VBB jump – the app for children

With the kids app “VBB jump” your child can move easily in public transport. Parents and children define individual goals together, pictures and icons help reading beginners. Real-time data indicate delays. Find out how your child can become a local transport professional with “VBB jump”.


What is so easy about VBB jump?

  • As in the Bus&Railway app for adults only simpler: Important places such as school or leisure club, but also the routes to grandparents or friends you can set up together with your children individually as destinations and save on a dial, the “jump Board”.
  • On the jump board, you and your child can set up to eight different targets, individually name and illustrate them. In a tutorial, the young users get all functions of the jump board explained in a simple and clear way.
  • Children and teenagers can easily jump back and forth between targets by simply connecting the icons on the jump board with their finger.
  • If the child selects a ride connection, it can follow the path step by step using a slider: Your daughter or son can see which line to take, when to change and how to proceed – and whether the bus or train is delayed.
  • The connection is stored with real-time information so that the young users can see whether the train and bus arrive on time. In the options, you can adjust the walking speed and number of transfers to suit your child.


Get help easily with VBB jump

If your child got on the wrong bus or needs help elsewhere, he or she can reach you or other stored contacts quickly and easily via SMS or phone call. The app automatically adds how much battery life the device has left.

Further functions of VBB jump

In order to be able to use VBB jump optimally, we recommend to activate the location determination for the app. The location data is used exclusively in the app so that your child can find the optimal connection from his current position at any time. The data will only be used in accordance with the strict regulations of the Data Protection Act and will not be passed on to third parties.

VBB jump consumes less data volume and energy than the vbb Bus&Bahn app, is compatible with Android systems from version 4.0 and Apple iOS from version 10.0 and requires a GPS function. This makes it easy for children to travel with older devices in local traffic.


Playfully easy in traffic on the road

With the new app “VBB jump” your child moves even more safely in public transport – and it’s child’s play. The app was developed and tested together with children between the ages of nine and 13. They designed the new application on the basis of qualitative analyses with numerous children and their parents and interviews at Berlin schools. A wide variety of factors were taken into account in the development process, including insights into the preferred routes and means of transport of young road users and their use of navigation aids and smartphones. Young passengers with VBB jump are thus perfectly equipped for local transport.

Reach your goal safely with VBB jump

The app is child’s play to operate. At the beginning, you and your child can watch and try out the tutorial together. The young users get a playful explanation of the functions of VBB jump.

In order to be able to use all functions of the app, we recommend that you enable VBB jump’s location determination. This will help your child to find his way from his current starting point to the nearest stops.

VBB jump should be as easy to use as possible for young users. For this reason, special functions (such as footpath routing on the map) included in the VBB app “Bus&Bahn” are not available. The development of the app together with children has shown that footpath routing is not yet understood at this age.

In order for your child to find the way safely, we recommend that you rehearse the connection together beforehand and also try out decisive changes several times. In this way, daughter and son can learn directions and paths – and at the same time experience the use of apps and smartphones.

Questions and further information can be found in our FAQ.


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