Unterkirnach with children

The holiday resort in the central Black Forest is particularly popular with young families!

The climatic health resort Unterkirnach in the Black Forest lies in a charming landscape and has a lot to offer for families. Due to the abundance of possibilities, the place is not only ideal for a day trip, but also for multi-day vacations with the children.

The leisure time angel checked Unterkirnach for its family friendliness and spoke with connoisseurs and providers. His information and tips are an aid to planning and use on site.

Where is Unterkirnach?

The climatic health resort Unterkirnach is located in the southeast of the Black Forest in the enchanting landscape of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park. The next largest city is Villingen-Schwenningen, 7 km away. The Kirnach, Schlegelbach and Arbach wind their way through the sweet village.

An idyllic place in the Black Forest: Unterkirnach! Photo Matthias King

What advantages does Unterkirnach offer families??

Unterkirnach is a very family-friendly place that deserves the name, because for many years Unterkirnach has been a prizewinner in the “family vacation” state competition. For this award, a place has to do and offer a lot for families.
In Unterkirnach, several players work on family friendliness, so that you can feel the family friendliness at every corner of the 2,500-person village!

Not only boys have fun on a raft trip in Unterkirnach.

Families can discover a lot with their children and almost all family-friendly offers are within walking distance. You don’t need good weather, because many activities can be carried out under a protective roof. With this, families can not only start on a very eventful day trip to Unterkirnach, but the large number also enables a relaxing (short) vacation in town.

Convince yourself with the video about family friendliness in Unterkirnach:

What can you do with children in Unterkirnach??

The small town has some very nice and very child-friendly leisure activities for good and bad weather:

Unterkirnach play barn

Children’s fun on the roller slide in the Unterkirnach play barn.

The children can romp in the 1,000 square meter play barn not only in bad weather. Exciting challenges await in particular for small climbing maxes!

Mini golf Unterkirnach

The whole family has fun on the very well-kept mini golf course. With the Konus guest card you can even get the clubs and balls free borrow text information about destination

Tanni’s little animal barn

Feeding and petting Geislein in Tanni’s small animal barn in Unterkirnach.

It’s not just the little ones in Tanni’s small animal barn that have animal fun. Parents also get their hearts pumped during the daily feeding!

Circular hike to the game reserve

Animal-loving families who would like to get something moving should take a leisurely hike to the game reserve. The children will want to have fun in the playground on the way.

Aqualino indoor pool

The small indoor pool Aqualino in Unterkirnach is ideal for families.

The small but beautiful indoor pool in Unterkirnach is fully geared towards families. The little ones have their own pool with funny squirting animals and the older ones have the most fun on Sunday afternoons when things really get going in the afternoon.
Mom and Dad also have a few options for enjoying themselves while visiting the bathroom

Unterkirnach waterway

The water murmur couch on the waterway in Unterkirnach invites you to take a break. Photo: Matthias King

The waterway offers an entertaining hike with small children. On the way, the family learns how water lives!

Families who want to take their bicycles with them should definitely cycle the 7 km to Villingen. The bike path is almost flat and very idyllic!

Unterkirnach has other beautiful places where families can stay, e.g. in the wild plants park, at the Talsee and on the Mühlenplatz.

Good winter sports offers for families

When there is snow, the family has the opportunity to toboggan on a toboggan slope in Unterkirnach. Rental sledges are available in the play barn.
There are five ski lifts in the neighboring municipality of St. Georgen.

Which events in Unterkirnach are great for families?

Family-friendly events in Unterkirnach.

Unterkirnach has its 775th anniversary in 2019 and this will be celebrated from July 12th to 15th! There are also many small events, workshops and tours that are ideal for families

Take a look at what’s going on in Unterkirnach:

Which restaurants in Unterkirnach are good for eating out with children?

As a family-certified place, the local gastronomy in Unterkirnach is also ideal for families. Not only does it taste good at the following restaurants, but the children also enjoy visiting the restaurant:

The restaurant Barbecue crab arable hole has a children’s playground on the premises, which invites you to play and run around. There are culinary theme days and often a buffet on Sundays and public holidays.
It is possible to buy grilled meat in the grill and grill directly in the grill room!

Fohrenhof dining room in Unterkirnach.

In the restaurant Fohrenhof is largely cooked with regional products and the kitchen is happy to respond to special allergies by putting the dishes together to meet individual needs. Themed buffets are more common and a children’s menu is available. You can always let your imaginations run wild in the large children’s playground right by the restaurant, because there is always something going on.

The excursion restaurant is located directly on the hiking and cycling path towards Vöhrenbach and in the middle of the forest Auerhahn. Regional specialties taste particularly good on the large terrace. The children’s playground is clearly visible from the terrace.

There are some nice restaurants in Unterkirnach where families can stop off, e.g. in the Breitbrunnen.

The forest restaurant appears in the middle of a large clearing wide fountain on. Numerous hiking trails lead past the inn. The children’s playground provides variety until the delicious food is served.

The Schlossbergstüble am Bächle is located on the outskirts of Unterkirnach, but in the immediate vicinity of the play barn, the indoor pool, the start of the family hiking trail "How does water live?" and right next to the mini golf course. Since the food is very good and you can sit on the terrace very nicely, the family will stop there at least once during a vacation!

The restaurant To the city courtyard is located in the center of town. The children’s menu is very diverse and there is also a small playground.

The Waldeck Inn is about 5 km from Unterkirnach, but the trip is worthwhile for families! The playground at the restaurant borders on a large meadow where you can play. The best way to get to the Waldeck is by car. A highlight of the kitchen is the fresh salad buffet!

Where can you go shopping in Unterkirnach??

In the Unterkirnacher grocery store Nahkauf the family can buy numerous culinary Black Forest souvenirs. And for the typical souvenir "Black Forest Ham" you get in the Unterkirnach tourist information still suitable, especially for Unterkirnach with typical ingredients like fir honey, blueberries and Black Forest cherry water produced mustard in small glasses, if desired with a crocheted bollen hat. Also blossom and forest honey from Unterkirnach, optionally with and without a bollen hat, stands available to guests for sale.

Tasty souvenirs can be bought in the farm shops around Unterkirnach.

There is the Hofcafé in Oberkirnach Enjoy the country in the Great Maier Valley. With Ms. Fichter gets home-made bread, homemade cakes and tarts, as well as other culinary delights from the region.

Numerous farm shops around Unterkirnach, farms and attractive weekly markets also offer regional products such as eggs, milk, potatoes, meat and sausages.

What child-friendly destinations are there around Unterkirnach?

Germany’s highest waterfalls Triberg.

Only 15 minutes by car northwest of Unterkirnach is Triberg, which has several nice leisure activities, e.g. Germany’s largest waterfalls, a nature adventure park and a great climbing garden. The sweet tribal family should also be visited.

It is half an hour’s drive north to Gutach. There, a summer toboggan run, the impressive Vogtsbauernhof and the park with all your senses invite you to a nice day trip.

Children’s and youth museum Donaueschingen

The KiJuMu in Donaueschingen, 25 km away, is a nice excursion tip in bad weather. The whole family can also go shopping in the town.

Galaxy Racer slide is Germany’s longest mat slide.

It is only 32 km to the Titisee. In the summer heat, the family can spend a nice bathing day in the lido. The absolute highlight is the great swimming paradise Black Forest with its many water slides in Titisee-Neustadt!

For many Black Forest holidaymakers, visiting the Europa Park on the program. The family is almost 80 minutes from Unterkirnach, but the route leads through beautiful landscapes.

Unterkirnach lies in the middle of the Black Forest-Baar district. The leisure angel has a total of almost 150 leisure tips for this district:

For the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald bordering on the west, the leisure angel has even more choice. You can choose from almost 200 leisure activities:

How best to get to Unterkirnach with the family ?

By car:

Most families travel by car, so flexibility is guaranteed on site. Unterkirnach is located 120 km southwest of Stuttgart.

By bus and train:

The nearest train station is in Villingen-Schwenningen (then by bus to Unterkirnach) or in St. Georgen (a host should pick up the families there, as the bus connection is only guaranteed during school hours). Depending on the location of the accommodation, it is no problem to travel by train as the Map cone ensures flexibility for the family during their stay in Unterkirnach.
Unterkirnach is easily accessible by bus. Mobility on site then depends on the location of the accommodation.

Which accommodations in Unterkirnach are suitable for families?

The family-friendliness of Unterkirnach is also reflected in the accommodations. The larger apartments take the needs of families well to very well.

With Booking you can book some apartments and a hotel:

Hapimag Resort Unterkirnach

The Hapimag holiday resort is home to many families in Unterkirnach.

Many families book their accommodation at the Hapimag Resort. The rooms or apartments are large enough for a family of four and the resort has a large playground. The minimum stay is only two nights, so the family can also book a weekend vacation.

According to our research, FTI has very cheap booking offers for Hapimag if you set your "own arrival":

You can find a very large selection of family-friendly apartments and houses at e-Domizil:

You want more tips and something to win?

The Freizeitgel cooperates with the Facebook group Germany with children. Active families in the group give each other tips for trips and vacations in Germany.

The Freizeitgel organizes sweet competitions in the group and presents particularly family-friendly excursion and holiday destinations in Germany!


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