Used car check: dekra, adac and tuv in comparison

Used car check via the Carly app

Dekra, ADAC and TuV offer used car checks for car buyers. You should always compare offers and have an appropriate check carried out if you are buying an older vehicle from a private individual. This way you can be sure that the car does not have any serious defects that only come to light shortly after purchase.

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Used car check at dekra

dekra offers an inspection including the award of a seal for used cars. You can have the check done both if you want to sell a car yourself and if you are the potential buyer.

  • The check at dekra is modular. Independently of each other, the technology, the body and the system as a whole are tested. Only if all three modules have been completed positively will the vehicle receive the dekra seal of approval.
  • How high the costs for the check are, also depends on which areas you have checked. As a buyer, for example, it makes less sense to have the bodywork inspected – here you can easily identify possible defects yourself.
  • dekra has a tight network of branches and field offices. The branches are located not only in the big cities but also in some smaller towns.
  • dekra has also summarized all the important information in a brochure that you can download online. Here is also a map with all locations included.
  • Tip: have you ever thought about an electric car?? In terms of range and cost, they are now coming closer and closer to gasoline-powered vehicles. Our efahrer portal explains the background and shows which e-car best suits your needs. You can also arrange a test drive.

Have your used car checked by Dekra

used cars can be checked at the ADAC

The ADAC cooperates with numerous workshops in Germany that offer inspections of used cars.

  • Around 120 points on the vehicle are examined, and you will receive a detailed report at the end of the check. You can quickly find out if the vehicle has any defects and, if necessary, negotiate the price with the seller.
  • As an ADAC member, you can even have basic elements such as brakes, shock absorbers and the lighting tested free of charge. The more detailed check is available to members at a reduced price.
  • On the ADAC website, you can enter your zip code and a desired time for the checkup. Afterwards you will be suggested suitable garages in the area.
  • The ADAC also offers a checklist for buying a used car.

ADAC test services

Vehicle check at the TuV

TuV Sud and TuV nord are each independent and offer different services for used car checks.

    south you will get a modular used car check. The basic package costs 29,50 euro and includes the most important elements like shock absorbers, brakes and co. From 18.50 euros each, you can book additional option packages, right up to a test drive by the inspector.
  • TuV Sud has over 300 service centers in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Saxony and Hamburg. On this page you can find your nearest location.
  • On the TuV nord website, an all-round check is offered for 89.00 euros, in which all relevant parts of the vehicle are examined.
  • You can easily find the nearest location by entering your postal code in the search field.

Used car check at the TuV

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You can read about the fines you can expect if you drive with an expired main inspection in our next article. Here you can find information about used electric cars.

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