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Used car prices are subject to constant fluctuations. Every car loses value differently over the miles and years, which is ultimately reflected in the residual value of the car. starting points for a real used car price are first of all of course the basic data (year of construction, mileage, equipment etc.).). In addition, individual features such as special equipment or the use of the car ( "work animal" or "pensioner car"). And finally, factors such as recalls or a possible "cheat software" have an influence on the price of the used car.

in order to determine the current used car price, it is therefore advisable to look closely and use various options. This of course refers to the numerous online portals that make it so easy, fast and free of charge to carry out a valuation today. We have used the three largest valuation portals "abracar", "wirkaufendeinauto" and "mobile.De" tried out. In addition to the actual figures, we were also interested in the valuation methods, algorithms and the additional service. A skoda yeti was evaluated, which in a paid schwacke valuation (7.90 euros) in the purchase (dealer purchase price) a total of 6.800,- euro achieved. The dealer selling price there was set at 8.650,- euro.


car valuation-online-abracar-skoda

With the free portal "abracar" it quickly becomes clear that it is a subsidiary of the "allianz group. The evaluation portal, which was launched at the beginning of 2017, queries various individual factors (special paintwork, conversions, etc.).), which are then included in the valuation as so-called "sales promoters. In addition, "abracar" uses its Germany-wide network of branches and employees for the complete sales process. From the personal expert to HD pictures of the car to the scheduling of sales talks, "abracar" is on board. For our test-skoda there was a dealer selling price of proud 8.700,- euro determined. Above all individual cars with "personal note" find in this on-line portal a fair evaluation and much service still in addition.


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We were particularly curious about "wirkaufendeinauto" because it is a fairly new platform. We wanted to know whether the portal really holds, which promises the well-known TV advertisement and whether "wirkaufendeinauto" can maintain itself against the platzhirsche. Our conclusion was however throughout positive. The used car price (purchase) for our example Skoda was there at 5.010,- euro. At first glance, this appears to be quite low, but it is only an initial value at the lower limit, because the appearance and condition of the car are not initially recorded. This happens only during a personal appraisal in one of the branches of the portal. Possible special equipment is also taken into account in the process. Thus, the used car price at "wirkaufendeinauto" then becomes realistic and current. valuation and sale are really as promised: trouble-free, flexible, quick and fair.


Car valuation free of charge

The used car prices at "mobile.De" are based on several million current market values. This makes "mobile.De" also very close to the daily reality. Here, too, much depends on the condition of the car at the time of the valuation. The online price for the skoda yeti was 7.000,- euro. In the case of a later workshop evaluation in a partner workshop of "mobile.De", however, it came to light that our car was not (intentionally) spruced up for a valuation. The portal would therefore still incur considerable costs for processing in the event of a purchase and resale. Therefore, the purchase price was later reduced to 5.000,- euro corrected. However, each motorist has the scope of such corrections in their own hands. With the appropriate preparation, the used car price is also available from "mobile.De" fair, reasonable and realistic.

Used car prices without specifying the e-mail address?

A completely anonymous evaluation does not work in any online portal. But this is quite understandable, so that a later contact after the evaluation is possible. This may be necessary in case of forgotten information, possible purchase offers, changed market conditions or when sending documents. If desired, a blog or a newsletter can also be obtained about it. But of course deregistration is possible at any time.

Used car prices without registration?

The customer has the same advantages in the event of a possible registration or. registration in an online rating portal. After the sale or when switching to another provider, the deletion of all sensitive data can be instructed with just a few clicks. In our experience, the whole process is fast, reliable and residue-free.

Our tip

Each of the three portals rates the used car online slightly differently and with different methods. sellers should use this to their advantage by getting a free used car price from all three portals. This is how you can compare the different price quotations. no one should be put off by an initially lower residual value, because a later appraisal in the partner workshop will always produce a realistic and fair price for the used car. In addition, "abracar", "wirkaufendeinauto" and "mobile.De" every seller plenty of scope for an individual sale. Between "just drive and sell" to "appraiser, photos and marketing" everything is possible.

Here are the vehicle evaluation results from the online evaluation tools:

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