Vacation with children in sweden – perfect family vacation

Hej Pippi Longstocking – family vacation in Sweden

Sweden is ideal for holidays with children. In this category we have put together information about everything you can experience on your family vacation in Sweden. The main focus is of course on Småland, the paradise for children’s dreams. Astrid Lindgren, the inventor of the children from Bullerbü, Pippi Langstrumpf and Karlsson from the roof, comes from Småland. The original film locations of the children’s films can be found here, and Katthult can be visited as well as the Astrid Lindgrens Värld amusement park. But the rest of Sweden also has a lot to offer children.
For the family holiday Sweden is ideal with children for several reasons. The temperatures are mild in summer, the journey is easy to manage by car and the supply of hospitals and well-trained doctors is good. So your vacation with children in Sweden is safe.
In addition, there is something for children and the whole family to experience almost everywhere. Amusement parks, events and a diverse nature.
Here you will find all tips for your vacation with children in Sweden:

With the raft on the Klarälven river

Rafting in Sweden is a great adventure in Swedish nature. On the Klarälv river you can build a wooden raft under supervision, put a tent on it and then the adventure with the whole family enjoy [… read more]

Amusement park in Stockholm for the whole family – Gröna Lund

Amusement park in Stockholm for the whole family – Gröna Lund Sweden’s oldest amusement park for the whole family Gröna Lund, the amusement park in Stockholm, is located right on the water near the city in Djurgården. In 1883, the Berlin carpenter built [… read more]

Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby, Småland

All dreams come true in Astrid Lindgren’s World in Vimmerby. Here the children are fun according to the Swedish principle and not balled up like in a Disney Park according to American principles. Astrid Lindgren’s world is a beautiful [… read more]

Camping in Sweden

Camping in Sweden is simple and convenient, but a little different than ours. On the one hand there is the right of everyone, on the other hand there are a number of beautifully situated campsites in Sweden. Most are [… read more]

Amusement park in Gothenburg – Liseberg

Amusement park in Gothenburg – Liseberg Amusement park in Gothenburg for the whole family Liseberg, the amusement park in Gothenburg is the largest amusement park in Sweden. It was opened on the occasion of the anniversary exhibition in 1923 and operates 41 rides and [… read more]

Vacation at the lake in Sweden – swimming, fishing, rowing

Sweden Holidays by the lake – 1,000 opportunities for the whole family A holiday in Sweden can be great at one of the almost 100,000 lakes. If Finland is the land of 1,000 lakes, then [… read more]

Vimmerby in Småland – go on holiday with the family

Vimmerby in Småland – family vacation in Sweden This is Astrid Lindgren’s world and therefore a paradise for children – Vimmerby Vimmerby in Småland is the birthplace of the world’s most popular children’s book author – Astrid Lindgren. And thus [… read more]

Family vacation in Sweden

Here you will find information about yours Family vacation in Sweden. Make your children’s dream come true and meet Pippi Longstocking with your children, collect wild strawberries, experience a day on a lake and go rollercoaster in a [… read more]


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