Vacation with children in norway

Family vacation in Norway? Perfect! The rascals on the back seat will announce at the latest on the "Adventure Road" from Oslo to Bergen: Norway is the most amazing country in the world.

Lonely huts, extensive plateaus, sleepy fishing villages, forest as far as the eye can see, hours of hiking in untouched nature, multi-day car trips without encountering even a human soul: This is what it looks like, the nightmare of every holidaymaker that has become a reality – well, let’s be generous – a height of less than one meter.

Norway’s nature invites you to go for walks with your child

Admittedly, going on a trip to Norway with children sounds like a pretty big challenge. After all, little holidaymakers don’t want to recover from the stress of the office by marveling at breathtaking landscapes or hanging their legs into the water on rugged fjord coasts. You want to experience something. But where could they do that better than in Norway?

Norway is not Disneyland. But there is at least as much to discover here. Here you can go on moose safaris, enjoy wonderful swimming afternoons in crystal-clear freshwater lakes, listen to wonderful troll stories around the campfire, watch real lynxes in the forest and climb a tree house in the tops of a 200-year-old pine tree (in Brumund). Not the travel destination itself, but the route planning alone should be carefully considered before departure in order to avoid the agonizing inquiries ("Mom, when are we finally there?") From the back seat of the family car.

Playgrounds on every corner

A remarkable number of tourist offers in Norway advertise with a "child-friendly atmosphere": In general, this is also to be understood as an indication of good playing opportunities. Little tourists are also thought of on the ferries to Norway. Play corners are a matter of course. Likewise on the fjord ferries and Hurtigruten ships, in banks, trains or at airports. In restaurants there are of course baby changing rooms and highchairs, children’s menus are on the menu and no guest in Norway will ever complain about lively little guests. It is a very child-friendly country.

The most popular form of vacation for families is still vacation in a vacation home. Because children love to live in their own red wooden house top, roof Grass grows that has a sauna in the living room and an oven in the middle of the kitchen. All day long you can romp around outside, build dams, collect berries, let stones slide over the water surface of the adjacent lake, fish for cod. A small boat belongs to almost every hut. There is no need for a special animation program. Children enjoy the free space in front of the door. And there are indeed enough of those in Norway.

Adventure ride through the south

If all of this is too sedentary, there is a network of almost 92,000 kilometers of well-developed European roads and smaller country roads along which Norway can be explored. The so-called “Adventure Road” (Eventyrveien) from Oslo to Bergen is popular with families. Strictly speaking, there are even several routes through southern Norway, which have been summarized by the tourism authorities only under the sounding name. No matter which one you choose: All of them lead over almost 500 kilometers through the wild heart of Norway, crossing the regions of Hallingdal, the Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord and offer a good cross-section of the country.

The route means a lot of variety for small holidaymakers. Not just from the car window. Because there are many exciting milestones that can be controlled. For example the "Vassfaret Bjørnepark": In Vassfaret there were wild bears until 1972. today About seven bears live with elk, deer and many other animals in a large enclosure park. If you want to see wolves, reindeer, arctic foxes and lynx up close, you should take a side trip to the “E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park ”in Tunhovd. The wildlife park is 1000 meters above sea level and is home to around 25 different animal species. From here you have a wonderful view of the surrounding lakes and mountains between Numedal and Hallingdal.

Biggest troll in the world is waiting for children to visit

Norway is a hiker’s paradise. When accompanied by children, panoramic tours on foot are only advisable to a limited extent. The same applies to bike tours. Some have ridden the bikes on the car roof for a whole vacation because most of the routes are too steep and exhausting for small children’s legs. So that the feet do not fall asleep, a family trip to one of the mighty waterfalls could be compromised. The “Voringfossen waterfall” in Hardanger is particularly worth seeing because of its exceptionally large drop height of 145 meters. A visit to one of the traditional farms or mountain farms will be fun for the whole family. Typical Norwegian specialties can be tasted on many mountain pastures or you can watch cheese making. It is best to ask here at the local tourist office.

Anyone who travels to the south of Norway and comes to Kristiansand should definitely pay a visit to the residents of the fairytale town "Kardemomme By". The famous children’s book by the Norwegian Torbjorn Egner has become a reality in the miniature city. If you leave the adventure route to the north, you should not miss the "Hunderfossen" family park. Located 13 kilometers north of Lillehammer, you can admire the largest troll in the world here: 14 meters high – when he’s sitting!
When they reach the destination of the adventure route, families in Bergen can expect a city that is officially classified as “child-friendly”. On your own website interesting offers for children are updated regularly. Who would doubt the family vacation country Norway?.


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