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If the longed-for pregnancy is missed for an unusually long time, most unwanted childless couples consider medical help. There are many options when there is an unfulfilled desire to have children, from hormone treatments to surgical interventions. Fertility medicine is the last chance for many couples – but it also has its limits.

According to the World Health Organization, one speaks of an unfulfilled desire to have children, if despite regular intercourse for over a year no pregnancy occurs. Draws time into country, without the woman When you become pregnant, worries and fears creep in. This is usually the moment when one or both partners start talking to the doctor for the first time. At this point, it must first be clarified whether there is a fertility disorder at all. Because knowledge of the specific causes for the absence of pregnancy is the basic prerequisite for medical treatment. Only then is it clear whether the couple with an unfulfilled desire to have children have other options.

Unfulfilled desire to have children: discuss options together

The search for reasons for childlessness can be lengthy and exhausting. Already in this phase, some couples have their first doubts whether they are Burden of medical treatment have grown. It is therefore advisable to exchange ideas at an early stage on how to counter the possibilities of fertility medicine.

  • Is the desire to have children so big that you want to take every chance?
  • Are there ethical concerns or fears of excessive interference in the body?

The mental state is an essential success factor in the context of fertility treatment. Decisions should therefore be shared by both partners.

The path to becoming a fertility specialist

Although the gynecologist is usually the first point of contact when there is an unfulfilled desire to have children, not all gynecologists specialize in infertility treatments. Affected couples can, however, contact their doctor specialists recommend. In so-called Fertility clinics you can then get specific information about the medical options.
At the same time Pair asked a lot of questions about health and lifestyle, partnership and sexuality. It is not easy for everyone to reveal such intimate and personal details.

Methods and options for the unfulfilled desire to have children

Once the preliminary examinations have been completed, some preparatory measures follow, including one HIV test and reviewing the immunization coverage the woman. Then the actual treatment begins with regard to the diagnosed causes of fertility. Tried and tested medical options for those who do not wish to have children are:

In addition, women can document their cycle themselves in order to determine their most fertile days.

Burdens during a fertility treatment

Even if fertility medicine has had great success, the methods of treatment for infertility sometimes represent a major intervention in the body. The effects are not insignificant. At a Hormone therapy For example, the woman may experience the following side effects and complications:

In severe cases, the blood thickens, increasing the likelihood of blood clots. This also affects the blood supply to important organs such as the kidneys.
In many cases a single treatment is not enough. People perceive the many examinations, medications and injections differently.

For some, fertility treatment is a big one burden, especially when unsuccessful attempts destroy burgeoning hopes and that Waiting towards the longed-for pregnancy. In this situation it is important that both partners pull together.
Support groups are seen as helpful support by many affected couples.

Chances of fertility medicine

Whether the desire to have children can be fulfilled through medical support is completely individual. They are decisive physical and mental requirements of the couple. The central role is of course the cause and type of fertility disorder.
But what opportunities does fertility medicine offer? Statistics provide guidance: This is how it is Birth rate after in vitro fertilization and sperm injection, for example, per experiment at 15 to 20 percent.

Such numbers help to make a decision, but must always be viewed in relation to your own situation. If pregnancy occurs, normal pregnancy and childbirth can be assumed in the majority of cases.


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