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At TUI Villas you will find a large selection of holiday homes and apartments across Europe and beyond. We are the organizer of all accommodations marked with the TUI Smile and you benefit from a lot of advantages:

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In addition to our own holiday homes and apartments, we also offer accommodation in mediation for third-party providers.

These are reliable private hosts, local agencies and specialists as well as well-known tour operators. You can see who is the provider of an accommodation in the property description.

Holiday house, Sölvesborg

  • Object no .: 1572275
  • Solvesborg, Blekinge, Sweden
  • Max. 5 people
  • 96 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Torestorp

  • Object no .: 1539568
  • Torestorp, Vastergotland, Sweden
  • Max. 5 people
  • 100 sqm
  • 2 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Kolmården

  • Object no .: 1506428
  • Kolmården, southern Sweden, Sweden
  • Max. 5 people
  • 100 sqm
  • 2 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Holmsjö

  • Object no .: 935054
  • Holmsjö, Blekinge, Sweden
  • Max. 6 persons
  • 100 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Vintrosa

  • Object no .: 1539375
  • Vintrosa, Närke, Sweden
  • Max. 4 people
  • 75 sqm
  • 2 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Strängnäs

  • Object no .: 1577234
  • Strängnäs, Central Sweden, Sweden
  • Max. 6 persons
  • 140 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Cottage, Åre

  • Object no .: 1539273
  • Åre, Fjällen, Sweden
  • Max. 7 people
  • 90 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Sysslebäck

  • Object no .: 1475760
  • Syssleback, Varmland, Sweden
  • Max. 4 people
  • 85 sqm
  • 2 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Holmsjö

  • Object no .: 440846
  • Holmsjö, Blekinge, Sweden
  • Max. 6 persons
  • 100 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Vittsjö

  • Object no .: 138281
  • Vittsjö, Skåne, Sweden
  • Max. 6 persons
  • 98 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Relaxed vacation in the holiday home Sweden

A holiday in a holiday home in Sweden inspires with endless forests, idyllic lakes and fascinating cities. Take relaxing kayak tours, sunbathe on the beaches of the archipelago or go shopping in the Scandinavian capital Stockholm. Sweden fascinates with its natural landscapes and its Nordic wildlife with elk, bear and reindeer. Walk in the footsteps of children’s book author Astrid Lindgren in Småland, stroll through the university cities of Gothenburg and Uppsala and explore the far north with its wonderful hiking trails through wildly romantic national parks.

From a holiday home in Sweden to the most exciting attractions in the country

Whether a cultural holiday with a holiday apartment in Stockholm, a beach holiday or an active holiday in the charming Scandinavian nature, a holiday in a holiday home in Sweden has something for everyone.

Family vacation in the home of Pippi Longstocking

Sweden is considered very child-friendly and attracts with fresh air and exciting destinations for all ages. Go on a moose safari with your family and go on adventurous canoe trips. The southern province of Småland is home to the famous children’s book author Astrid Lindgren. Visit their heroes in "Astrid Lindgren’s World"In Vimmerby or visit the original locations of" We Children from Bullerbü "or" Michel from Lönneberga ". in the Virum Älgpark you can experience moose up close. You can find idyllic hiking trails that are also good for young people in the Store Mosse National Park – the largest swamp area in southern Sweden – which is home to numerous bird species and lakes. In Stockholm, vacationers receive in the open air museum Skansen a great insight into the history and traditions of Sweden. The amusement park Gröna Lund also invites to adrenaline-rich roller coaster rides on the Djurgården peninsula. Another highlight is the Kolmården Zoo The largest zoo in Northern Europe has a unique cable car safari, an exciting bird of prey show and a magical dolphin show.

Romantic culture and nature vacation for lovers

In Sweden’s loneliness, couples find peace and togetherness. Rent your holiday home in Sweden on a secluded lake and enjoy the view of the sparkling water when you wake up. Holidaymakers can also really relax on the numerous archipelago islands off the east coast of Sweden. Stockholm’s old town radiates a historic glow Gamla stan on the island of Stadsholmen with its cobblestone streets, small boutiques and imposing churches. It came out of a fairy tale Gripsholm Castle. It has been enthroned with its four mighty towers since the 16th century. imposing over Lake Mälaren west of Stockholm. Inside, those interested in culture can admire antique furniture and more than 2,000 portraits. Many holiday homes in Sweden have their own sauna, so you can really enjoy yourself there as a couple. A trip with the is also recommended Inlandsbanan. The historic railway takes you from Kristinehamn in the south of Sweden to Gällivare in the north and passes the Arctic Circle. On the way through the wilderness you can often see reindeer through the train window.

Stay with four-legged friends in a holiday home in Sweden

The sparsely populated Scandinavia is perfect for a vacation with your dog. Wide forest and meadow landscapes invite you to go for a walk and lonely lakes to splash around. TUI Villas has numerous cozy apartments and houses in Sweden that allow pets. Compared to hotels, these have the advantage that You more Offer privacy and your vacation can be similar to life at home. A true El Dorado awaits dog owners in the Hundalandet in Brösarp in southern Sweden. The dog park offers the best friend of man lots of exercise, climbing and balance exercises as well as water fun. There is also a four-legged park by the sea in Hinsholmskilen near Gothenburg. A popular place to go swimming with the dog is at Lake Vänern – the largest in Sweden – with its sandy beaches and gently sloping water. Animal family members are also welcome in the quiet bay of Pariserviken near Motala on Lake Väternsee.

Popular regions in Sweden

Southern Sweden attracts with a pleasantly mild climate and gentle hilly landscapes. Everywhere you can find the typical red wooden Swedish houses. Southern Sweden is the ideal destination for a beach holiday. There are about 5000 lakes in the Småland province alone. Furthermore, the islands of Öland and Gotland invite you to sunbathe. Central Sweden fascinates not only with cities like Stockholm and Uppsala, but also with never ending forests and the Götakanal, the North and Baltic Sea connects between five lakes. In northern Sweden, you can marvel at snow-covered fairytale landscapes in winter, go dog sledding and experience Northern Lights. With the Kungsleden in Lapland you can also find Sweden’s most famous hiking route here.

The best time to travel for your vacation in an apartment in Sweden

Despite the northern location, the climate in Sweden is relatively mild, thanks to the Gulf Stream. In general, summer is the best time to travel to Sweden. The warm weather enables all kinds of activities in the open air and in the southern parts of the country you can swim in the waters. The longer days in the summer months must also be taken into account. But the snowy winter also has its charm in Sweden. Winter sports enthusiasts can look forward to a wide range of outdoor activities and during the Christmas season for the Festival of the Queen of Lights Lucia on December 13th you can taste the delicious saffron biscuit Lussekat.

Your arrival in Sweden

You can easily travel to Sweden by car from Germany and Austria. Ferries leave from Kiel, Rostock and Travemünde and take you to Malmö, Trelleborg and Gothenburg. Alternatively, you can also drive from Denmark to Sweden via the Øresund Bridge. The advantage of traveling in your own car is that you do not have to restrict yourself as much with your luggage. In addition, you can flexibly explore all the sights of the vast country. The journey is of course faster by plane. The main airport in Sweden is Stockholm-Arlanda, around 40km outside the capital. After landing you can use the Arlanda Express to the city center in just 15 minutes. There are also comfortable bus connections to Scandinavia, for example directly from Berlin to Malmö.

General information for holidays in Sweden

Payment has been made in Sweden with the euro since 2003, so you don’t have to worry about exchange rates or cash exchanges. Because the Scandinavian country is a member of the EU and the Schengen area, the rest of the entry into Sweden is also easy: instead of a visa, a passport or ID card is sufficient. Accompanying cats and dogs However, they also need a bilingual passport, in which clear identification features and valid vaccinations are noted.


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