphones that have a great technical equipment However, they do not go beyond the budget and therefore fit into almost any budget. It does not matter if the phone should be used for private or business use. Because in addition to entry-level models, there is also Ulefone Business smartphones or outdoor smartphones that are particularly robust.

Ulefone Smartphone Test 2019

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The brand Ulefone at a glance

Ulefone was founded in 2014 and, like Xiaomi and BLACKVIEW, is one of the emerging Chinese brands in the smartphone sector. The company sets Ulefone as well as the competition on smartphones that are equipped with the latest technical features and compared to the big, well-known brands such as

unbeatable cheap are.

In addition to a comprehensive selection of Ulefone smartphones, the range also includes the right one equipment like protective covers and foils. Over the years, Ulefone has developed into one of the largest smartphone producers in China with this manageable but nevertheless diversified product portfolio. The customers of the company appreciate above all the fast and professional customer service, who competently helps in all matters.

company Shenzhen ulefone Technology Co., Ltd.
Headquarters China
founding 2014
Products Smartphones, protective films and protective covers

Discover the cheap Ulefone smartphones in the online shop

As a producer of typical China smartphones, Ulefone produces inexpensive devices that do not lack first-class features. Furthermore, all smart phones of the brand strict quality controls so that you, the customer, do not receive a device with a defect. In addition, users of Ulefone smartphones have access to the latest updates to the system, ensuring stable and easy usage at all times.

Power series: The Ulefone smartphones from the Power series have an extra-strong battery, which convinces with a battery life of several days. The latest device in the series, the Ulefone Power 3, has a 6080 mAh battery, which can also charge faster than other batteries.

Armor Series: The Ulefone Armor 2 scores high in the customer ratings. Like the other devices in this series, the smartphone is manufactured according to the IP68 standard and thus protected against the ingress of water. In addition to this feature, the mobile phones Armor series are equipped with a particularly robust housing and are therefore ideal as an outdoor smartphone.

tip: Also check out the Ulefone Smartphone MIX. This comes visually very close to the big brother of Apple.

Pros and cons of a Ulefone smartphone

  • very good value for money
  • Most models have a large and very bright display
  • powerful batteries, some of which have more than 6000 mAh power
  • a few smartphones have connection problems

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