Vacation with your dog – vacation with your four-legged friend, directly

Vacation with your dog - vacation with your four-legged friend, directly

Vacation with a dog – vacation with pets

Simply take your dog with you on vacation instead of handing it over to the animal boarding house or to relatives. He feels most comfortable with you and you can enjoy the best time of the year without feeling guilty. Many landlords of holiday apartments and holiday homes also think about the needs of their animal holidaymakers and keep dog baskets, food bowls & Co. ready.

The best time of the year is just around the corner and everyone should be there too – including your dog, after all, it belongs to the family. And because word got around that there are many travel destinations where dogs are allowed, more and more Germans are taking their four-legged friends to their vacation home. Of course, the vacation with the dog should be planned carefully.

For example, the necessary vaccinations should be refreshed and the European pet ID card should be packed. Holiday house with dog instead of animal boarding – with this holiday program tail wagging is guaranteed. Whether for mountain hiking to Bavaria or to the beaches of the North and Baltic Sea, the dog must and can also go with it. Germany is one of the most popular travel destinations anyway, and it is literally ideal for a vacation with a dog. The journey is limited in time and the climate is tolerable for the four-legged friends. The neighboring countries Denmark and Italy are also dog-friendly and offer holiday homes where dogs are allowed. The four-legged friends are not only allowed in many regions, but are expressly welcome and he is also allowed to jump into the sea on more and more beaches. The number of dog beaches has increased significantly in recent years.

With one click you will get to our holiday homes, there you can easily narrow down your search results with the detail filter in the left column according to your wishes.

Vacation with a dog on the North Sea

The German North Sea coast is the ideal vacation region where you can enjoy your vacation carefree with your dog. The mainland with its offshore islands invites you to take long hikes through the Wadden Sea. The world is still fine here. Humans and animals live side by side and enjoy nature. Flat hiking and biking trails invite you to extensive tours with the whole family including four-legged friends.

Holidays with dogs in Tuscany

Holiday house with dog in Tuscany. Tuscany is one of the most popular holiday regions in Italy. The province of Livorno has over eleven designated dog beaches. In the province of Grosseto, too, people are open to four-legged tourists and have at least four beaches where dogs are allowed. The province of Pisa has two dog beaches. In the Tuscan hinterland, nobody cares if your four-legged friend accompanies you on a hiking or cycling tour.

Vacation with a dog on the Baltic Sea

Long days, balmy evenings and romantic sunsets on the beach, all of this combines the Baltic Sea from Travemünde to Rügen. Heringsdorf on the island of Usedom is adorned with the label of being the Nice of the Baltic Sea, and indeed there are numerous villas on the beach promenade. The Darß peninsula with its 60 kilometers of white sandy beaches is completely different. Here you can still find untouched nature and rural idyll – variety for people and dogs.

Vacation with a dog in Denmark

A paradise for families and dog owners. Holiday house with dog in Denmark combines picturesque beaches and a unique dune landscape with the vibrant life in the cities. It is a very flat country, with a slightly hilly landscape with meadows, forests and beaches and thus predestined for long walks and bike rides. Dog holidaymakers should note that there is a ban on entry for certain dog breeds in Denmark and should therefore be well informed in advance.

Vacation with a dog in Bavaria

Bavaria is almost synonymous with a unique landscape. Hardly any region offers as much variety as Bavaria. Sometimes the landscape appears barren and gray like in the Limestone Alps, then green and cheerful colorful like in the Alpine foothills or friendly, blue and dreamy like in the lake and river landscapes. No wonder that dogs, owners and mistresses feel at home here – the ideal travel destination for a vacation with a dog.

Vacation with a dog

Dog leash already snapped? Luggage packed? Why should you now look for a dog boarding house for your darling when he can spend the best time of the year with his pack? From the north to the south there are numerous hotels and apartments where your dog is also welcome. Especially if you prefer a more active holiday in the country to a party holiday in the city, your four-legged friend is still in good hands with you. And he too will enjoy the long walks on the beach or forest to your fullest.

If you are specifically looking for a holiday home where dogs are allowed, you will see how large the offer is. So you are spoiled for choice. Let your four-legged friend take a sniff, and he will also feel at home. And for your dog to have an all-round wonderful holiday, you should have enough of his favorite blanket, his familiar toy, chewing bones, treats, food he is used to for the duration of the holiday, leash with collar, name tag with complete home address Be sure to take your phone and phone number, possibly a muzzle and a travel pharmacy especially for your darling with you on vacation with your dog. It goes without saying that you don’t leave your dog alone in the car in summer.

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