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The Untersee – untouched natural landscape

The Bodanrück, between Überlinger See and Untersee, the Höri peninsula with the area around the Schiener Berg and the Swiss south bank together form the Untersee region. This borders on the Hegau in the west and has everything from idyllic bays to various historic buildings. The Untersee includes, for example, Radolfzell, Allensbach, Gaienhofen, Moos and the island of Reichenau. Take a look at why you should definitely visit this area on the Rhine and Lake Constance.

We’ll show you what makes your vacation at the Untersee really perfect

Your accommodation at the Untersee

The picturesque landscape will probably never let you go. So how about a camping holiday? So you’re in the middle of nature with just one step. If it should be a little more comfortable or you arrive in the cooler seasons, there are also numerous cozy cottages and hotels here.
Look, what you like the most:

Attractions and Leisure Tips – Experience the Untersee

Whether cycling, Hiking or fishing – here at the Untersee you can live out your favorite hobby. Beautiful trails, idyllic bays and natural shores offer you the best conditions. The Peninsula Höri will capture you with her very special flair.
The culture is not too short: the World Heritage Site Island Reichenau you should visit in any case. A long dam with a distinctive poplar avenue leads to the Benedictine monastery from the Middle Ages.

In the tranquil Stein am Rhein you can marvel at the stately, painted half-timbered houses and stroll along the romantic waterfront promenade.
tip: Do not forget your ID card and turn off your Internet roaming on your mobile phone, as Stein am Rhein is located in Switzerland.

Another highlight is the game and amusement park in Allensbach. Watch bears, deers, cute Bambis and experience fascinating birds of prey up close! Through the adventure playground and various barbecue areas, a trip there is unforgettable for everyone.

A trip to Radolfzell should make wellness lovers. The BORA-Sauna LandschafIt was awarded 5 stars right on the lake and is even one of the most beautiful of its kind in Europe. You can also choose from a variety of cosmetic and massage treatments here. More relaxation is hardly possible!

Shopping at the Untersee

You can shop here in the Seemaxx Outlet Center Radolfzell. Thousands of square meters of shopping are waiting to be conquered by you. There is also free Wifi – and the charming old town of Radolfzell is also just a few minutes walk away.

Nearby is the largest city on Lake Constance: Konstanz. If you still have not shopped enough, you can continue right here.

to eat and drink

Good restaurants on the waterfront you will find at the Untersee everywhere.
A special feature offered in the region is that Pilgermahl. Let yourself be surprised by a fortifying meal whose only specifications are for the kitchen: all ingredients except the spices come from the region and were used at the time of the Council.
You can do such a pilgrim meal in the Café Restaurant, for example “To the old Mesmer” on the island of Reichenau, in the Castle Hohenklingen in Stein am Rhein or in the Restaurant Green Tree order in moss.
Of course, Untersee also cooks internationally as in Hollys in Radolfzell. Tasty burgers and curries are waiting for you.
Our tip: If you are a fish lover, you are allowed to whitefish weeks in September and October on the Untersee not to be missed!

Transportation at the Untersee

With the automobile you can arrive from all directions via the motorway or main roads. However, because in the summer congestion often forms on the roads around Lake Constance, you should consider, bus and train to use. The Seehas regional railway and the Thurbo sea line take you from A to B every half hour. There are regular buses in every location. Bike paths are well signposted all over Lake Constance and for e-bikes there are often, such as in Radolfzell at the Seemaxx Center, free charging stations.
Of course you can reach your excursion destination instead of overland by boat across the lake.

Tip: With the VHB guest card, you can travel with all buses and trains in local traffic as well as within many villages free of charge!

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