Ursula von der leyen opens bundeswehr daycare center in neubiberg, region

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Kindergarten company in Neubiberg

Updated: 05/12/14 5:46 PM

Neubiberg – The first Bundeswehr daycare center is in Neubiberg. Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) has the crèche there on Monday "Campus Chick" open.

She visited the troops in Afghanistan and saw the war. But yesterday Ursula von der Leyen (55) showed in Neubiberg why she is the mother of the company!

The Defense Minister gave birth to seven children. Yesterday, she also gave the Bundeswehr a baby: Von der Leyen opened the first nursery on military ground in the barracks in Neubiber. From now on, 36 children aged up to three years will be looked after by the Johanniter – the soldiers are supposed to relieve this offer on duty. There is already a kindergarten on the premises.

Love for the children and for the fatherland: So far this has been a difficult topic for the Bundeswehr to unite. "But we have the solution," said von der Leyen. Work and study here current 3000 soldiers – about 300 of them have children. The new crèche is available to students, teaching staff and university employees for their toddlers.

In twelve months the crib was built, now the white low-rise building stands next to the casino – here the 36 campus chicks are raging. Childcare Mission: Inside it smells of fresh wood, the group rooms have large windows through which a lot of light shines. "I visited a great crib," said the Minister of Defense. “Everything is there that is necessary to reconcile work and family.” The project cost 2.4 million euros, which had already been planned before her term in office. Von Leyen predicts: "Demand will increase rapidly."

That’s what the soldiers say

"Good feeling"

A new era in the Bundeswehr has begun with this day care center. It is good to know that there is understanding for our ministry and that our children are now being looked after so professionally. It takes a huge load off us. We can now concentrate fully on our service.

Lieutenant Heidi Jörend

Great concept

The new day care center relieves me a lot. I know where my child is while I’m on duty – that gives me a sense of security. In the barracks there are now short ways for me, the organizational effort is low. I hope that the Bundeswehr will adopt this concept nationwide.

Lieutenant Christopher Richter (30)

It gets easier

I met my husband in basic training, he also works here on campus. It is nice for me that I can continue studying after our son has settled in. Being a parent with the Soldier profession difficult to reconcile. Now it is getting a bit easier. I hope that part-time work models will be available soon.

Lieutenant Yvonne Serafin (24th)

Lack of daycare in the city

Now the Bundeswehr is also taking care of children – but what is the situation like in our city? "The expansion of daycare centers is being pushed ahead, but is constantly lagging behind the increasing demand," says Cornelia Spachtholz from the Association of Working Mothers. The following applies to both company-owned and municipal daycare centers: "Space and opening times must become more flexible and adapt to the real working conditions of parents." The infrastructure must grow. "The holiday seasons are still a big problem for parents" – especially when siblings of different ages visit different day care centers or school facilities.


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