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Mobile.De offers over motor sale the possibility of the free car evaluation. If desired, your own car can be offered to vehicle dealers afterwards.

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Find directly the suitable free evaluation possibility

If you would like to buy or sell a used vehicle get the best advice with a free car valuation. Because only with the help of professional service providers or analyses can you really find out what the actual and realistic value of a motor vehicle is. The valuation is therefore an essential part of the car trade. And protects you from too low prices for your vehicle and from overpriced offers.

Simply use bewertomat.De to find the right free vehicle valuation for your request. We introduce you to the top suppliers: all free of charge, non-binding and serious.
For further information on the subject of car value and vehicle valuation, you will find guides, articles and information pages on our website.

eyes open when choosing a vehicle evaluation

If you are looking for a free vehicle evaluation, you have many options, especially on the internet. And we separate the wheat from the chaff: on bewertomat.De you will find reliable providers who are detailed and free vehicle evaluation stand out.

  • No costs and no registration necessary
  • Current values from well-founded data sets
  • Transparent results for buying or selling a car

When do I need a free vehicle valuation?

vehicle valuation – whether free of charge or liable to pay the costs is left to everybody himself – has different functions and is relevant for different interest groups. Most frequently, however, motor vehicles are valued to be bought or sold. Finally, nowadays it is possible to have the car valued quickly and easily. This ensures that buying and selling prices are at an acceptable and realistic level. Nobody gets too little, nobody gets too much. All are happy.

Here the price analysis is also used

A vehicle from banknotes

Besides buying and selling private persons, there are other interest groups for whom the valuation of used cars is very important. These include, for example, car dealers and car dealerships, which normally require so-called dealer purchase prices. This is a vehicle value for which a profit has already been calculated. So the real value minus costs for reconditioning and profit. Logical: because if car dealers would buy at market value, there would be no profits and they could close down again right away.

Another branch in which vehicle review the insurance industry comes into play here. If a vehicle has been damaged, destroyed or stolen, replacement values or residual values must be determined and damages must be quantified. at this point, however, less free vehicle valuations from the internet come into use. rather, official documents are required, such as excerpts from appraisal lists or the so-called value appraisals, which are subject to a fee.

By the way: car valuations can also play a role in tax law – for example, when the value of a company’s inventory has to be determined. Or if a motor vehicle is sold out of company property.

Why are the values sometimes higher, sometimes lower??

Each provider of free vehicle valuations has its own methodology, although some companies share the same data sets. The unfiltered causes of deviating vehicle prices therefore lie on the one hand in the basis for calculating. On the other hand the intention of the offerer plays a large role. While company A simply offers realistic sales prices, company B may rely on a low valuation in order to buy cars as cheaply as possible. Company C, on the other hand, sets the prices in the free vehicle evaluation very high in order to get the proverbial foot in the door with the customer and only then confront him with the actual offers.

Real prices / market prices

The unfiltered market prices are actually vehicle values that are currently traded on the car market. Anyone who offers their car at this price is usually doing everything right.

Bait offers

Bait offers sound too good to be true – and not without reason. If you go for it and want to sell your vehicle at that price, you’ll quickly be brought down to earth.

Dealer purchase prices

Dealer purchase prices are quotes that include a profit margin for the car dealer. Usually these values are paid by used car dealers.

And which vehicle valuation should you believe then?

A woman wonders which vehicle valuation she should believe

There are not the one, carved in stone and irrefutable vehicle price. But the rule of thumb says: those who sell their car from private to private will usually achieve the best prices, because there are no dealer margins involved. To save annoying phone calls and negotiations, a car broker can be used. If the used car is sold to a car dealer, the value of the vehicle is reduced, because the dealer wants to earn money. In return, the transaction does not normally take too long – the car is sold more quickly and there is no need for viewing appointments, test drives or telephone calls. Which sales channel should be used in the end, should be made dependent on the prices determined by the free vehicle evaluation and personal taste.

This is how a car value is determined

Since neither glass balls, nor maps, nor coffee sets provide meaningful results, all kinds of data must serve as the basis for the free vehicle evaluation. Usually the big car exchanges such as autoscout24 or mobile.De analyzed and subsequently evaluated. Each advertisement can be divided into different parts:

  • make, model variant and color
  • year of manufacture, mileage and original equipment
  • Features and special equipment
  • Special features such as number of previous owners, maintenance of the checkbook and history
  • Price of the offer

The bottom line is that the database shows which vehicle with which attributes is currently being traded or at least offered at which price. On this basis, average prices can be determined for any vehicle with different characteristics.

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