Vehicle foiling – on to the unique piece and all tips at a glance

You dream of a car in your desired color or would like to design individual vehicle parts differently? you want to give your car more character with cleverly applied decorative elements or provide your company fleet with a logo or advertising inscription?
Then you are right here, because with a vehicle foiling you can make your car more than a unique eye-catcher.

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on this page we have collected information around the topic of vehicle wrapping. This way you can not only get an overview of the possibilities and advantages of vehicle wrapping create. you will also learn about costs, types of film and the filming process. in addition, here you will find tips and advice and what to consider before having your vehicle wrapped. We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and our work.

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More than a one-off – what vehicle wrapping can achieve

vehicle wrapping makes your car unique. It does not always have to be a full wrap. Even the filming of a vehicle part can make a big visual difference. Whether you want to redesign the rims, apply individual elements to the hood or side of the vehicle, or customize the color of your car – you can choose from a wide range of colors, decors and textures. Since almost every part of the vehicle can be wrapped, there are hardly any limits to your creativity and requirements.

The good thing about it: if tastes and design preferences should ever change, vehicle wrapping can be removed without leaving any residue and another desired design can be applied.

Did you know that vehicle wrapping can do more than just make your car unique??

With professional application, it is the multi-talent among the paint protection measures. So it also contributes specifically to the value of your vehicle. After all, durable branded films offer protection that goes far beyond what conventional paint can provide. A vehicle foiling prevents, for example, that stone chips and scratches directly to the original paint penetrate. But a film coating also protects the latter from rust, the corrosive effects of pollen and bird droppings, and last but not least from fading due to UV rays. Once the film has been removed, the paint is far from gone and shines like it did on the first day.

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What costs a vehicle foiling?

The question of the cost of vehicle wrapping is difficult to answer without further information. The price depends on a number of factors and can vary greatly from one another. The cost of the car depends on the type and size of the vehicle, the general condition of the paintwork, the chosen film and, of course, the cost of the desired design.

The decisive factors for the price are the shape of the bodywork and the extent of the filming. a full vehicle wrap is more cost-intensive than a partial wrap, a decorative element or an advertising inscription.

The condition of the original paint also plays a role in the calculation. If the vehicle needs more preparation due to previous damage, this is also reflected in the effort and thus in the costs.

Apart from that, the price of vehicle wrapping also depends on the type and quality of the desired film. Thus, high-quality films from a brand manufacturer are more price-intensive, but are characterized by stronger protection and longer durability.

Last but not least, your wishes regarding the design are also taken into account when calculating the costs. If, for example, you are looking for textured, chrome or special foils, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

for these reasons the price for a vehicle wrapping can vary a lot. contact us here if you are interested without obligation for an estimate based on your vehicle and your design wishes or request a non-binding price calculation here.

  • Generally, however, depending on the effort, vehicle part, type of film and design at partial foiling expect costs between 350 euro and 1500 euro.
  • For a full bonding in satin-, matt- or gloss-optics the price can be calculated between 900 and 2500 euro, depending on the above mentioned factors.
  • The large-scale application of special films, digital printing is much more expensive and has to be calculated at the individual expense.

Tip: LET a vehicle wrapping always to be done by a professional!
An incorrectly or hastily applied film is usually visible at first glance
and can disrupt the overall impression of the vehicle. Apart from that
even after removal of the film clearly reveal any damage that has occurred. Cuts in paint or
paint peeling is not uncommon. A supposed bargain can end up costing you a lot of money


Quality has its price. therefore, take a look at professional suppliers and their
work in advance in detail.

If you are interested in a vehicle wrapping, please contact us or visit our workshop. There you have the opportunity to get professional advice from our employees on color selection, film types and design and to convince yourself of our work.

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