Vacation with the dog

Vacation with the dog

Would you like to go on vacation with your dog? No problem – your four-legged friend is very welcome at our country houses in Bavaria. Your dog can really let off steam on the extensive meadows and paths. The dog-friendly farms, holiday homes and apartments in Allgäu, Franconia, Upper Bavaria, Upper Palatinate and the Bavarian Forest are perfectly prepared for a farm holiday with a dog, e.g. with blankets, towels and dog toys.

Feel-good holiday with your four-legged friend – an unforgettable holiday is guaranteed for all family members on a farm holiday with a dog. By the way, you can also do wonderful wellness with your dog at the Blauer Gockel courtyards.

Dog-friendly farms and country houses

Enough space for all guests on vacation on a farm with a dog

Many of our dog-friendly farms and farms in Bavaria are in a secluded location or on the outskirts or in the immediate vicinity of forests, fields and meadows. The location of the farm alone usually offers the best conditions for a farm holiday with a dog. Here he can romp around as he likes, explore nature and find a lot of new friends – four-legged friends as well as two-legged friends.

Whether a room, holiday apartment or holiday home in Bavaria with a dog – the dog-friendly accommodations offer enough space for young and old guests. So there is usually an extra basket for your dog in the apartment or the landlords offer blankets as a bed. There are also some farms with kennels for overnight stays or with a fenced area. The family of the rental property will be happy to provide you with information about accommodation options and accessories for a holiday on a farm with a dog.

Large range of leisure activities around farm holidays with dogs

No big city noise, no concrete buildings, no stuffy air – instead there is pure nature, letting go of everyday life, taking a deep breath for dogs, owners and mistresses. Finally everyone can really go on vacation together and really enjoy their vacation. Because on vacation with a dog in the Allgäu, in Upper Bavaria or another region from our farm offer everyone has a lot more time for each other and can use it for common activities. And there is no shortage of activities when it comes to farm holidays with dogs.

The dog-friendly courtyards have designed their leisure activities for dog owners and their fur noses. Guided hikes, bike tours and generous seating and lounging opportunities outdoors guarantee that your dog can always be with you during the activities and feel comfortable on vacation.

Holidaymakers with dogs are very welcome at our country houses in Franconia, in the Allgäu, in the Bavarian Forest and in Upper Bavaria. Just take a look at the dog-friendly offers for farm, holiday home and holiday apartment and find the perfect accommodation for your holiday with your dog in Bavaria.

Holidays with dogs from the Allgäu to the Bavarian Forest

Tips for dog-friendly farms

Below you will find a small selection of our farms with special offers and services for an eventful, relaxing farm holiday with your dog. In addition to dog toys, there are Treats for the arrival, bathing pond, dog training or cards for walks with your dog.

Alxing – Munich surroundings, Upper Bavaria

The Garnreiter family welcomes you and your dog to the dairy farm, which is beautifully situated on the Brucker Moos. The hosts have a dog and many other animals. You can go on extensive hiking tours with your dog directly from the farm.

Further information on holidays with your dog: Holidays on the Doima farm

Bärnau – Upper Palatinate Forest

The country house has the following special features for holidays with dogs:

  • Family vacation with dog
  • Treats for the dog on arrival
  • Apartment with terrace with direct access to the fenced garden
  • Pond where the dog can swim
  • Large meadow for exercise
  • Direct hiking and walking trails from the farm
  • no dog in the yard

Further information on holidays with your dog: Holidays on the Ferienhof-Frank

Comfortable yard with 4-star operation, dog meadow, 6 dog apartments (kennel), large garden.

In addition, you can expect a vacation in Gmeinder’s country house for the four-legged friend:

  • Feeding bowl, droppings bag, kennel with straw and sawdust
  • Hiking opportunities directly from the farm – forest and stream directly at the farm
  • Access directly to the garden
  • Bathing at Niedersonthofer See, three dog pitches about 15 km away
  • Own dog in the yard
  • Dog schools use the property of the country house for training

Further information about holidays with your dog: Holidays in Gmeinder’s Landhaus

Bernau am Chiemsee

Free “dog package” from the Seimehof:

1 food bowl, 2 dog towels, dog information folder, waste bags, packing list and rental dog toys: Kong, Boomer food ball, Kong Dentalstick

Additional amenities for guests and dogs:

  • Washing area with warm water
  • If the other guests do not mind (ask / arrange beforehand), dogs are also allowed in the bathing pond. Alternatively, there is also a carp pond next to the swimming pond, where the dogs can swim at any time.
  • Free dog information folder contains: Tips for walks from the farm (with maps), hiking suggestions, bathing spots, excursion destinations with dogs, dog-friendly restaurants, correct behavior on pastures with cattle, veterinarian / clinic, feed shops, dog school, dog physiotherapy, dog hairdresser and much more.

There are 2 holiday apartments available for guests with dogs on the Seimehof:

Apartments "Kathrin" (70 m², ground floor with its own terrace) or "Sabine" (75 m², 3rd floor with its own large balcony)
The hosts have their own four-legged friends: the Labrador crossbreed "Gina".

Further information on holidays with dogs: Holidays on the Seimehof

The dog-friendly Ferienhof Lipp offers everything for a relaxing family holiday with a dog:

  • "dirt-resistant" Entrance area where dog owners can dry and / or clean their fur noses after the walk with a sink and the possibility to hang up the dirty towels
  • Own dog toilet with bag dispenser at the parking lot
  • Documents on site for water and feed bowls, bowls are available on request
  • Vacuum cleaner is available at all times
  • Many walking and hiking trails from the farm

More information about holidays with your dog from the farm: Holidays at the Lipp holiday farm

On the Alpen-Echo Ferienhof you and your four-legged friend can expect a large meadow with plenty of exercise right at the house. There are several dog stations in the area as well as numerous meadow and forest paths directly from the farm. Other leisure activities include swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing, skiing and much more. In the neighboring town there is a dog school with supervision.

Further information on holidays with your dog: Holidays on the Alpen-Echo Ferienhof

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