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Healthy food is an important aspect of everyday life that unfortunately is often neglected. In many families, little value is placed on a healthy diet and the daily ritual of eating together. This is partly due to the lack of knowledge about nutrition, health and Move as well as the lack of time or desire to take care of it. Our goal is therefore to continuously inform on these topics and thus people for one healthy eating and a vegan diet (Eating vegan is very healthy) to sensitize. In order to reach as many people as possible, we have initiated a nutritional blog with, which attempts exactly the same: to get people to think with our contributions. Healthy food should again be much more aware of the general public. Not only for ourselves, but also for our environment, our climate and animal welfare. For the way in which we currently feed the many billions of people on our planet consumes the soil, causes too many greenhouse gases and is also in some social terms of great concern. A change in thinking towards a healthy, more plant-based diet – that is vegan or at least a vegetarian diet – is inevitable anyway. The earlier this rethinking takes place the better. That’s what our vegan food blog is about! Many people often ask themselves what they should cook if there is no meat. Our society has already “developed” in many areas so far that between fast food and ready meals, the feeling for healthy and balanced nutrition has been lost. That’s why we have also integrated a “vegan recipes” blog on where you can be inspired.

Information about healthy nutrition

The concern of – the vegan magazine – is to write about healthy eating. That’s why we – like many other vegan blogs (Thanks a lot for this!) – regularly news and knowledge around the topic “healthy eating”. The focus is clearly on one vegetarian and vegan diet. In addition, vegan recipes regularly appear on our blog, so purely on a plant basis not only very healthy, but also comparatively low in calories. Because in our opinion is the preferably vegan diet, the healthiest diet not only individually, but also socially, ecologically and economically, represents the best diet. Therefore, we are also happy to publish articles written by you on our blog. The diversity of topics is great. Send us what you care about and give pleasure: vegan cooking, vegan baking, animal welfare, fitness, exercise, healthy food, a special fruit or vegetables, thoughtful, … whatever … we are happy!

Healthy eating and exercise

To a holistic, healthy life is necessary in addition to a suitable diet and sufficient exercise for fitness, health and endurance. Because healthy nutrition is only one side of the coin and should therefore not be considered in isolation. Exercise and exercise are the perfect supplement to the diet. Also in terms of exercise, fitness and endurance, our vegan blog wants to provide regular information as well as different sports or trends that you will find in our “exercise” category. We also introduce you to vegan athletes and conduct interviews with them. So we want to show that even vegan nutrition and competitive sports need not be mutually exclusive.

Healthy food – good for you and everyone else

Our motivation to educate about healthy food is fed from many angles. Above all, healthy nutrition provides us with everything a body needs for the day. This gives us the energy to live an active and vital life. With the food we take important minerals, vitamins, roughage and much more. The most important topic for our blog is the healthy diet! It already starts with children, so that their body gets everything it needs in the growth and development phase.

Lose weight with a healthy diet

Healthy eating also helps with weight loss. So it is very easy to eat calorie-reduced and still provide the body through a healthy diet with all the necessary nutrients. In addition, there are in our vegan magazine here every week healthy and vegan recipes to show that it is not only easy to cook healthy and pure vegetable, but also still varied and delicious. So take a look at the vegan recipes on our blog. Cooking vegan is not difficult – if it’s just unusual … and if it helps to lose weight, it is worth a try or not?

Eating healthy for the environment

Another aspect that is often overlooked when eating is the Ecological. Each produced food leaves one ecological footprint. This means that the production, storage, transport and processing of food cause environmental damage in various ways. Especially animal products exceed the footprint of herbal ingredients many times over. A predominantly vegan diet is therefore the best both healthwise and ecologically. The high meat consumption on the other hand has far-reaching ecological side effects. Those who care about our environment can start to change their diet at home with a healthy, predominantly meatless, diet. That’s why our blog propagates vegan nutrition. stands for vegan nutrition

It is not our goal to make vegan avowed vegans from all readers of our vegan blog. But he should give guidance, which is a resource-conserving and healthy diet.

We would be happy if we could do it with ours Nutritional blog on, along with other vegan blogs, our small contribution to rethinking healthy eating and, consequently, a better environment … go vegan!

“We Eat Healthy” – a vegan blog for a balanced and healthy diet … because nutrition is important!

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