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Happy vacation days with young children

Encounter with Carinthia

Carinthia – all year round! Swimming fun and winter fun, excursion destinations and wonderful nature: just perfect for your vacation with small children!

A vacation with young children needs to be well planned. After all, the happiness of the parents also depends on the satisfaction of the kids. Anyone who has children knows what is meant! The young and youngest of us love to discover the world together with mom and dad. A world that is full of big and small adventures and simply doesn’t happen in boredom.

Finding such a vacation destination is not a big art, at least in Austria. Carinthia, the state located in the very south of the Alpine Republic, offers pretty much everything you could want for a vacation with small children. Your little ones can splash around and play for hours on the wonderfully warm, crystal-clear bathing lakes in summer, while letting the charming mountain backdrop soak in the background. And in winter you will find the most beautiful ski areas here, where your children can make their first attempts on the popular boards – the Carinthian ski schools and ski instructors have fully adjusted to this young but demanding clientele!

Summer vacation in Carinthia – always a success with small children

Variety is the magic word when children are involved. And this is definitely the case with a leisurely bike tour. Whether in the child seat or in one of the cool bike trailers – children love to be rocked through the landscape. Even small hikes across blooming alpine meadows with a hearty snack at the alpine hut are always an experience for children. Flowers and blueberries are picked and there are insects to be seen as well as ruminating cows.

In the warm season, of course, the focus is always on bathing pleasure – and with it everything else you can do on the water: a fun rowboat ride, for example, or maybe a trip by boat on Lake Wörthersee or Millstätter See. In between, there are also plenty of excursion destinations – adventure pools, castles and palaces, adventure parks, and and and: This vacation will keep your little children shining eyes and enthusiastic stories even weeks afterwards!

Carefree days in the snow – learn to love Carinthia in winter!

Building snowmen, tobogganing, sliding over ice and sledding: children love winter! Wrapped up warm and with rosy cheeks, they discover the white splendor – especially the little ones and little ones can no longer escape their amazement. And skiing first! You want to try that out! In the Carinthian ski areas – the best known are the Katschberg, the St. Oswald ski arena, the Nassfeld, the Mölltal glacier or the Ankogel area – you will find an infrastructure that is fully geared to the little ski stars of tomorrow. Ski schools with ski kindergartens, ski rentals where you can rent all the equipment for your children in the best quality and practice slopes near the valley. You will see: Even young children can have fun learning one of the most popular sports in our latitudes!

Look forward to a carefree and eventful vacation with your small children. Carinthia will delight you all!

Family vacation in Carinthia

Exciting destinations, undisturbed bathing fun and magical experiences in nature. This is what a family vacation in Carinthia feels like. Discover numerous holiday offers in Carinthia.

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