Veneers berlin, dentist veneers, cost dr

Veneers berlin, dentist veneers, cost dr

Veneers Berlin in the dental practice of Dr. med. med. dent. Khasin & colleagues

A white, immaculate dentition is not a matter of course. Often the teeth have unsightly discolorations or there are unwanted gaps. Veneers may be the solution and help you achieve an esthetic tooth image. In our dental practice in Berlin, we offer a dental correction with veneers that meets your expectations. The production of the high-quality veneers takes place in a master laboratory, with which we work together. We at Veneers in Berlin value the highest quality in all areas.

What exactly are veneers and how are they processed??

Basically, veneers are very thin veneers that are mostly made of ceramics. Although there are also veneers made of plastic, but rarely find use. These special veneers are then applied to the teeth by means of an adhesive. In this way, unsightly teeth can be optimized or gaps can be optically closed. A key advantage of veneers is that no tooth substance is lost and healthy teeth do not have to be ground down.

As a rule, veneers are used in the area of ​​the anterior teeth for purely aesthetic reasons. There is no need for a medical indication. The prerequisite is that there is still enough healthy tooth substance to be able to apply the veneer. If this is not the case, think about dentures, such as a crown.

You are looking for a specialist for veneers in Berlin?

Make an appointment in our dental practice in Berlin and we can tell you everything about veneers. Especially when fitting veneers, it is important to have a specialist at your side who has the necessary experience. During the first consultation, we can also tell you if you are eligible for veneers. There are reasons that speak against the high-quality veneer shells. These include, for example, the teeth grinding at night, which can damage the veneers or completely detach.

Veneers Berlin cheap – with what costs I have to expect?

The prices for veneers in Berlin can vary and depend on the chosen material. Plastic veneer shells are cheaper than the ceramic version. But plastic does not last that long. Another crucial cost factor is the type of veneer. The following guideline values ​​can be taken as a benchmark at Veneers Berlin:

  • conventional veneers: between 550 and 800 euros each
  • Lumineers: between 600 and 1,200 each

As part of the first consultation, we can show you an approximate cost statement that applies to your individual case. The costs for veneers are usually not covered by the health insurance. Unless it is an additional dental insurance, which offers this additional service expressly.

A dentist for veneers – you are right with us

In our dental office Khasin & Among other things, we specialize in veneers in Veneers in Berlin. We take the time for you, advise you comprehensively and show you which methods are suitable for you. In doing so, we take into account your individual situation, including your financial situation. Make an appointment and learn more about the possibilities offered by Veneers in Berlin. A flawless, beautiful smile is possible!

Do you have questions about veneers? Need an appointment?

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