Usedom: 8 excursions for families and children

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Who’s writing here? Christina Nagel-Gasch | 41 years | Diplom Kauffrau | mother of an 11-year-old daughter | likes to travel | love photography | addicted to tartlets & chocolate

During the summer holidays we spent a week on the island of Usedom for family holidays. We saw, experienced and tried a lot on Usedom. In this article I would like to give you inspirations and tips for trips with children and family and have compiled my favourite sights for you.

Excursions on Usedom: Sea animal fishing trip with a cutter

With the cutter “Palucca” it goes from Bansin, Heringsdorf or Ahlbeck to a one-hour fishing trip on the Baltic Sea. Small fish, mussels, snails, crabs and other marine animals are towed on board with a trawl net. The marine animals land in a basin around which the children curiously gather and are then examined together. The children also learn something about fishing and the living creatures in the Baltic Sea.

Little Miss was very curious and enthusiastic about the matter. In the end, the little animals are dumped back into the Baltic Sea by the children.

My tip: This excursion can also be arranged on days with worse weather in order to bask on the beach on sunny days.

Excursions on Usedom: Bicycle tour through the imperial baths

Usedom is a flat island and perfect for cycling with children. The three imperial baths Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck offer not only a beautiful scenery but also great spots for a small stopover. Each of the Kaiserbäder has a pier, which you have to explore, everywhere there is delicious soft ice cream, great playgrounds on the promenade and in the fish smokehouse of the brothers Schwarz there are excellent fish rolls.

My tip: The Usedom adventure pass is recommended for a bicycle tour. It costs 29,50 € and you can rent five bicycles at one of the numerous Usedom bike stations. It doesn’t matter if you rent five different bikes in one day (e.g. for the whole family) or if you rent a bike for five days. The bikes can then be returned to any associated bike station. This is very practical if you want to ride longer distances with children. Return your bike at the end and take the train back. Renting a bike and giving it back works fast and easy by phone.

Children’s bicycles are best reserved one day in advance by telephone for a station in the vicinity.

The Schwarz brothers’ fish smokehouse: you can find it in the dunes near Heringsdorf (beach promenade 36).

PS: By the way, we drove over to Poland :) The border Germany – Poland at the promenade is a popular photo spot.

Excursions on Usedom: Everything upside down in the house

In Trassenheide the world is literally upside down. An entire house was turned upside down with its interior furnishings. It is truly a strange feeling when you suddenly see everything around you from a different perspective. In addition it is necessary to keep the balance, because the house was built additionally with 6 % gradient.

My tip: Take your time and a camera with you, because there you can take quite confusing and cool photos.

Excursions on Usedom: Visit of the butterfly farm

Europe’s largest butterfly farm is located in Trassenheide. In a 2,600 square metre free flight hangar, around 1,500 to 2,000 colourful butterflies from tropical regions fly cheerfully in confusion. Among them are really magnificent specimens. In the adjacent insectarium there are showcases with butterfly and insect preparations, one of which is more beautiful than the other.

My tip: In the hall of the butterfly farm it is tropically warm – not to say hot. Dress according to the onion principle and leave all unnecessary clothes at the cloakroom at the entrance.

Worth knowing: With one ticket you could visit three museums which belong together: the Butterfly Farm in Trassenheide, the Iron and Glass Art Gallery in Zinnowitz and the Nature Experience World Zinnowitz.

Excursions on Usedom: Sand Sculpture Festival

Between April and November the Sand Sculpture Festival takes place on Usedom. This year, 41 great scenes were presented under the motto “fairytale world” made of sand and take the visitors into a magical world of mythical creatures.

Where: At the car park at the Ahlbeck border crossing to Poland

Excursions on Usedom: a day on the beach

During children’s yoga on the beach, even children who are otherwise turned up like a spinning top come to rest. Once or twice a month Claudia Lippert holds a yoga class especially for children. The children are guided in a playful way to yoga, in which Claudia tells a story and involves the kids in it.

Where? In Koserow at the pier on the beach

Excursions on Usedom: Tree reading for children

If you are on holiday with your family and children on Usedom, you should definitely take a look at the calendar of events. There are many exciting and interesting activities for young and old listed. For example, we took part in the tree reading for children, where the adventures of the turtle fish rolls were told. The turtle is called a fish roll because it is as big as a fish roll.

Have you ever been to the island of Usedom and do you know other great destinations? I’m looking forward to your ideas in the comments.

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