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Pediatric nurse (m / f / d)

job offer
We are looking for you as. Job no.1936 pediatric nurse / Nurses (m / f / d) full-time Task: • You carry out professionally qualified nursing • You provide and administer

Nursing ward management (m / f / d) full-time or part-time

job offer
. full or part time your profile graduation as a health and pediatric nurse (m / f / d) resp. pediatric nurse / Nurses (m / f / d) management and leadership experience

Nursing specialist (m / f / d)

job offer
. Healing education nurse with further training in treatment nursing according to Section 34 (2) SächsGfbWBVO (m / f / d), or pediatric nurse or children’s nurses. You have empathy, are

Health and pediatric nurse (m / f / d)

job offer
. e relatives. YOUR QUALIFICATIONS • Your training as a health and pediatric nurse or. Pediatric Nurse / -You have successfully completed nursing • Your current one

Nurse (male / female / d)

job offer
. and nurse / m / f / d, certified health and pediatric nurse / pediatric nurse (m / f / d) or registered elderly care (m / f / d) interest in the outpatient

Job offers pediatric nurse – the most important questions about the job

What does a pediatric nurse do??

Pediatric nurses care for and care for sick children and adolescents, take care of wound care, help to put on splints and bandages, are involved in surgical interventions or examinations, and take over communication with the Parents explain the care instructions and – very importantly – parents and patients donate the necessary comfort.

As with general health and nurses, the number of women predominates in this professional field.

We become a pediatric nurse?

The training is possible full-time or part-time and takes place in a similar way to that of specialists in general nursing.

First you get to know the structure of the human body, but then the focus is on how a child develops during pregnancy, how a birth proceeds, which teething problems and corresponding treatment methods are available.

Another important aspect is the care of the newborn and professional behavior in crisis and conflict situations. The practical part of the training, for example, is done in

  • in outpatient care services
  • in clinics and hospitals
  • at pediatricians
  • in specialized pediatric clinics
  • in children’s homes

Who hires pediatric nurses?

After training, there are job opportunities in hospitals, specialist practices, children’s homes and in dormitories for children and young people with disabilities.

What does a pediatric nurse deserve?

As a pediatric nurse, you earn between EUR 2,300 and EUR 3,300 per month, depending on the region, the clinic and the activity.

Professional experience and specialization also play an important role. Therefore, continuous training is essential to reach the upper range of the salary range.

How to find a job as a pediatric nurse?

Sufficient job offers for pediatric nurses are regularly advertised in the job market. The job advertisements list the requirements for the applicants, the tasks of the job holder and the services of the company offering the job.

With this information, those interested can quickly find the right jobs and apply for them.

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You will receive the latest offers for jobs in the healthcare sector on a regular basis and without obligation.

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