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Our mountain farms and alpine huts offer you a relaxing break with a wonderful panorama. Spending the night high up in the mountains is something very special. Flowering mountain meadows, clear mountain water and a unique silence let you relax, let you forget everyday life. Experience the power of wonderful silence, interrupted only by the cowbells that ring in the day.

As a family, as Pair or as a group, whether hiking, biking, swimming or simply enjoying the sun in a deck chair on the mountain meadow – a holiday on the alpine pasture in Bavaria will be an unforgettable stay for young and old.

Modern alpine huts and mountain farms

The grasses and herbs in the mountains exude an inimitably inviting aroma. This fragrance is associated with the seclusion and the seemingly endless vastness of the mountains. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxing holiday on the mountain pasture. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, enjoy. And if the weather does not play along, you can just as easily relax in the modern accommodation in the alpine hut or the mountain farm.

The offers of our rooms, apartments and alpine huts offer suitable accommodation for every taste and requirement. From original to exclusive, you will find a rich selection with us for your very individual vacation on the alpine pasture.

However, the huts, apartments and rooms have one thing in common: they offer fresh mountain air and unique nature right outside the door. The high altitude of our alpine pastures and mountain farms open up a new world between heaven and earth.

Pure nature invites you to discover and enjoy

The offers of accommodations in the area of ​​holidays on the alpine include alpine huts with overnight accommodation and comfortable facilities, as well as mountain farms, which also have a managed alpine pasture with catering facilities.

In most accommodations, the hiking and cycling trails start right in front of the house. And the skiing routes for downhill and cross-country skiing are often very cheap. The landlords will be happy to provide you with maps or give you tips on hiking tours, cycling tours, the mountain huts in the area and other leisure activities. In some accommodations you will also receive accessories for active holidays, e.g. Walking sticks, sledges or skis.

Holidays on the mountain pasture in a family atmosphere

Enjoy the rustic Bavarian lifestyle in its purest form. And a typical Bavarian snack tastes twice as good on the mountain. A friendly, inviting atmosphere awaits you in our accommodations, where your well-being and relaxation come first.

Whether you are planning a sporty alpine holiday in Bavaria, a family holiday with animals and an insight into the everyday life of mountain farmers or want to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery with the finest regional delicacies – the alpine holiday makes it possible.
And when all the other tourists descend into the valley at the end of the day, just stay there and enjoy the wonderful view, the glow of the Alps and your cozy bed on the mountain pasture.

A little taste of the simple, rustic holiday happiness on the alp? Et al the following farms offer time out with a view:

Renting a rustic hut, which is about 200 meters from the Koch-Hof. The hut is alone on the edge of the forest with a very nice view of the Alps. You can drive to the hut by car and visit the farm at any time – the children can help feed the calves in the stable. There is also a campfire area and a rustic terrace on the courtyard.

The Koch-Hof offers various farm products, e.g. Honey, milk and apple juice. The Nordic Walking Route leads right past the farm.

Features of the hut:

  • approx. 65 sqm
  • suitable for 4 to 5 people
  • cozy kitchen
  • Living room / bedroom

Further information on holidays on the alpine pasture: Alpine holidays at the Koch farm

The farm is in a secluded location on the mountain with a wonderful panoramic view in the middle of nature without through traffic. There are two signposted family hiking trails (E1 and E2) and a circular hiking trail (B3) from the community to Böbing directly at Hof. You will receive numerous hiking maps, including tips for hikes, free of charge from the farm. Mountain railways are also available in the surrounding area. Due to the altitude, there is often snow and with the farm’s own ski lift, a family ski day is particularly suitable.

Other farm features and leisure tips:

  • In the adventure forest, the children meet up for fun meetings in the witch hut
  • Bread service for guests: the ordered bread rolls, pretzels, croissants, homemade yoghurt and milk from the neighboring farm are fresh in the morning at the apartment door
  • Gourmet breakfast can also be booked in the courtyard parlor, for the entire stay (not in the summer and Christmas holidays)
  • the Bromberg Alm is right next to the farm with refreshments
  • once a week, offer a joint evening: depending on the season, liver cheeses, barbecues, Kässpatzen
  • Coffee and cake once a week in the cozy courtyard parlor with fabric prints using old wooden models

Features of the hut:

  • The hut can be reached on foot or by tractor
  • there are two rooms: one with corner seats and a kitchenette and a bedroom with bunk beds, and also an outhouse
  • in summer, stop off with the guests on a hike with the owners of the farm – eat sausages and enjoy a cool beer
  • alternatively, guests can also use the hut for themselves and have a snack there and enjoy the wonderful view
  • Additional hut at the biopool: for sociable laps and a fantastic view

Further information on holidays on the alpine pasture: Alm vacation at the Bussjägerhof

Jachenau – Tölzer Land

The farm has two alpine pastures that are not managed, but are still used as "real" alpine pastures, i.e. the young cattle spend the summer up there. If possible, the guests can also take a “supply trip” with the jeep to the mountain pasture. The owners of the farm also give holidaymakers lots of tips for their hikes in and around the beautiful Jachenau.

Characteristics of the pastures:

Grabenalm at an altitude of 900 meters: approx. 45 minutes walk from the courtyard. From the Rotwand you have a wonderful view of the whole Jachenau. The animals only spend a few weeks here before and after the actual alpine season.

Hintere Scharnitzalm at 1400 meters altitude: Accessible on a two-hour hike from the farm. The magnificent Karwendel panorama awaits as a reward. The alpine hut has been renovated again and again and is located directly below the Benediktenwand. The “Koima” stay here three Months and are looked after by the dairyman, who has neither hot water nor electricity. Unfortunately, there is no place to stay and stop for a bite to eat, but those who walk 15 minutes to the Bichler Alm will be well catered for in the summer months.

Further information on holidays on the alpine pasture: Alpine holidays at the Lettnerhof

A special holiday experience awaits you on the "Steinberg-Alm": You can easily reach it by car in the middle of the beautiful hiking area Hochfelln / Maria-Eck at 1000 meters above sea level, 2.5 kilometers from the farm.

Numerous hikes and mountain bike tours can be started directly from the alpine hut. And for those who are no longer so fit on foot, the middle station of the Hochfelln cable car can be reached on foot in 30 minutes.

A paradise for children too – here they can experience nature. There are meadows and forests around the Alm, ideal for small Discoverers. Whether building a house in the forest or splashing by the stream, there is a lot of space to run around and play. There is also a game reserve and a children’s playground in the immediate vicinity. Switch off and enjoy quiet summer evenings on the terrace with a barbecue.

Whether with snowshoes, ski touring equipment or on foot – a winter fairy tale for everyone who wants to find untouched nature. End the day with a Bavarian snack at a warm wood stove and a crackling fire.

Features of the hut:

  • Alpine holidays with comfort
  • Living room with a tiled stove
  • fully equipped kitchen with oven, hob and wood stove
  • Shower, toilet, separate toilet
  • 2 separate bedrooms (1 double bed and 1 bunk bed each) for max. 8 people
  • 100 m² living space
  • Washing machine, satellite TV, stereo
  • South terrace with mountain panorama
  • Bed linen and towels free of charge

Further information on holidays on the alpine pasture: Alpine holidays at the Steinberger Hof

Lenggries – Tölzer Land

Our Alm can be reached on foot in two hours from the farm. Or more convenient with the Brauneck cable car. There is a free ascent and descent. Who in summer between 1.6. and the 15.10. If you book two weeks of vacation at the country house, you can stay one night for free on the mountain pasture.

The young cattle spend the summer on the mountain pasture from the beginning of June to the end of September. There are also young cattle on the neighboring pastures, and even horses and cows at a neighboring pasture. In a 30-minute walk, guests can reach another alp, where cheese is still made.

Features of the hut / mountain pasture:

  • Alm is not managed
  • There is catering on the farm, but not on the mountain pasture. At the farm there is bread service and drinks service.
  • There is electricity, running cold water and a flush toilet.
  • Dishes, wood stove, etc. are available

Experiences in the area:

  • Hiking in all levels and levels of difficulty
  • Free ascent and descent with the mountain railway
  • wonderful view from the mountains
  • paragliding
  • many farmed and rustic huts on the Brauneck and also on other mountains all around
  • Hiking over the mountain e.g. to Tegernsee incl. alpine pasture combined with boat trip and return by train
  • Winter: ski area starts 700 m behind the house

Further information on holidays on the alpine pasture: Alpine holidays at the Streidl holiday farm

Our pasture is managed by ourselves. Not as a restaurant or for overnight stays, but the special thing is that our cows are milked by us on the mountain pasture in the summer months. Our guests can go to the alpine pasture for milking in the morning or evening. Furthermore, all of our young cattle are also on the mountain pasture. If the weather and work allow, we take a tour in the evening with our guests to the mountain pasture area on a bench with a beautiful sunset (no fixed dates).

Features of the hut / mountain pasture:

  • Reachable on foot in 20 minutes from the farm
  • active management

Further information on holidays on the alpine pasture: Alm vacation at the Estermannhof

Our farm in the valley has its own alp on which our cows are all summer. They are milked there too. On the alp, hikers are spoiled with home-made cakes and hearty snacks.

Features of the hut / mountain pasture:

  • Alpe actively managed in summer
  • Refreshments and snacks

Further information on holidays on the alpine pasture: Alpine holidays at the Dengel farm


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