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About Valldemossa

The city of Valldemossa is only about 20 minutes away by car from Palma de Mallorca, but is located in the Tramuntana mountains and seems to be a different world compared to the capital. Perched on a hill and surrounded by terraced terrain, Valldemossa was named after the Moors Muza, who originally owned the area. With its car-free, cobblestone streets and its rich cultural heritage, This city is definitely worth a visit.

Below, we provide all the information you need to make the most of a visit to this elegant Mallorcan town.

history & Culture

The highest town of Majorca is probably best known as the place where the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and his lover, the French writer George Sand, spent the winter of 1838/9 in rented rooms of the monastery. As a result, Valldemossa is one of the most visited places on the island.

Actually Chopin and Sand did not have the most comfortable stay here and Sand’s book about their experiences was not exactly Mallorca friendly. Nonetheless, the book became ‘A winter in Mallorca’ a bestseller and is sold in almost every shop in Valldemossa in different languages.

Valldemossa also offers the Costa North – a contemporary cultural center run by the Hollywood actor Michael Douglas whose house S’Estaca is located on the coastal road from Valldemossa to Sóller, near Deià.

Valldemossa is famous for Mallorcans, being the birthplace of the only saint of the island is: Santa Catalina Thomas. Turn away from the busier part of town and walk to the church of Sant Bartomeu; In the peaceful street C / Rectoría behind it you can visit her tiny birth house and a shrine.

main attractions

You can the Real Cartuja (Royal Carthusian monastery), including church, monastery and the old pharmacy visit. A part of the monastery occupies the palace of King Sancho, who was later given to the Carthusian monks, who turned him and other buildings into a monastery. The Cartuja probably has more visitors than any other building in Mallorca, except the cathedral La Seu in Palma. The ticket to the Carthusian Monastery includes a short Chopin Piano Concerto.

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Cell number 4 of the monastery houses the Chopin Museum, where George Sand and the famous composer lived during their winter residence in 1838/1839. It contains the original piano of the musician as well as other personal belongings.

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Learn all about the history of Valldemossa in the Cultural Center Costa Nord, also about the adventures of Archduke Lluis Salvador. In addition to a short documentary in which founder Michael Douglas himself speaks and captivating visuals, the visitor has the opportunity to sample local Mallorcan products and watch a traditional Mallorcan dance performance.

What to do in Valldemossa

Many hikers make Valldemossa the starting point for their trips to the varied Tramuntana mountain range.

The high above Valldemossa enthroned Puig des Teix is one of the most visited peaks of the Tramuntana. Experienced hikers start at the bus stop in Valldemossa and walk about 16 km up the Son Marroig property, once the beloved home of the Austrian Archduke Lluis Salvador. The destination is at 1064 meters altitude where you breathtaking views expect.

This demanding route takes about 4 1/2 hours and ends at the bus stop. More detailed information can be obtained from the tourist office of the village.

The slightly more relaxed version is just by the dazzling ones, cobblestone streets Valldemossa to stroll. Since these are lined with shops, boutiques and a large selection of restaurants, here are any shopping needs of tourists satisfied at some point. Cocas de Patatas, Valldemossa’s famous pastry, is offered in every bakery.

Valldemossa street market takes place every sunday A colorful affair and the ideal place to buy quality local produce, such as Vegetables, cheese and spanish ham.

You can also try to visit the producers directly. The estate Son Moragues on the outskirts of the city is 700 years old. The production of olive oil continues to run at full speed and contributes to the preservation of the Serra. The organic jams, which can be bought in the shop of the estate, are delicious and the olive oil is the only 100% Majorcan worldwide.

Son Moragues

The Valldemossa estate Son Moragues produces olive oil, which is produced using sustainable, certified organic farming methods. […] Son Moragues

Bay / beach of Valldemossa

Valldemossa is only about 1.5 kilometers as the crow flies from the coast and there are a few options for quiet, secluded beaches in close proximity to the city.

Instead of driving straight towards Deià, follow the signs to Andratx. One kilometer further you will see a small sign for Port de Valldemossa see. The narrow, winding route takes 6 km until you reach the port area with its pebble beach, the Cala Sa Marina, and a cozy, modest restaurant.

Caló de s’Estaca is a small bay that is very popular with hikers and locals. About 4 kilometers from Valldemossa, the treacherous road from the port is not recommended, especially since there are few parking options at the end. Visitors to Cala generally go there, adding to the pristine, intimate atmosphere of the bay. The route to Caló de s’Estaca starts at the monastery Miramar and is quite demanding. However, it is rewarded with shady oak trees along the way and, above all, with a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue waters in the beautiful bay.

Restaurants in Valldemossa

Fitting to the romantic atmosphere and the cultural awareness of Valldemossa, the city offers many options for eating out. From noble and romantic to down to earth and rustic.
Es Roquissar is the perfect place for a leisurely lunch while enjoying the busy main square where the restaurant is located. The reasonably priced menu offers fresh and innovative dishes.

Tucked away in a narrow, winding lane is the very popular Tapas Bar QuitaPenas Valldemossa. Small but authentic, with only three tables inside, but plenty of pillows for guests who like to sit outside on the steps and enjoy tasty, fresh delicacies.

For fusion cuisine in a unique environment, you should go to Casa de Sa Miranda walk. Housed in the stone house, which was once the actual entrance to the Charterhouse, elegant food is served here, but the atmosphere is very casual.
Drive down to Valldemossas harbor, where you will quickly see the only restaurant there. It port, a down-to-earth Mallorcan restaurant serving traditional dishes in a cozy atmosphere.

The Grand Café Cappuccino lends his noble hallmark to the village square. There are simple European dishes, excellent coffee and fantastic cocktails.

Restaurants in Valldemossa

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Also for ‘non-hotel guests’ that is Restaurant in the Hotel Valldemossa a good option if you are looking for something special. A beautiful restaurant with wonderful food, also suitable for the royal family, who has already eaten here.

Restaurant in the Valldemossa Hotel

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Hotels in Valldemossa

High up on a hill, but just a short walk from the center, lies the romantic Hotel Valldemossa, where stylish dreams come true … It is not cheap, but the service is impeccable, the interior opulent and especially in the evening, the atmosphere here is simply magical.

Hotel Valldemossa

If this hotel had already existed when Chopin and George Sand spent some time in Valldemossa, Sand’s book ‘A Winter in Mallorca’ would be quite different today. […] Hotel Valldemossa

A traditional, Mallorcan stone house with a beautiful sun terrace is the Es Petit Hotel de Valldemossa. There you feel at home, to which the warm and friendly couple, who runs the house, still contributes. Guests can relax in a cozy lounge and enjoy the well-stocked library.
Opposite the valley in a pretty, yellow stone house is the Mirabó de Valldemossa, a 4 * family business and boutique hotel, integrated into an old olive press, offering enchanting views of the photogenic Valldemossa.

Events in Valldemossa

In order to hear several international musicians playing the pieces of the composer that helped make the city famous, you should come here in August, when Valldemossa the annual Chopin Festival organized.

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The pianist David Gomez and his annual Summer concerts by candlelight you should not miss. The gardens of the monastery are illuminated with candles and both the visual and the acoustic effects are spectacular.

the airport. Many residents even commute daily to Palma to work and look forward in the evening to return to their hilly sanctuary.

The small town life is hard to beat and although Valldemossa is certainly heavily frequented by tourists, it still remains a quiet and relaxed place. The fine architecture of the city and its beautiful environment attracts many wealthy buyers who prestigious real estate and the small selection of homes that are available is anything but disappointing.

Historic mansions are bought by the high-caliber prospective buyers, among whom were also members of the Swarovski family. The Moorish palace S’Estaca With a 247 acre property owned by Michael Douglas, it is currently on the market for a whopping $ 62 million.

As one of the most desirable areas of the island, the price level in Valldemossa is correspondingly high and the choice is limited. On the outskirts of the city lies the exclusive urbanization George Sand, where there are more options with contemporary designer homes.

In Sóller has become the real estate agent Casas Mallorca specializing in properties in the northwest of Mallorca, which include apartments, townhouses and country residences.

Casas Mallorca real estate agency Soller

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Surroundings of Valldemossa

The rocky coastline west of Valldemossa in the direction of Andratx invites you to discover through and through Mediterranean beach bays one that offers peace and relaxation away from the crowds. Cala Banyalbufar, of the Port D’Es Canonge beach and the Sa Bunyola Beach are all 14 to 17 Km from Valldemossa, very close to the village Banyalbufar. Although these little coves can not boast sandy beaches or beach clubs, they make up for this shortcoming with perfect, crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery.

A little further away, about 25 km along the coast from Port de Valldemossa, is the Playa Cala d’Estellencs, a little fishing port at the foot of some steep rocks. When a lot of rain falls, these cliffs create a natural waterfall, the Torrent de Son Fortuny, where the bathers enjoy themselves. Visitors can drive to the beach by car, a steep road leads down from the village of Estellencs.

Follow in the footsteps of the noble Austrian Lluis Salvador and visit the peninsula Sa Foradada and the Miramar monastery, which can be reached about halfway between Valldemossa and Deià.

The Archduke fell in love with this area of ​​the Mallorcan coast, where he found a sanctuary of natural beauty far from life in court. He created numerous paths and viewpoints, restored the Son Marroig Palace and played an important role in the preservation of this area.

Higher up in the mountains is the highly esteemed village Deià. A paradise for artists, hikers, demanding holidaymakers and some actors, models or musicians. Deià is one of the prettiest and best located places of the island. Visit the village to relax over a good meal and enjoy wonderful, soul-healing views.

The next stop to Deià are He shall and Port de Soller. The lively town of Sóller is set in a fertile orangery and offers a pleasant combination of authenticity and cultural and artistic offerings. Meanwhile, the harbor with a beautiful horseshoe bay is one of the most picturesque resorts in Mallorca.

He shall

The city of Sóller is one of the most beautiful in Mallorca. A paradise for hikers, cyclists and gourmets as well as an attractive place to live. Here you can find your complete guide for Sóller.
[…] He shall

Fifteen minutes in the other direction from Valldemossa, in the foothills of the mountain range, lies the Raixa property. Once an Arabian farm with a wonderful mansion, today guests are invited to stroll through the fragrant gardens and explore the rooms of the house. On newly-designed visitor center, opened in 2012, offers visitors a unique insight into the UNESCO protected Tramuntana area.

Raixa reopened after restoration

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We hope you enjoy this abcMallorca guide to the beautiful Mallorcan city Valldemossa and that you have the best experiences in Mallorca thanks to our insider tips.


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