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Useful extracurricular activities

After school, the day is far from over for many children, and homework often has to be done now. When these are ready, some children don’t know much to do with themselves. It is also important to switch off so that new energy can be filled up for everyday life. In this article, we give 5 recommendations for meaningful extracurricular activities that school children can use to make the most of their free time and have a lot of fun at the same time.

What exactly are extracurricular activities?

We understand extracurricular activities to mean all activities that take place outside of school. These activities can be organized by the school and take place in the school building – e.g. B. AGs such as the chess AG as well as sports and music offers. Of course, there are also private offers that are in the interest of the child. It is important that something is done that has nothing to do with normal school lessons so that the child can switch off and think of something other than school.

4 reasons why extra-curricular activities are important

Reason 1: compensation

Finally switch off: schoolchildren can give their head a break and concentrate on other things than everyday school life. This well-deserved break is good and gives new energy to master school lessons.

Reason 2: teamwork

Whenever children work in a team, they learn how to stick together and do tasks together. In team sports, a group becomes a team and the children‘s social skills are promoted. At the same time, they learn to achieve goals together.

Reason 3: New friends

In school lessons, the children are always in their class group. Fixed cliques have already formed and most children have a fixed circle of friends. Activities outside of school provide a great opportunity to meet new people and maybe find a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Reason 4: fun

The most important reason comes at the end: extracurricular activities are simply fun.
In order for something to be fun, it is of course important that an activity is found for which there is already interest or a talent. Then the child is more motivated and the risk of frustration is reduced.

Where can I find offers?

The first thing you can do is look around the school. There may be a kind of notice board that advertises activities. Otherwise, it is helpful to have a look around other parents. You can also ask the class teacher if there are offers, or you can look for interesting offers on the school website.

Of course, there is also the opportunity to look around outside of school: sports clubs, museums, libraries and theaters often offer interesting courses that you can find out about on site or on the website.

Our top 5 sensible extracurricular activities

1. Sport

The number 1 is actually obvious: sport. Movement is good for you. What kind of sport the child could enjoy should be observed or asked about the child. Maybe karate, swimming or skateboarding is something for your child?

2. Chess

Chess is a complex and multi-layered game. Strategic thinking is trained here and at the same time it can be a lot of fun. Be prepared to be challenged by your child to a game soon.

3. Play a musical instrument

Playing an instrument well requires a lot of patience and time. Concentration and tact are also important. There are of course many different instruments, examples are piano, violin, trumpet and guitar.

4. Cooking

In special cooking courses for children, the child learns to eat healthy and broaden its culinary horizon. Alternatively, you can bring your child closer to cooking and involve them in the cooking. This way you can test whether your child is generally interested in cooking and whether a cooking course would be worthwhile.

5. Theater

Creativity is encouraged in a theater course. In a theater group, your child gets to know new children and it learns to come out of itself and becomes more confident.

Which activity is suitable for your child?

It is of course very important that the activity that is selected interests the child. Children can be more interested in sports, dance, art, music or craftsmanship. Which of these appeals to your child the most? Watch your child and talk to your child about what they would like to do, then make a decision together. There are often so-called taster offers, where you can try something out first.


We introduced you to extracurricular activities and listed a few reasons why it makes sense to pursue one or more of these activities. With our Top 5 you already have some ideas of what your child can do in the after-school period to have fun and develop further.

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