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When looking for a holiday apartment in Neuharlingersiel, you will find what you are looking for in the center of town, which is located directly behind the coastline. In the center of the village you live between the North Sea and the Neuharlinger Sielief amidst picturesque green areas in modern furnished holiday homes, which were built in the regionally typical brick style. On site, you will benefit in particular from the tranquility and tranquility of Neuharlingersiel and from the fact that you can easily reach restaurants, shops and the most important sights on foot. In addition, it is only a stone’s throw from your holiday home to the wide sandy beach.

A holiday home in the hinterland

If you like it a little quieter, you can hit his Tents outside of the center in the Gross Holum district. A few kilometers inland you will find numerous cozy holiday homes that offer more than enough space for the whole family or larger travel groups. In addition, a holiday home in the hinterland is also ideal as a base for active vacationers or a vacation with a dog. You live particularly idyllically in one of the restored farmhouses, which, with their stables and thatched roofs, seem to have fallen out of time.

Vacation in Neuharlingersiel

Travelers and activities

Beach in Neuharlingersiel

Neuharlingersiel can rightly be called a family paradise. This is not least due to the long sandy beaches, which invite you to swim, dig and relax with their shallow surf. Children who want to get rid of their parents for a few hours on vacation will find like-minded people in the lighthouse club. Theme days, fishing trips and boat tours are just the tip of the iceberg. The offer for families is rounded off by covered wagon rides through the Frisian coastal landscape, accompanied horse riding excursions to the heath and a visit to the sea water indoor pool not far from your apartment in Neuharlingersiel.

Neuharlingersiel for active vacationers

The wide range of activities in Neuharlingersiel leaves nothing to be desired for active holidaymakers. Starting with hiking or walking on the seven health and athletic paths of the village, kitesurfing on the North Sea to cycling in the idyllic landscape, everything your heart desires is on offer. Get particularly close to the locals in the traditional East Frisian folk sport, the Boßeln. If you don’t want to miss this experience, you should book your holiday home in Neuharlingersiel for the spring months of March and April.

useful information

The maritime climate on the North Sea ensures mild temperatures in winter, but also means that the travel season does not start until the end of May, when at least six hours of sunshine are reached. The travel season extends well into September over the summer months. However, if you are looking for a beach and beach holiday in Neuharlingersiel, you should book your holiday apartment for July or August, when the North Sea is around 18 centigrade reached a refreshing bathing temperature.

Regular events

Since the main travel season extends to the warm season, most event highlights also focus on the time between May and October. In addition to the summer night crowned with fireworks in the BadeWerk garden and the beach party at Funny Beach in July, the highlights also include the light festival in Sielhof Park in October. While small soccer players can look forward to the children’s summer school of the Bundesliga soccer team Hannover 96 in August, shipping enthusiasts are drawn to the traditional crab cutter regatta in August.

The ZDF series "Doctor Martin" was shot in Neuharlingersiel.

Top 5 travel tips

Harbor with crab boats, Neuharlingersiel

Translated from Greek, thalasso means something like the power of the sea. Allow yourself to be given this strength and relax as part of an extensive wellness program at the Neuharlingersiel bathing plant, where besides massages, algae packs and baths await you.

Walking on the sea floor

If there is something that is as much a part of a holiday on the North Sea coast as the obligatory fish sandwich at the harbor, it is an extensive mudflat hike. Roll up your trouser legs and either go alone or accompanied by an experienced mud flap guide and discover the uniqueness of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Excursion to the bottle ship museum

A very special shipping museum is located directly at the quay not far from your apartment in Neuharlingersiel. Immerse yourself in the world of bottle ships and learn interesting details about the construction of these small works of art.

At sea with a real crab cutter

Tourist steamers were yesterday. If you want to experience the shipping on the North Sea as authentically as possible, you can board a fish or crab cutter in the port of Neuharlingersiel and head for the seal banks with an experienced fur seal. As part of such a day trip, which takes up to seven hours, you can also be there live when the fishermen catch up with their nets and land the treasures of the sea on deck.

A detour to Wilhelmshaven

The city of Wilhelmshaven is the cultural center of the region and always worth a visit. On site is waiting for you not only the city’s landmark, the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge, but also a variety of interesting museums. These include the Wadden Sea House, the German Navy Museum, the Coastal Museum and the municipal aquarium.


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