Used car exchanges: which provider is the best??

Anyone who wants to buy a private used car now has access to a whole range of used car exchanges on the internet. The choice is huge – but: which provider is really good?? Various tests have shown that not all of them are recommendable. But why is that? And what should you look for if you are looking for a used car or want to sell a used car??

used car portals – the different providers

The best-known providers for the sale of used cars include mobile.De, we buy a car.De and autoscout24.De. Somewhat less well-known are 12gebrauchtwagen.De and good-used.De. In addition, there are a number of other used car portals on the market.

Used car exchanges: differences in supply

The chances of finding the car you want are highest if the supply is sufficiently large. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all suppliers. There are here namely quite considerable differences. The one with the largest offer had at the time of testing a whole 1.2 million vehicles in the offer, others managed it to not even 100.000. This is only a fraction of it.

There are also clear regional differences. For example, the supply in cologne is almost twice as large as in hamburg. This means that interested parties and seekers should expand their radius as far as possible in order to find the best possible offer.

Used car marketplaces: special features

some portals offer the service to sell the car in 24 h after an expert valuation to a certified dealer. This is optimal if it must go particularly fast. The portal wirkaufendeinauto.De, on the other hand, offers the option of having the car appraised at the same time and combining this with car sales. There is even the option of making an appointment with one of the numerous branches and having the vehicle appraised on site by the automotive experts there.

Both private and dealer sales are easily possible on almost all portals.

A special feature is also 12gebrauchtwagen.De. If you are looking for a car here, you have access to several other sales portals through this portal. This means that almost all car exchanges and classified ad portals are searched automatically. This saves a lot of work. The prospective buyer does not have to search through all websites individually. He finds quite comfortably all interesting vehicles with a click.

Functionality and user-friendliness of the online marketplaces

not all providers had sufficient information or features such as the comparison of several cars available. Although it is possible to search for the car with the help of the advanced search functions on all of them. However, only a third of the providers offer convenient functions such as tools for estimating prices.

Which used car market performs best?

According to a recent test in cooperation with the german institute for service quality mobile was.De with the quality rating "very good" the test winner. It has the largest offer among all tested portals and offers the most extensive and most comfortable search functions. In addition, there is a lot of topic-specific information, such as tests, driving reports, but also checklists, which buyers should pay attention to when buying a used car.

Test result "very good" and place 1 for mobile.De in the comparison of used car exchanges

autoscout24 came in second with the same quality rating. In terms of internet presence, this provider is even ranked number 1. It also offers a high information value plus useful features around the purchase of a used car.

2nd place in the comparison of used car exchanges for autoscout24.De. even ranked number 1 on the internet!

What should used car buyers and sellers pay attention to??

If you want to sell your car in the best possible way or buy a used one at an optional price/performance ratio, you should give preference to the large portals mentioned above. In addition, it should also not be limited to a single portal.

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