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Paws deep in the sand and off you go

The Baltic Sea offers dog owners perfect vacation spot, because it is very versatile and easily accessible by car. Whether extensive hiking tours or short walks on the beach, the beautiful landscape of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein has something to offer for everyone. The island of Rügen offers many discovery tours to the various sights such as the Jasmund National Park, where dogs have to be kept on a lead, but which promises wonderful hikes. On Usedom, the various Baltic Sea resorts are particularly attractive for sightseeing tours followed by a walk on the beach.

Around 100 dog beaches: romp, splash and more

The four-legged family member gets his money’s worth on the numerous dog beaches along the German Baltic Sea coast. But of course, mistresses and mistresses can either relax and watch their darling romp around with other dogs, or simply enjoy being together in a quiet atmosphere on the dog beaches with a leash.
In many Restaurants and apartments well-behaved dogs are now allowed and with their owners welcome guests.
And if you like it a little more active, just look for guided dog walks or look for your own Paths through charming bays and forest areas. A visit to Meck-Pomms first is particularly recommended Dog wood near Rövershagen with about 8 hectares of fenced area!

Notes on the search form

Finding accommodation with a dog is sometimes a little difficult. With the help of our search criteria, the suitable apartments can be quickly filtered out.

    in the search form above there is already a tick at "Pets allowed“Set to only see accommodations where there is at least possible is to take a dog

In the search results can then be select further criteria:

is your dog older or has no stairs? Check "Single storey“Does your dog like to go hiking? Choose "Fenced property"

But Attention: unfortunately "pet allowed" does not mean, that any size or number of dogs is welcome. A small clue provides a first cluei“Next to the paw in the features of each apartment.

Unfortunately, there are also hosts who own one of your properties fenced plot speak though it not fenced to prevent escape or there is no lockable garden gate.
If you are not sure whether the selected apartment meets your desired criteria, please contact us before booking

Holder of several or very large dogs should generally inquire once before booking whether the four-legged friends are welcome.

Most often for the dog additional fee due. How high this is and whether it is per night or as a flat fee for pet cleaning is very much dependent on the landlord.

Behavior in the accommodation

So that the hosts continue to face dog owners open and friendly some basic rules in the accommodations should be observed. Because mostly the flats are not exclusively inhabited by dog ​​owners, but also by people without pets. If a wet dog was previously lying on the couch or in bed, the smell remains in the material even after departure and cleaning.
For one respectful handling of the rented apartment we therefore ask for it,

    not to let the dog lie on the furniture

Even if the four-legged friend is used to at home, he can understand that it is not wanted in the new environment. It’s best to bring a pillow or basket for him.

to dry the dog

If it should rain or the dog is still wet from swimming in the sea, please dry it thoroughly before entering the apartment, so that no water when shaking & Can land dirt on the wall.

not to leave the dog alone

Being alone at home works without problems? Unfortunately, this is no guarantee that it will work in someone else’s apartment. Unusual noises and smells can upset a dog so much that it barks or gnaws the furniture out of frustration. Therefore, the dog should not be left alone in the holiday home.

Packing list for dog owners

Anyone who rarely travels with the dog likes to rack their brains beforehand as to whether they have thought of everything. As a little support we have listed the most important things:

    Collar / harness with dog tag leash basket / pillow / sleeping place dog towel lining bowls (if it is not already known whether there is an alternative solution in the accommodation) Toys & Treats or chews

Of course, other things may be necessary depending on the type of travel or breed / character of the dog, z. B. tow line, muzzle, brush or a GPS tracker.

In addition, it is very helpful in case of an emergency Find the nearest veterinarian to be able to keep a cool head in a stressful situation.

Cast off – where and when it’s allowed

The numerous endless sandy beaches invite four-legged friends to romp wildly. In the low season this is possible without problems on almost all beaches in the peak season but applies Linen compulsory almost everywhere on the coast and for the most part even a general dog ban.
But not on the dog beaches, where you can splash around in the sea to your heart’s content all year round. Some municipalities have also imposed a leash here, but the fur nose is allowed on most dog beaches linenless freedom enjoy.
In our overview map, you can find out whether there are dog beaches at your desired travel destination before you travel. For the island of Rügen and the island of Usedom, we have put together separate information and a map.

The best time to travel with a dog: the low season

Because dogs in high season only allowed on the designated dog beaches are and they are not allowed to be taken to the other beach sections on a leash best time for holidays with dogs low season in autumn, winter and early spring.

Especially on the Bay of Lübeck:
    Low season open from November 1st to March 31st, may be subject to a line requirement from the municipalities

Especially on Schleswig-Holstein:
    Low season from November 1st to March 31st open without restrictions, if necessary, the municipalities may have to wear a leash

Especially on the island of Rügen
    Low season from October 1st to April 31st Rope fun without a leash on all beaches

Especially on the island of Usedom:
    Low season allowed from October 1st to March 31st with a leash on all beaches

Who his darling in summer want to take to the coast with you, so you should check out the local area beforehand Rules in place and inform on the dog beach so that the holiday for dog and person is equally relaxing and stress-free.

New Year’s Eve on the Baltic Sea

New Year’s Eve is not a joy for the majority of the four-legged friends, neither for domestic pets nor for wild animals. The noise and the bright lights in the sky together with the smell of smoke and fire are disturbing for the animals.
Large cities with dogs in particular are increasingly looking for a way to get through the New Year without much fanfare. The Baltic Sea seems to be an ideal place for that, yes Attention: especially the bigger ones Baltic Sea resorts organize fireworks and celebrations on New Year’s Eve at the beach. And since there are or can be unteachable in every place, there are only a few tips for finding a suitable holiday apartment and the right holiday destination for a quiet and relaxing New Year’s Eve:

    the more lonely the place, the greater the chance that it will remain calm within nature reserves, the quieter the more thatched roof houses in the surrounding area, the sooner fireworks will not be lit or the more likely it will be prohibited (e.g. on the islands) Sylt & Amrum in the North Sea)

General information to make it easier for the beloved pet to change the year:

    Walks should take place a few days before New Year’s Eve only on a leash noise sensitive dogs always take place secure twice, preferably with a safety harness on December 31st. the last lap in the early afternoon go inside the TV or put the music out loud, if possible the Close curtains or shuttersExude calm and serenity and neither pity nor ignore the dog

Especially on vacation, the dog should always have one Brand on the collar wear and at best also in Pet registry registered be because he will not find home alone in the foreign environment.

Tourist tax for the four-legged friend?

In the past few years, some places have started to charge a tourist tax for dogs. The tourist tax for people explains the places with the creation of tourist infrastructure such as sports facilities, wellness facilities or parks as well as the use of lifeguards and the regular cleaning of the villages.
The tourist tax for dogs is levied, for example Kotbeutelstationen to set up in place and on the beach and the Grooming dog beach.
The Spa tax for dogs varies between places € 0.50 – € 1.00 per day.
Here it is current applicable:

    Ruegen Island

In Baabe, Binz, Breege / Juliusruh, Glowe, Göhren, Thiessow, Middelhagen / Alt-Reddevitz / Lobbe and Sellin.

Usedom Island

In Karlshagen and Zinnowitz.


The most beautiful dog beaches on the Baltic Sea

The team dogs have tested along the coast and share their experiences.


On the beach section towards Neustadt – small but nice for paddling fans
In Pelzerhaken there are three dog beaches at the same time, so cooling off is always ensured when walking along the promenade. The beach sections are not all huge, but there are also beach chairs in the village and for a little fun, swimming and digging it is always enough. In the gently sloping water, especially paddling fans or (still) non-swimmers get their money’s worth. The village is also an ideal starting point for a visit to the nearby Neustadt or for small bike tours to Grömitz or Kellenhusen.

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