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At TUI Villas you will find a large selection of holiday homes and apartments across Europe and beyond. We are the organizer of all accommodations marked with the TUI Smile and you benefit from many advantages:

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A thousand other accommodations

In addition to our own holiday homes and apartments, we also offer accommodation in mediation for third-party providers.

These are reliable private hosts, local agencies and specialists as well as well-known tour operators. You can see who is the provider of an accommodation in the property description.

Holiday house, Blåvand

  • Object no .: 947552
  • Blåvand, Blåvand Area, Denmark
  • Max. 8 people
  • 110 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Cottage, Nørre Lyngby

  • Object no .: 932546
  • Nørre Lyngby, Jammerbugten, Denmark
  • Max. 12 people
  • 209 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Blåvand

  • Object no .: 197384
  • Blåvand, Blåvand Area, Denmark
  • Max. 8 people
  • 100 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Skallerup Klit

  • Object no .: 611238
  • Skallerup Klit, Jammerbugten, Denmark
  • Max. 12 people
  • 150 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Blåvand

  • Object no .: 100557
  • Blåvand, Blåvand Area, Denmark
  • Max. 8 people
  • 178 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Blåvand

  • Object no .: 199652
  • Blåvand, Blåvand Area, Denmark
  • Max. 8 people
  • 155 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Vacation home, Ho

  • Object no .: 829485
  • Ho, Blåvand Area, Denmark
  • Max. 10 people
  • 158 sqm
  • 5 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Sønderho

  • Object no .: 633763
  • Sønderho, Fanø, Denmark
  • Max. 5 people
  • 77 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Tversted

  • Object no .: 985680
  • Tversted, North Jutian Island, Denmark
  • Max. 10 people
  • 135 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Bjerregård

  • Object no .: 1595856
  • Bjerregård, Holmsland Klit, Denmark
  • Max. 6 persons
  • 72 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Fantastic holiday homes in the wide dunes of Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is perhaps the smallest country in Scandinavia in terms of area, but has a lot to offer with its breathtaking dune landscapes and diverse leisure activities for young and old. The intercontinental country, which lies between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, with its exceptionally long coastline of over 7,000 km, is a true paradise for beach lovers. TUI Villas offers you a wide range of holiday apartments, so that you can enjoy the maritime flair of Denmark in complete independence and make your trip to the clean sea air completely individual.

Denmark, the country of relaxation with many facets

Denmark, the small country between deep blue water and breathtaking landscape, offers untouched nature numerous excursions and adventures for young and old. Denmark, the fascinating land of the ancient Vikings and the timeless design of the modern Danes await you in your holiday home between flat coasts and rocky heights.

Apartments in the middle of untouched nature

The country is a popular holiday destination mainly because of its breathtaking dune landscapes on Denmark’s North Sea coast and the wide sandy beaches. The fascinating diversity of the country ranges from its untouched and easily accessible nature with wet bogs to dense forests and clear rivers to white, sandy beaches with fresh sea breezes. The numerous hiking and cycling trails that run through the whole country invite you to explore Denmark’s unique nature, while the cafés and restaurants at the harbor are a relaxing place to relax and stroll. At TUI Villas you will find a wide range private Holiday homes in Denmark to make your vacation with loved ones fully independent and enjoy the unique landscape directly from your apartment.

Action-packed vacation for the whole family

With its unique landscapes, the country not only has something to offer the eye. A holiday home in Denmark means, above all, a true adventure paradise for the little ones and all the young at heart: with its numerous amusement parks like that Tivoli in Copenhagen, the Legoland in Billund or Djurs Sommerland in Nimtofte you can immerse yourself in strange worlds between winding paths, wild animals and a colorful mixture of rides and attractions that promise an unforgettable family holiday. For those interested in culture, there are numerous museums to discover, such as the open-air museum The Gamle By in Aarhus, which takes visitors back to the urban culture of Denmark in 1927 and offers an exciting journey into the past. You can find contemporary art in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in the fishing village of Humlebæk, which offers high-ranking international artists an exhibition space.

Relaxation the Danish way

hygge – this is the Danish lifestyle, which can hardly be summarized in a single word. It means something like a cozy togetherness, the feeling of security and happiness. No wonder the happiest people live in Denmark! You come to your apartment hygge Between the fresh sea breeze and the crackling fireplace a lot closer and slide into a carefree vacation far from everyday life. The culinary cuisine of Denmark, which with the New Nordic cuisine experiencing a real renaissance, the physical well-being takes care of with classic Danish dishes, which are mainly based on different types of fish such as herring. Look for one of the a lot of Smoke shops near your holiday home in Denmark or enjoy the delicacies directly at the fish snack bar in the harbor towns.

Cultural centers of Denmark

A holiday home in Denmark has something in its program that is worthwhile for a day trip: Discover the rocky coast of the Baltic island of Bornholm, in whose landscape the ruins of the medieval castle hammershus up and together with the Bornholm Art Museum offers a unique cultural journey. On the Wadden Sea island of Rømø, on the other hand, there is the largest sandy beach in Northern Europe, some of which can be accessed by car. On its seemingly endless coast there is enough space for sports such as kite surfing or buggy kiting. The island of Funen impresses with sights like that Egeskov Castle, a moated castle that is surrounded by colorful gardens and combines several museums in its palace square. Inside the island is the house of the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen, which can now be visited as a museum.

Flexible mobility

There are numerous options for getting to your apartment in Denmark. If you prefer flexible mobility, you will be able to rely on a well-developed motorway system in your car. When you arrive in a foreign country, you are well equipped for day trips. If you prefer to travel by plane, the international airport is at your disposal Kastrup as the largest airport in Denmark, which has numerous direct connections from the German-speaking area. The small airport Copenhagen Roskilde on the other hand, it is more suitable for short-haul flights within Denmark. And also with the You will bike on the well signposted Nordseeküstenradweg or that Ochsenweg from Hamburg via Flensburg find your way into the country and remain flexible during your stay.

Mild Denmark

Due to the location on the North and Baltic Seas and the mainly flat dune landscapes, the temperatures in Denmark are quite balanced and evenly mild. There are only a few climatic differences regionally. Overall, Denmark is quite cool and rainy with an average temperature of 6.5 to 8 ° C. The ideal travel time is therefore the months from May to October, because summer in Denmark rarely gets really hot, but also has little rainfall. Especially due to the cool sea breezes, the Danish weather is a bit rougher compared to Germany, but it doesn’t get too warm either – the ideal weather for excursions and expeditions.

General information about the trip

Important information before you go to Denmark: it is paid with the Danish Krone. A valid identity card or passport is sufficient for entry. Denmark is also considered one of the most dog-friendly countries in Europe, but it is important that the four-legged friends must be identifiable either by chip or tattoo.


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