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The visa information provided is up-to-date at the time of publication.

GreenCard lottery registration period

As in every year, the US government is giving away 55,000 permanent green cards (= Green Cards) as part of a "Diversity Visa Lottery". When the online application to participate in U.S.. Department of State launches, is redefined and announced each year.

Survey at the US border: Primary and Secondary Inspection

Travelers arriving in the United States are getting more and more speeded up, yet every traveler should be aware that, in the end, the Customs and Border Protection Authority (CBP) always decides whether or not a person may enter the United States.

Visa Question of the Month – Derived US visas for children up to 21 years

Your question: Our company has successfully submitted an E-2 application to the US Consulate for one employee. We have noticed that even the daughter has been granted the visa for five years, although in August 2020 she will already be 21 years old. We are a bit surprised, because according to our information, the children may only accompany their parents until they reach the age of 21. The daughter wants to study in the US, that means she can use the E-2 visa for the next five years?

Global Entry Interview – Registration for accelerated entry into the US

With Global Entry, verified and low-risk US travelers of certain nationalities can speed up entry procedures at US airports and travel to the US faster. Unfortunately, there are currently considerable waiting times for a Global Entry interview appointment.

Entry into the USA: Tips and information on the current entry requirements

Whether you are traveling to the US on business, privately, with an ESTA permit or a visa, there are a few things to consider when entering the country. So that your entry into the United States does not become a lengthy procedure, we have put together the most important tips for you.

US consulates closed on public holidays

The US consulates and embassies in Germany remain closed on most German and American holidays. This means that Visa interview appointments at the US Consulate will only take place outside the holidays.
We have put together an overview with all closing times for you.

Treaty NAFTA – TN visas and TD visas for skilled workers from Canada and Mexico

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) created free trade relations between the US, Mexico and Canada. As part of this, a special US work visa was created for Canadian and Mexican nationals. We explain what needs to be met and whether the adoption of the new US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, USMCA for short, will affect the TN Visa NAFTA Professional.

Waiting for an interview at the US Consulate

Applicants have to adjust to different waiting times for an interview appointment at the US consulate, depending on the visa category, place of consulate and season. Due to the special closing times in the US consulates, delays in applying for a visa interview may occur.

Return the passport after interview at the US Consulate

After a successful interview at the US Consulate, the applicant has two options to get the passport back: a personal pick-up or a paid postal service.
However, there are currently problems with the payment of the premium delivery fee.

Residence permit USA

It’s one thing to stay legally in the United States. Another is to prove his legal residence status. We’ll tell you what the current US residence permit status is.

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