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Holidays with children during the summer holidays in Germany

Why wander far when the good is so close? It doesn’t always have to be Mallorca or Gran Canaria if there is still so much to discover in our home!

Germany has been our most popular holiday destination for many years – a trend that is continuing. And for good reason – we live in a beautiful, diverse country. In Germany there is everything your heart desires – open sea, inland sea, low mountain range, high mountain range, beautiful river landscapes and historic cities.

Summer vacation with children in Germany – the most beautiful destinations

Germany is perfect for a summer vacation with children because it has something to offer. Very high in the course:

  • North and east Sea
  • Allgäu
  • Lake Constance
  • Mecklenburg Lake District
  • Low mountains such as the Black Forest, Bavarian Forest, Harz

For many – especially smaller – children there is nothing better than digging for hours in the sand and bathing in the cool water of the Baltic and North Sea. What should not be missing is a suitable bag or a suitable backpack in which the necessary beach utensils can be stowed. Backpacks are well suited for beach days, as they also serve as a pillow replacement. In addition, tablets, books, smartphones, drinks, iPod and much more can be accommodated in them, so that the day at the beach is really fun. They are also practical on a mudflat hike through the Wadden Sea National Park or on a trip to the seals.

Holidays on the German coasts are ideal for families. Both the Baltic Sea and the North Sea have shallow and child-friendly beaches, so parents don’t have to worry about the safety of their children.

Many families are drawn to the mountains with their children. Whether in the Allgäu or in the Thuringian Forest – hiking and relaxing in the healthy mountain air is pure relaxation. But if it should be something unusual, then maybe you can take the pedal houseboat over the Ruhr. The program "Wunderschön" from WDR shows how exciting a small, adventurous holiday in the middle of the Ruhr area can be.

Family hotels, holiday parks and campsites for small budgets

Holiday parks, campsites and family hotels are very popular for a vacation with children. There is a good selection of them in all corners of Germany. While the little ones bathe or play, the parents also have some time for themselves. And another plus – these accommodations are often very family-friendly in terms of price and equipment. Families spare the holiday budget and can take some extra trips with the children and explore the area.

Vacation in Bavaria – for many the epitome of vacation in Germany

Summer holidays with children in Germany – the advantages

In addition to the many beautiful destinations, a holiday in Germany offers many other advantages. These are:

  • easy and quick access to the holiday destination
  • moderate temperatures
  • no long exhausting flights and no jet lag
  • No queuing at the check-in counter, at worst at dawn
  • no endlessly long car trips towards the Mediterranean

Another advantage is the language. Nobody has to fear misunderstandings, nobody has to make do with more or less good English or even hands and feet. The vacationers understand the hosts and they are understood. For the children – and of course also for the adults – this is a great relief not only in the beach café or in the museum, but also when establishing contacts with other holidaymakers.

Good planning – the most important step to a perfect summer vacation with children

A successful vacation starts with the right organization. The first question that arises is – how do families with their children best get there? There are regularly attractive offers for families at Deutsche Bahn. Even so, for convenience and flexibility, most families choose the car when they go on summer vacation.

The choice of vacation home is very important. Child friendliness is not capitalized in all hotels or apartments. A careful comparison is therefore always worthwhile. A look at the reviews of the accommodation can also be very helpful.

With a little foresighted planning and careful preparation, the summer vacation with the children is guaranteed to be what it should be – namely the best time of the year!

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