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Holiday house, Miazzina

  • Object no .: 1320128
  • Miazzina, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 6 persons
  • 150 sqm
  • 3 separate bedrooms

Studio, Pallanza

  • Object no .: 121410
  • Pallanza, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 2 persons
  • 35 sqm

Apartment, Stresa

  • Object no .: 1478747
  • Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 4 people
  • 2 separate bedrooms

Holiday house, Porto Valtravaglia

  • Object no .: 1363579
  • Porto Valtravaglia, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 8 people
  • 170 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Apartment, Mergozzo

  • Object no .: 1299284
  • Mergozzo, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 2 persons
  • 50 sqm
  • 1 separate bedroom

Holiday house, Montorfano

  • Object no .: 845804
  • Montorfano, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 4 people
  • 1 separate bedroom

Apartment, Stresa

  • Object no .: 944548
  • Stresa, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 2 persons
  • 40 sqm
  • 1 separate bedroom

Holiday house, Trarego

  • Object no .: 1250480
  • Trarego, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 3 persons
  • 65 sqm
  • 1 separate bedroom

Apartment, Verbania

  • Object no .: 1413776
  • Verbania, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 10 people, including 2 children allowed
  • 180 sqm
  • 4 separate bedrooms

Studio, Ghiffa

  • Object no .: 1622271
  • Ghiffa, Lake Maggiore, Italy
  • Max. 4 people
  • 50 sqm

Fantastic vacation in the apartment on Lake Maggiore

Lago Maggiore attracts many visitors every year with its refreshing mix of alpine landscape and Mediterranean holiday flair. Lake Maggiore is the second largest lake in Italy, but only about 80% belongs to Italy, the remaining 20% ​​are in Switzerland. So visitors can expect the cultural influences from two countries. The landscape is just as diverse. Majestic mountains, old castles and the deep blue water enchant the guests and leave a picturesque picture of the beautiful and diverse lake in southern Europe.

Discover the diversity of Lake Maggiore

As one of the northern Italian lakes, Lake Maggiore offers a very special landscape that is strongly influenced by the Swiss Alps. High, imposing peaks envelop the deep blue lake in a magical mountain panorama. On a tour around the lake, ancient castles and picturesque, maritime cities catch the eye. Those who like to be active will also be able to spend a wonderful holiday on Lake Maggiore thanks to the extensive range of sports on offer.

View of the lake and mountains from the apartment on Lake Maggiore

TUI Villas offers a large selection of quality holiday apartments around Lake Maggiore. Find the offer that suits you best by searching for specific characteristics. For example, a holiday home by the lake with a garden to spend the day outside with the family and at the same time prepare delicious meals in the kitchen. Or book a finca near the mountain to explore the impressive landscape. For example, climb the Monte Gambarogno in Switzerland. At the top of the mountain there is a unique panoramic view of Lake Maggiore in the west, the slightly higher one Monte Tamaro in the east and the Italian villages in the south.

Sports and leisure activities for the whole family right on the lake

A holiday home on Lake Maggiore is the ideal starting point for various sporting activities on or on the lake. In addition to hikers, the area also attracts climbing fans from all over the world. Ponte Brolla Ticino is a popular climbing area and in the area of ​​Locarno and Gordevino there are numerous bouldering rocks for climbing without a rope. Those who prefer water sports are at the right place on Lake Maggiore. You can try everything from surfing, sailing to water skiing. There are also some idyllic golf courses around the lake, such as the Golf des Illes Borromées at Stresa. For those who want to take to the skies, try hang gliding at Laveno or take a paraglider jump from the almost 2,000 meter high one Monte Tamaro venture out and get to know the landscape from a completely new perspective.

Discover small islands, mystical castles and picturesque beaches

If you like to spend your vacation bathing and sunbathing, you can book a holiday home directly on the beach at Lago Maggiore. The idyllic community of Castelveccana offers a particularly beautiful stretch of beach between palm trees and mountains. But the region also has some sights to offer that are easily accessible from a holiday apartment on Lake Maggiore. The largest of the inland islands in Lake Maggiore can be reached by boat, the Isola Madre. The island is characterized by its lush vegetation with exotic plant varieties and the ancient palazzo. Also in the middle of the water are the ruins of a castle on two small Islands. The Castelli di Cannero is also a real eye-catcher from land – it looks as if it would be swallowed by the lake at any moment.

An apartment on Lake Maggiore in Locarno, Verbania or Cannero

There are some picturesque towns around the Laggo Maggiore. Locarno is located at the foot of the Alps and is known as the warmest city in Switzerland. The sun, which shines an average of 2,300 hours a year, and the cozy atmosphere invite you to linger Piazza Grande in the magical old town. In the Italian part of the lake, on a promontory, there is the "Garden by the lake"Verbania. This epithet comes from the city itself, because there are numerous parks and gardens in Verbania. A visit to the garden is particularly worthwhile Villa Taranto with its approximately 20,000 different plant species. On the west bank of Lake Maggiore lies Cannero, with its mystical castle Castelli di Cannero is an absolute highlight at the lake.

A unique landscape in every season

If you want to vacation in a holiday apartment on Lake Maggiore, you can look forward to a mild, Mediterranean climate. The winters are cool, but the temperatures rarely drop below zero degrees Celsius and there is an enchanting view of the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps. In spring, it slowly approaches 20 degrees – the perfect travel time for hikers and strollers. Water rats should plan their trip from June to September, because then the thermometer rises to 29 degrees Celsius during the day and the water also reaches pleasant bathing temperatures between 19 and 24 degrees Celsius. Autumn in turn lets the nature around the lake shine in golden light and is the ideal time for everyone who loves hiking.

By train or car to the apartment on Lake Maggiore

For all holidaymakers from Germany and Austria there is an arrival by car via the E43 and the San Bernadino tunnel on. From Munich, this path leads to Lake Maggiore in just five to six hours. It should be noted that toll charges apply in Switzerland on this route. Therefore, car travelers should buy a vignette at one of the points of sale in good time. The lake is also easily accessible by train. There are several long-distance connections to Bellinzona every day. From there leads the Gotthard Bahn along the entire eastern shore of the lake.


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