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Istria offers the perfect mix for you with its picturesque bathing bays, the Venetian coastal towns and the vineyards in the hinterland eventful vacation on the Adriatic coast.

Istria is a Mediterranean holiday paradise on the east coast of the Adriatic. The Croatian peninsula is one of the most popular travel destinations of water rats and sun worshipers in the Balkans. From the dusty holiday region that was Istria at the time of Yugoslavia, is a very modern travel destination with numerous Apartments and Holiday houses become. The equipment has long been one Holiday homes in Istria western standards. We have put together a whole series of wonderfully located objects for you. The cottages are the perfect starting point for swimming and snorkeling fun on the Adriatic, bike tours in the hinterland and trips to the Venetian coastal towns.

On the Croatian peninsula families with children as well as active vacationers and individual tourists get their money’s worth. Countless bays are lined up on the natural Cape Kamenjak and on the Poreč Riviera. You can find sandy beaches in the south of Istria near Medulin. In addition to the Mediterranean idyll on the Adriatic, Istria has a wealth of cultural treasures to offer. The Byzantine Eufrasius basilica in Poreč is one of the oldest Christian churches in Croatia on the peninsula. The Roman amphitheater of Pula, the Venetian Praetor Palace in Koper or the medieval old town of Novigrad – everything Witnesses of the moving history Istria.

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300 sunny days a year, crystal-clear sea, picturesque harbor towns and fine wines. Croatia’s peninsula Istria is a Mediterranean dream destination on the Adriatic.

Holiday home vacation in a Mediterranean idyll

The coast of Istria is over 400 kilometers long Adria. Including all the islands, the coastline is almost 550 kilometers long. On the Croatian peninsula, pebble beaches alternate with bathing bays, which are framed by rocky cliffs. There are sandy beaches in Rabac, Medulin and Umag and the deeply incised bay at Plomin is reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord. Who one holiday home or one Apartment in Istria rents, spends the vacation in a Mediterranean ambience and in a region full of cultural treasures. The traces of the Romans and the Venetians are still visible in the small harbor towns. In the mountain villages in the hinterland, tiny villages are enthroned on small hills around which vines spiral. It smells of pine and fried fish in a region that has retained its original face to this day.

Venetian coastal town with centuries-old heritage

They are called Pula, Rovinj, Novigrad and Poreč and each one is a treasure chest on the coast: Istrian port town. The Venetians ruled this Mediterranean region for centuries. The Venetian bell towers in the center of the towns are clearly visible signs of this era. The architectural model was always the Campanile on St. Mark’s Square in Venice. In Pula stand the ruins of a huge amphitheater from Roman antiquity, which need not shy away from a comparison with the Colosseum in Rome. In Porec the Byzantines left their mark. The Eufrasius basilica from the 6th century was built in the Byzantine style and is one of the oldest church buildings in Croatia. The culmination of a sightseeing tour through Istria’s port cities is a sundowner on the harbor promenade in Novigrad. You can then enjoy the sunset with a stroll along the medieval city wall.

A touch of Tuscany in the hinterland

Who one Vacation house Istria or also one Apartment Istria want to rent as holiday accommodation should also look at the hinterland of the Adriatic coast. The lovely landscapes with their cypress-lined avenues, vineyards and mountain villages are reminiscent of Tuscany. If you want to taste the fine wines, follow the marked wine routes. They are called "Visnka Cesta" and many wineries invite you to wine tasting in old vaulted cellars. In addition to wine, olive oil is an export hit in Istria. If you believe the Italian olive oil Bible "Flos Olei", more than 10 percent of the best olive oils worldwide come from the Croatian peninsula.

Water sports, hiking and cycling

In Istria there are countless opportunities to do sports and at the same time enjoy nature to the fullest. While on the flat coast a touring bike is sufficient for cycling tours, it should be a mountain bike in the mountainous hinterland. Water sports play an important role. At the Adria offer excellent opportunities for diving and snorkeling. Boat trips lead to offshore islands and even to Venice. In some towns on the coast, surfboards are rented, with which experienced windsurfers can curve around the cliffs. Hikes lead through the rugged mountains of the Ucka Mountains, where waterfalls pour into deep gorges and pine forests cover the high plateaus. In the extreme south of Istria, the nature reserve at Cape Kamenjak invites you to go hiking and cycling.

Holiday homes in Istria

We have the best of the most popular regions in Istria for you cottages compiled.


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