Vacation at the lake: millstätter see, carinthia, austria

The jewel in Carinthia.

Cross in a rowboat to the forest-covered south bank, hike together on the path of love over the gentle mountains, relax in the bathhouse and take a seat on a lake terrace in the evening …
Lake and mountain touch® around Lake Millstatt .

Just disappear. Start walking. Hike in the footsteps of the other over ruby-red treasure mountains, view axes to the Hohe Tauern, the Karawanken and the Carnic Alps. Perceive extraordinary flower meadows with your senses.

Swimming in crystal-clear, mineral-containing up to 27 ° warm sea water in drinking water quality.

The special light, which already seems Venetian, shines over the mountains down to the lake. The last wafts of fog clear and the landscape lies there in a subdued shine of old gold.

Dolce far niente paired with lightness and culinary diversity determines life at the intersection of three cultures.

The lake lies in the light of the south. With its caressing water, the flattering updraft that create a very special microclimate leaves, and the softly swinging mountain tops all around.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Lake Millstatt blossomed into a popular “summer destination”. The first generous villa was built in 1879. Little by little, architectural gems developed on the lake.

autumn moments .

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Lake and mountain touches

The lake and mountain touches ® around Lake Millstatt are all about the sensual experience of nature. Immerse the rudder once, let go… and you’re right in the middle of the lake, Gottlieb Strobl instructs his guests before they take the rowboat to the forest-covered south bank of Lake Millstatt. End the evening on one of the numerous lakeside terraces and watch the last rays of sunshine that make the soft, soft water sparkle. Recharge your batteries and let your mind wander, on a hike on the Millstätter See Höhensteig or on the Weltenberg Mirnock. The landscape between the lake and the mountains comprises around 500 km of hiking trails with Lake Millstatt as a constant companion. Lake Millstatt represents these sensory experiences. The jewel in Carinthia.

time together

Moments of encounter await at the hidden bays on the natural south shore of the lake. Breathe a sigh of relief, fetch a regional delicacy from the picnic basket and enjoy the togetherness before you go back to the north shore in a rowboat. Where refueling, perch and pike glide through the soft, soft water, where cormorants stalk over the banks, the longing for togetherness is fulfilled. Surrender to the sound of the waves and watch the clouds play – time for two at Lake Millstatt.

family holiday

Finally have time for each other. Finally experience, explore, experience together. Small adventures for the big, big adventures for the little ones. Exciting tasks in the rain and sun, in and around the lake. On meadows and in the forest. Surprises that can only be found in nature. At Lake Millstatt.

Slow trails

Those who slow down their pace begin to see, it is said at Lake Millstatt. Slow trails are easy and relaxed hiking trails on which the clear blue of the lake can be viewed from ever new, amazing perspectives. Each slow trail tells its own history and invites you to linger.

Bivouac under the stars. Rifugio sotto le stelle.

Exclusive retreats for the precious time for two. Refuges that appeal to the desire for reduction and closeness to nature. These are the seven "Bivouac under the stars. Rifugio sotto le stelle." around Lake Millstatt.

Walking on the path of love. Sentiero dell’Amore.

"What is the craziest thing you have ever done out of love?", This is the question that makes hikers pause at Alexanderhütte today and points to the path of love. Sentiero dell’Amore, which starts here.

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FOR FOREST – Austria’s largest public art project

Austria’s largest art project will take place in public space in Klagenfurt’s Wörthersee Stadium in 2019 (September / October): A forest in the stadium – Inspired by the drawing "The unbroken attraction of nature" by Max Peintner.

The spectators can marvel at the tree spectacle in the stadium during the day and at night – under natural or floodlight. The project can also be understood as a memorial that one day nature could only be admired in its specially assigned areas, as is the case today animals is already the case in the zoo.

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