UNICEF Aid Projects for Children Worldwide, Help Now!

Discover where children need your help

In some 150 countries, UNICEF is involved in aid projects for children – especially for the poorest and most disadvantaged children.

On this page you will find an overview of all aid projects in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America / Central America which we at UNICEF Germany support with your donations.


UNICEF goals

Our main goal is to realize children’s rights – for every child. Read what UNICEF needs your support for.

fields of application

Find out more about UNICEF assistance in the event of natural disasters and about topics such as health, child protection and refugee aid.

Children in need

UNICEF helps wherever children are in need or are disadvantaged: From girls and boys at war to street children and child soldiers.



In Africa, UNICEF helps to protect children from disease and to enable girls and boys to attend school. After conflicts and natural disasters, UNICEF provides rapid emergency aid.


UNICEF helps to protect children from disease, exploitation and violence. A special focus in Asia is also on child protection and on emergency aid following conflicts and natural disasters.


Throughout Europe, the focus is on refugee children – they are particularly vulnerable. Even in the rich industrialised countries, UNICEF is committed to ensuring that no child is forgotten – against child poverty, for equal rights for every child.

South America / Central America

UNICEF helps to improve child protection and supports particularly disadvantaged children – for example in rural areas or in poor urban areas. Emergency aid is also an important priority.


The “Living Schools” in Malawi are no ordinary schools. They live what is in many places a dream of the future: environmental awareness in the school garden, solar energy for clean water, e-learning, student co-determination.

And something else is different: UNICEF helpers, teachers and pupils use smartphones to report live on everyday school life and life in Malawi – just for you, our supporters in Germany. “Experience the Living Schools


Wherever children suffer from wars or are fleeing, where hunger prevails or where natural disasters endanger their survival – in the event of a crisis, UNICEF immediately provides humanitarian aid. In these countries, your support is urgently needed. Help us now!

Syria: Children in war need urgent help

The war in Syria is never over. The new escalation of violence in the north-east of the country is putting thousands of children in great danger. Support the UNICEF helpers on the ground.

Southern Sudan: Saving children from hunger and violence

The hunger crisis continues: Millions of people in Southern Sudan still do not have enough to eat. The situation for the children is dramatic!

Mozambique: Cyclone Idai and its consequences

Cyclone Idai hit land in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe in mid-March, leaving a trail of devastation behind. UNICEF has been working since day one to help families and children.

Rohingya crisis: Monsoon in refugee camp

The monsoon has reached the huge Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh. Hundreds of thousands of refugees need our help!

Yemen: Famine endangers hundreds of thousands of children

The situation of the children in Yemen is dramatic: there is a lack of clean water, food, medicines and protection. Hundreds of thousands are in danger of their lives due to the threat of famine.

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